Nokia X10 and X20 announced: 5G support and 3 years of software updates and warranty

08 April 2021
HMD has pledged 3 years of full support: that's OS updates, security patches and even warranty repairs for the two X-series models.

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Senpaichi, 10 Apr 2021 I had phone of same companies which I bought at same time ... moreI like ur comment 200x, Xaomi is quantity, I stopped enjoy my Note 9s after 1 month, after getting this X10.. I feel so good, I nearly cried using note 9s cos I sold my 6.1 plus believing a phone with a lot of quantity will give more result then I realize quality is more than quantity. Nokia is d best....

wart, 18 Apr 20213 years is still very much as scam. What if you buy high e... moreso funny, u get to the party late so we all have to puke our cake... u eat what is left...

seeing 480 5G, makes some people feel so bad but to those that dnt just read numbers we all understand what that processor is capable of... is a low end processor for 5G family & 480 5G beat almost all the family of 700 series, 600 series cant even smell it & is not about quantity is about quality, we have some phones with high specs low price they can even play call of duty in medium graphics while X10 play in Very high graphics without lagging... take Quality above quantity...

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20210425, 25 Apr 2021€350, Nokia, you're drunk, go homeYes

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Carol, 09 Apr 2021Then go buy it and see who cares. The drama...What's the drama? the point is true and makes sense.. why get lower specs with no expectations for better performance than the other Chinese phones available in the market, which are fine for typical usage for three years in case of no major falls or mishaps..

  • 20210425

€350, Nokia, you're drunk, go home

Interesting enough. It has the same gpu with sd750g. So sd 4xx is coming to mid range segment with that price. The price should be lower even though is actually better than Nokia's worst phone of 2020: Nokia 5.4.
I kinda like the x20 Nordic blue color.

  • wart

Smartphone Scam, 08 Apr 20213 years of updates and 3 years warranty is one of the best ... more3 years is still very much as scam.
What if you buy high end model 1,5 years after introduction. Only 1,5 year support left. Idiocy. And criminal to the environment. Yoy should get 5 years even if the phone is already 2 years in the market.

Japz, 10 Apr 2021What's the point of giving a 3 year warranty to a pho... moreWell these phones are mainly priced based on promises. Seriously, that's the only saving grace of these phones, a "promise". If I am to buy a phone, I would never buy one based on promises, I'd still buy the one that's has the best features for the price it has. No need for promises, what I want is what it can offer now that's why I'd buy it.

Can HMD still survive after 3 years from now? We'll find-out.

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Kingslayer, 09 Apr 2021I'll be happier if they made them smaller. Tired of th... moreMarket forces. It's what the majority want sadly. Days of 5 inch screens is gone

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[deleted post]They all get the phones built there

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Anonymous, 10 Apr 2021I am done with Nokia. I had purchased a 4.2 and had to sell... more"No updates"
Really funny when HMD just announced that this 2 years old phone is started getting Android 11 updates tomorrow.

HMD will soon follow LG into the abyss of failure

Japz, 10 Apr 2021What's the point of giving a 3 year warranty to a pho... more I had phone of same companies which I bought at same time so I am eligible to answer this. Nokia had nice average features with good looks while Xiamoi has all those flashy features. Nokia phones are not flashy but they are indeed sustainable unlike those 108mp 120 HZ cheap Relame or Xiaomi phones. They don't lag like them also.

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Fayth, 09 Apr 2021I finally realize the popular big three in this site: -Son... moreHa. True

  • Japz

What's the point of giving a 3 year warranty to a phone that's already obsolete? 🤔

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Nehal, 10 Apr 2021100% flop Yes hundred percent flop

  • Nehal

100% flop

Smartphone Scam, 08 Apr 2021i will never ever go back to Samsung or Asus again they are... moreIt will be great as before if they can include the Snapdragon 888 for that price point and they sales would boom! i am just thinking maybe LG also should have tried this one last time before leaving the Business like only 5 models per year to cover all price point as 150$ 250$ 350$ 450$ 550$ and then a flagship phone 650 - 750$ with different storage, memory, and display size options! maybe one last try could have been a game changer! The main issue here is always the brands take the price point to the Apple level or above that of they can keep that low as possible then they can enjoy the sales. Yhey should stop making hundreds of models each year instead consider making few that covers everything possibly in that particular price point!

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Afyer LG, Nokia should be the next brand to exit smartphones. For good. Unless Nokia Finland take over the company and can restore it to its former glory which kinda looks impossible.