Nokia X10 and X20 announced: 5G support and 3 years of software updates and warranty

08 April 2021
HMD has pledged 3 years of full support: that's OS updates, security patches and even warranty repairs for the two X-series models.

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  • Anonymous

I am done with Nokia. I had purchased a 4.2 and had to sell it within 6 months. Bad processor, bad cameras, no updates. Also whats with this G X naming scheme? The earlier 2..x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 7.x was easy to understand and was a good nu.bering system. Absolutely directionless company. They are just spoiling the goodwill associated with Nokia brand name.

  • Carol

ravidnra Singh, 09 Apr 2021An entry level processor phone at premium price.I can buy a... moreThen go buy it and see who cares. The drama...

  • Jasan

NUM3R1C, 09 Apr 2021People...People...! :D Its NOT Nokia is HMD Global using No... moreHMD is formed by Nokia ex employees only u half baked bun

  • Jasan

Hasan 85, 09 Apr 2021Nokia is Chinese brand now but their prices are premium as ... moreWho said u half baked bun....It's by HMD...HMD is formed of Nokia ex employees only

Underwhelming products
Overwhelming prices

Nokia is Chinese brand now but their prices are premium as Samsung or more!?

Carol, 09 Apr 2021Well after reading your comment am pretty sure you're ... moreI don't know, landmarks? Or where do you get that it is only slightly less powerful than 765G?

Well, let's wait for the camera review, maybe Nokia will surprise us with a camera superior to Pixel

Imitations? Well this is one of those cases where the imitation is better than the original Xd

Minu, 09 Apr 2021No hate but benchmarks are quite useless in real lifeYes, and I agree, but we need something to guide us, since comparisons are not made with all devices, I mean comparative reviews, for example Pixel 4a vs Nokia X20, since there are too many variants

  • Compact

Where is the Nokia S10e ? ...

  • Arod

i0S.-.Never.-.Again, 09 Apr 2021Snapdragon 480 might be fine for most people but certainly ... moretrue them social media users dont give a damn about specs
im a gamer and use phones as tools, i dont use that additive social media nonsense AT ALL
i look at the specs carefully and do research and look at reviews
especially when it comes to SoCs and performance
and i already found the best phone in a low price which is the oneplus 7t
i cant buy the LG v50 after some research that i wont work on tmobile

I'll be happier if they made them smaller. Tired of these giant phones. Go back to the iPhone 12 mini size.

  • Anonymous

what is the point of that stupid stupid ZEISS branding
makes the Hasselblad on oneplus look actually useful

  • ravidnra Singh

An entry level processor phone at premium price.I can buy a SD 888 phone in india in april month at that price.

3 OS updates is a good thing. I think all android manufacturers should do that. Samsung also joined the game and I think Sony made such a statement lastvyear too.

these specs in 2021 lol looks like nokia is targeting 70+ aged people to buy these phones

YUKI93, 08 Apr 2021Jokes on you, average consumers who only care about social ... moreSnapdragon 480 might be fine for most people but certainly not a that price.
Only people who are gullible enough to fall for the 3 years updates will fall for this phone.
Besides... Jokes on you.... Coz you aren't even a techie.

Hemedans, 09 Apr 2021Sd 480 is not bad, perfomance wise it can hold with redmi n... moreIt tops out at 1080p... Enough said!!!

ispitonyourgravy, 08 Apr 2021Poco F3 has no NFC feature, something these Nokias do have.... moreCorrection: Most westerners who don't trust Chinese phones like Poco X3 are the ones who have zero experience using anything other than Samsung and Apple.

People...People...! :D Its NOT Nokia is HMD Global using Nokia name/brand, nothing more. "Cheap", boring phones nothing interesting to the market.
Again, these are not Nokia phones, only HMD uses their trademark. Nokia sold the phone division many years ago to Microsoft when S. Elop became its CEO, he was former Microsoft employee ;)
At a time when everyone was choosing Android, he chose an underdeveloped and unfinished Windows Phone system from his former employer. With this wrong decision, the company had such disastrous results that they were forced to sell the mobile division. After a few years, Microsoft itself sold the phone division to Foxconn.
And Nokia could choose a different path to put on Android and develop MeeGo with other (a few companies were willing). In the past once Nokia set standards, showed modern solutions and interesting phones.

It's a pity that the competition is gone, LG has stopped making phones, HTC is almost the same. Sony shows 3-4 models per year.
I am afraid that Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi BBK (Oppo, OP +, Vivo) will stay only companies (4) on the market.
Unfortunately, "Chinese" companies are very much focused on the local market. And the prices of phones are constantly rising, even companies called "Chinese" want to sell the most expensive models for over 1000 €, phones for 1200, 1400 € are a grim joke.

  • almostNokiaFanboy

3 years of updates: great
AndroidOne: even better
Good camera: super-cool

locked bootloader: super bad