Nokia X10 and X20 announced: 5G support and 3 years of software updates and warranty

08 April 2021
HMD has pledged 3 years of full support: that's OS updates, security patches and even warranty repairs for the two X-series models.

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  • Woohoo

YUKI93, 08 Apr 2021So the X-series is basically the new 3.x series. I wonder w... moreI don't even wish to know, considering these already cost BP-350. I mean just get a 4a if u r so tight on budget.
And here I was actually 🤞🏻 for a 6.3/7.3 or .4, forget any flagship🤦🏻‍♂️
The last best HMD/Nokia is still the 8.1 imo.

3 years of updates and 3 years warranty is one of the best thing but if the phones can have reasonable price including high end specs (Not something useless to a regular person) can hit the sales harder to the top

High end Chip
Better Ram and management
Good 90hz Display atleast
Good Cameras with useful addition features like ois (dont count the numbers just regular good quality pictures and videos)
Good Battery life
Good built quality with water resistant
Good sound quality
headphone jack, charger, etc...
and price point of 750$ Maximum

very important stop showcasing useless features and multiple new phones and hiking the price every year...

Thats all we want to see the best old days we dont want the scamming market and its products

  • Anonymous

No wonder Sarkivas left this doonmed company.

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021I don't get it. Every big company drops their prices, ... moreI think HMD / Nokia is smart here. They're using plain Android as a feature to differentiate from other brands. Sure the prices suck, but they're offering something that people actually want and very few other companies are offering. Which is why HMD is still here and LG isn't.

  • Anonymous

Hmd: we care for people wallet so we are selling them unwanted and not usable 5g phones with low spec on high price so they don't break their bank account... LoL

Camera setup for that price is quite embarrassing, not that some other brands are better, but they ride on their high priced brand name, unlike Nokia phones. Just take some xiaomi, vivo, lg, etc. even old phones and its way better.

So the X-series is basically the new 3.x series. I wonder what future midrange, upper midrange, and flagship models will be called. About the lack of charger in the box, frankly, I have a reputable third party charger with a much faster charging rate than both X20 and X10 can handle, so I'm not missing out on the in-box charger.

  • Dmx

You better leave Nokia dead as it was, please.

  • Anonymous

I don't get it. Every big company drops their prices, HMD a new company actually offers less for higher price.. Unbelievable.

Oh dear Nokia...what are you thinking? a 480 chip, 2 very identical phones...300 euros.

I'm out!

  • Anonymous

I had Nokia 6233 for several years, the most I had a phone actually. Was that good. Sterio speakers, awesome for 2007 camera and video recording, great display and so on. But now I just don't see a reason to spend 350 euros here instead of Samsung A52 or something.

  • Anonymous

I am still gasping

  • Vako from Georgia

Without charger?! now Nokia really died.

  • Anonymous

kek, 08 Apr 2021well, there are some good changes in here: for starters, th... moreIf u didn't watch the presentation, there are 6 phones total and G10 was one of them

  • Anonymous

Woohoo, 08 Apr 2021Literally lost all hope from HMD now, but glad they are mov... moreDidn't that prattling video say 6 new devices? I could buy a flag ship gaming phone for less than this a few years ago

  • kek

well, there are some good changes in here: for starters, they finally got rid of that horrible notch and they are now actually using FHD screen. Camera specs are not bad either and I can dig the design and colors.

Now for the bad part: that pricing lmao. I seriously doubt they are expecting to sell that much with that pricing, although I will say for 5G, its pretty cheap compared to some other devices, so, who knows, it might sell.

The weird thing here is that there was no sign of the rumored G10. Perhaps it got cancelled at the last minute

nokia is now a joke

  • Anonymous

Are they joking that price for a little chip and 1080 video capture. Was this a left over April 1 article?

  • Woohoo

Literally lost all hope from HMD now, but glad they are moving with 3 yr OS updates.

  • Anonymous

The price is just ridiculous.