Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021 review

11 April 2021
Huawei's bid for a thin-and-light do-it-all machine is stronger than most.

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Been using one of this for a few weeks, along with the new vaio Z and Lenovo X1 fold, all are maginificant laptops, much sexier than a macbook m1

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MacBook Pro. MateBook X Pro. No shame at all.


Roblox Firdaus Pro, 11 Apr 2021Wow, That's cool.Yes

  • Woohoo

Nick Tegrataker, 11 Apr 2021Don't get me wrong, overall it's a really fine la... moreI think 100% srgb is more tha enough for this class of laptop w/ the power it has.
You obviously won't be editing 4k or high res images on it

  • Anonymous

Everything is good. But no nvidia is a deal breaker for me.

Don't get me wrong, overall it's a really fine laptop, but "only" 100% sRGB coverage for a display on a 2021 flagship laptop is quite disappointing. The same goes for that low quality pop-up camera, it really just makes no sense given how many more people are using webcams nowadays due to the lockdown (and seriously, if they truly value the user privacy, how about just including a kill switch for it instead?). I like the fact that they finally brought a well functioning MacBook-esque pressure sensitive trackpad into the world of Windows laptops, though.

Only if I had the budget

Wow, That's cool.