Samsung Galaxy S21 FE first renders pop up online

12 April 2021
The phone resembles the Galaxy S21, but with minor differences in the camera and body.

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Hyperfighting, 12 Apr 2021Any news on in Europe, will it have a Snapdragon processor ... moreExynos much better.
Slowdragon has no Developer programmes
Exynos is great for rooting, unlike P
Trashiyy snapdragon.

AnonD-994147, 12 Apr 2021I don't know how much it cost in your country, but whe... moreIn my country I have to pay lots of taxes for phone, so I buy things way expensive than you think, but anyways samsung has nothing to do with this, and I don't see this as midrange phone, has flagship chip, flagship screen, only thing I could argue is non adaptive refresh rate and camera isn't crazy like ultra, but these are things I can live with, I mean I have never needed extreme zooms and so on, so I find this decent, BTW I went for 8gb ram, so hardware is flagship grade

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The S20FE is better.....

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Mslucy, 12 Apr 2021I just don't like how Samsung ended up and looks and b... moreMi11 Ultra saves you!

Duck of death, 12 Apr 2021Funny, real funny. Mention one brand that doesn't sell... moreI think the mother soon leave the house and a bigger lady will arrive, MI 11 ultra. And so it goes... As always right.

wongwatt, 12 Apr 2021Funny, real funny The basic S21 has two 12mp and a zoom th... moreFunny, real funny. Mention one brand that doesn't sell phones in different price ranges.

I know you hate the S21U, because it's the mother of all phones, but denying its existence won't make it go away.

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FE editions SMELL to a touch sensivity issues because of the low quality of their screens. (S20 FE 5G, with more than half a year without solution).

  • Pullu

Anonymous, 12 Apr 2021Yup, say what you will about Apple, at least they don'... moreThey literally sold thick bezel iPhone 8 as iPhone se 😂

  • Shiny Dave

AnonD-994147, 12 Apr 2021If you take the S20FE in your hand and play with it without... moreThis is one of the reasons I'm drawn to the FE - my phone is always in a thick case (a wallet style one) so I'm almost never holding it directly. Therefore, specs are way more important than materials for me. When I used to go without a case, that was different.

  • cyber

s21 still looks like downgraded s20,so no more room left between a70 and s21 except chipset,back is already plastic-what achievment for 800 euro phone,may be 5g will missing and the gorilla glass 3 will stay for another year,failed edition again-just this model should not exist in samsung lineup

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Will the S21 FE have micro SD card support... If not - I wouldn't bother about this phone.

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Mslucy, 12 Apr 2021I just don't like how Samsung ended up and looks and b... moreYup, say what you will about Apple, at least they don't mock the competition only to shamelessly copy them a few months later.

And Samsung are still bundling chargers with their latest midrangers despite using tHe EnViRoNmEnT to justify dropping them from their newest flagships.

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YUKI93, 12 Apr 2021Exynos 2100 is still limited to 4G S21 at the moment and th... moreThe 5nm Exynos 1080 should be the phone to go for.
1x A78 @2.8Ghz
3x A78 @2.6Ghz
4x A55 @2Ghz
Mali G78 MP10????
an antutu over 600000?

It doesn't need a SD chipsets, not saying that Exynos have always been the best but like Huawei Kirin & MediaTek Dimensity chipsets there easily flood enough and very likely cheaper for Samsung to implement, the Snapdragon 870 also has an external modem.

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Hyperfighting, 12 Apr 2021Any news on in Europe, will it have a Snapdragon processor ... moreListen? Many a time have shown that the Snapdragon 888 is a very thirsty chip and throttles just like any Exynos chip now, why Snapdragon?

  • Hyperfighting

Any news on in Europe, will it have a Snapdragon processor instead of Exynos?

TrainingAddict, 12 Apr 2021I still don't understand what your specific problem is... moreI just don't like how Samsung ended up and looks and behave like Apple in many ways.

I had 1 iPhone in my life 5s, it was on my jo while back, everyone got a new iPhone and everyone was happy, except me after some weeks, I changed it for the Samsung S5.
Since this day I was thinking, when I spend my money on something I want to have the right to do what I want on my own phone.

But now we have a 2 Apple brand, except one of them is Android/Samsung.

The worst is now I start thinking to try a iPhone, atleast Apple admit mostly who they are, Samsung don't in this perspective.

LOL I hate it, everyone of my family, friends etc knows me as a guy who really don't like Apple and their greedy politics and now I start thinking to buy the IPhone 12 pro max 🤫😂😂😳 unless the MI 11 ultra will safe me very soon 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Even worse, discount after 1 month

  • AnonD-994147

limbardijaya, 12 Apr 2021i'm still using my samsung s7 edge right now, and with... moreIf you take the S20FE in your hand and play with it without looking at other phones, you can say that everything is really nice (and to some extent it is). But if you compare it side by side with an iphone Xr or 11 (phones in the same price range), you can immediately see the difference in materials used (Apple phones being more premium feeling).
Of course, I am not debating IOS now, or other features of the phones, but only materials used. Imo, materials used give a more satisfying feeling when handling the phone. Not to mention plastic, even though does not break, it scratches more easily than glass with some level of protection.
True also, if you put an ugly case on top (especially those bulky military type ones), then all that I said will not matter anyway.

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According to japanese media, the periscope of xperia 1 iii has true zoom like Asus did years ago. 70-105mm.

Triple 12.2MP rear cam, same front camera of 1ii.
4500mAh ..

  • Anonymous

Lol another plastic back, 25w and trash scam exynos and 12mpx camera