Sony Xperia 10 III brings SD690 and a triple camera

14 April 2021
The first midrange Xperia with 5G connectivity is here.

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Dometalican, 23 Apr 2021Ok here goes: OnePlus and their budget offerings offer a... moreOnce again, you're wrong.

OnePlus - The Nord is getting 2 years of full update support and 3 years of security updates. Even their cheapest, worst phones which don't apply to the price range you mentioned get 2 years of updates. Even if only 1 year of major update support. (But once again, you said "$300-$500", not

    joe nodden, 23 Apr 2021(If you get two replies from me I think it's because I... moreOk here goes:

    OnePlus and their budget offerings offer a whopping one OS upgrade and 2 years of security patches. I agree with you that I'm not the biggest fan of them but they're the only decent budget offering in the US.

    Realme, yes the GT and Neo are good for the offerings but yea, don't know what software offerings they have.

    Then Redmi has ZERO phones with an IP rating so I have NO idea where you get your 'facts'. On top of that, they miss out on a good number of hardware cues (per the Xiaomi norm). Sure, they tend to have solid processing power but that's mainly for gamers who don't care about much else.

    Are you right? Let's go with 50% because, yes, phones shouldn't have to be THIS expensive but again, Sony offers a good amount for the price. Would I have wanted a 750 or 765? Yes, but it's not TERRIBLE should it be priced at MAX $50 more than its predecessor.

      Dometalican, 20 Apr 2021Well, tell all that to OnePlus, Realme, Redmi, and others t... more(If you get two replies from me I think it's because I already responded to this a few days ago but it got deleted somehow or a moderator didn't approve it like always)

      OnePlus - Trash. I never said their budget phones were any good. But it's safe to assume they're all getting 2 years of updates. Check your facts, don't make me check them for you.

      Realme - The GT Neo has a jack and stereo speakers. (On top of all the other insane specs on that phone for a price that barely puts it in your $300 - $500 range) The company doesn't have enough history to make a proper judgement on update support. Check your facts, don't make me check them for you.

      Xiaomi - The K40 has stereo speakers. And, while they aren't in the price range you mentioned, their cheaper phones have IP ratings and stereo speakers and all that. It's safe to assume they're all getting 2 years of updates. Check your facts, don't make me check them for you.

      Even if you weren't insanely wrong here, it wouldn't make you right. I literally just explained why those features don't excuse the pricing and you didn't disprove me. So does that mean you're admitting I'm right?

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        • I@H
        • 23 Apr 2021

        finally updated the midranger...
        what seems better here is the display, though not mentioned on this article, all three devices are able to handle 1b colors...
        some other brands also have such wider color coverage...
        as for the size, i guess this is it... this will be as compact as it gets, unless they sacrifice on something... but that wont look okay anymore...

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          • Mahesh wakure
          • CbC
          • 21 Apr 2021

          Front camera=.......... Mega pixel

            joe nodden, 20 Apr 2021IP ratings are nonsense that only make the phones more expe... moreWell, tell all that to OnePlus, Realme, Redmi, and others that don't put those features for their $300-$500 phones. Just saying...

              Dometalican, 14 Apr 2021For IP68, Telephoto cam, stereo speakers (upgrade from the ... moreIP ratings are nonsense that only make the phones more expensive. Most companies add the rubber seals regardless of IP rating. You can find out whether they do or don't on your own and save $30.

              A single telephoto camera doesn't justify a $100 price increase if this is gonna cost $350. (That's a seriously optimistic estimate that they're not going to fulfill. The estimate comes from the price of the 10 II. If I had to guess it's going to cost $400-$450 at launch.)

              Even ignoring the fact that they don't warrant a $100 price increase either, hardly anyone uses phone speakers.

              A heaphone jack does not warrant a $100 price increase either.

              That camera would cost less than $25 to include in the phone. The speakers would cost less than $10, and the jack would too. Where does the minimum of a hundred dollar price increase come from. (And once again, that's being optimistic)

              Don't just list off niche features and act like they justify an exorbitant price increase.

                Android--Master, 17 Apr 2021Looks like You might need a tutorial from YouTube. I didn... moreLOL usually people admit they master only bluffing people, the master usually humble not telling they are master.

                But as always Xiaomi is ads phone THAT'S THE FACT.

                If not ads phone why in the first place added ads settings on the default ROM.

                  Alexz80, 15 Apr 2021I have the device man, i try out off everything still the a... moreLooks like You might need a tutorial from YouTube.
                  I didn't realize you are one of those technically challenged ones.
                  Next time don't teach the Ma$ter what you can do on a phone & what you can't!!!

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                    • 17 Apr 2021

                    I started to get interested with Sony Xperia's midrange line-up since the release of Sony Xperia 10 II. It honestly has some great specifications, such as OLED screen, IP65/68 certified, Bluetooth 5.0 (important for wireless earbuds), NFC and side-mounted fingerprint scanner. Unfortunately, it is using old chipset (Snapdragon 665) and only 3600 mAh battery. For its camera on both front and back, I does not expect them to produce great result especially in low light since it, again, is just using midrange chipset.

                    But with the announcement of Sony Xperia 10 III, this gets my hope back. It has everything its predecessor has, but just better. Especially, the new Snapdragon 690 5G, dual stereo speakers and 4500 mAh battery.

                      pufanu, 14 Apr 2021Maybe you're less sensitive, if you can't tell th... moreOh I could tell the difference absolutely. just saying it ain't too bad atleast for me, returning to 75hz AOC24G2E5 (my other monitor). Good thing the warranty worked out and Philips is gonna replace my 242M8 (it had a line then a huge black spot). Still tho. sweet spot 90hz for a phone IMO. Nice balance for mobile gaming and media scrolling. It does hurt trying to play any competitive game however on PC.

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                        • 16 Apr 2021

                        sorin, 16 Apr 2021I doubt they can reach Samsung or LG level in sound clarity... moreWell, If you rely on ANY internal DAC for sound quality, I have very bad news for you.
                        Use a good pair of bluetooth headphones, with APTX HD or LDAC.

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                          • sorin
                          • MEQ
                          • 16 Apr 2021

                          I doubt they can reach Samsung or LG level in sound clarity. Qualcomm DAC is not good enough.

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                            • t7A
                            • 16 Apr 2021

                            Hope the camera app is good like with 1 and 5 models.

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                              • 4j0
                              • 16 Apr 2021

                              I double checked and, yeah, this phone totally does not support North American networks. Don't get this phone if you live in the US or Canada.

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                                • 16 Apr 2021

                                But will it have full support for North American cellular networks? Sony has yet to make an Xperia phone that's actually usable in the US. Unless you don't mind half of the frequencies on your network not working.

                                  Mr Dong you are so right. No other Google adaptation it's better nowadays like on Xperia devices. Best Android experience ever! Still using 10II without any issues and still perfecting by upgrades! Great prices, amazing quality and in time LIKE.NO.OTHER!

                                    [deleted post]I bet the commenter doesn't work that much but he wants everyone else to work.

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                                      • 15 Apr 2021

                                      Android--Master, 15 Apr 2021You are making up everything. Latest miui version allows e... moreMIUI is one of the most horrendous UIs on the market. So many bugs compared to OneUI etc. Already seen Poco F2 Pro out of the box getting glitched, what an embarassment. Keep dreaming!

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                                        • MrDong
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                                        • 15 Apr 2021

                                        [deleted post]True. Also judging the harsh working conditions of Foxconn industry (remember, they not only manufacture parts for Apple but also for Huawei Google etc.), where pay is mediocre and there are very many restrictions.