Sony Xperia 1 III arrives for pre-order in Russia at $1,300

15 April 2021
The Xperia 5 III is also available for $1,100.

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Anonymous, 16 Apr 2021You are not well informed. All three sensors are brand new ... moreEvery sensor on the Xperia 1 III is inferior to the ones on other flagships

Damn expensive with so little upgrade. Guess I will be sticking with my Xperia Pro for another year

  • Anonymous

PierreD, 16 Apr 2021I would buy this phone if it doesnt come pre-installed with... moreIve had 3 xperias. On my 4th with the xperia 1. It never had fb pre installed. I didnt know phones do that now

  • Steve

PierreD, 16 Apr 2021I would buy this phone if it doesnt come pre-installed with... moreYou wouldn't buy a whole phone because of a single app? This is next level complaining.

There is a windows program that can delete android system apps, search on Google "AP's Android System Apps Uninstaller"

PierreD, 16 Apr 2021I would buy this phone if it doesnt come pre-installed with... morePierre D FB is uninstallable, have you ever used an Xperia and see how it can be done?! No?! Then trolls are ultra envious! Avoid!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Apr 2021You're delusional if you think that an Xperia 1 III at... moreI didn't thought of how dumb you are , use your mind before talking no sense.

Do you know that s21 ultra 256Gb model costs about 1200$ with no fast charger no micro sd support no 3.5mm and no added 200$+ premium earbuds.

If you used your mind a bit you would have known that this offer a better deal samy and yet you bringing 128Gb no sd card with 800$ to the comparison

I’m currently using the Xperia 1 II, I’m just telling you that it’s a premium phone.

Vegetaholic, 16 Apr 2021As usual Sony is so pathetic, gimmicky ridden phones with 2... moreResearch before you speak🤦

  • MrDong

Smithravi, 16 Apr 2021Adding comment to your other comment about the price and he... moreThat guy is a Xiaomi fanboy. Don’t mind him. Xiaomi delivers products with cheap quality control. Just look the Redmi Note 10 Pro display tinting debacle in your country.

As usual Sony is so pathetic, gimmicky ridden phones with 2017 cameras for iphome and Galaxy prices

  • PierreD

I would buy this phone if it doesnt come pre-installed with the Facebook app or if the Facebook app is uninstallable. Can anyone validate that ?

OnePlus phones dont come with Facebook pre-installed anymore.

Replicant , 16 Apr 2021You guys keep repeating no jack no sd card BS. SD card not... moreJust because you don't have a use for jack doesn't mean other shouldn't.

Having a Jack and USB Type C separately is not only for audio. It is also helpful when you want to play games while charging or recording a video using a mic while charging. Makes sense to you??

MicroSD is also useful for people who take pictures and records a video a lot. Sony's market is with the people involved in this kind.

It's all about having an option. It is Good Sony exists and still makes smartphone to save people from st'''pid trends.

Android-Authority, 16 Apr 2021Mi 11 Ultra is the current Android King. There are no ads ... moreAdding comment to your other comment about the price and headphones.

Even if Sony sells their flagship at 1000$ without those headphones, people will still complain about the price. People who complain about the other things like 108MP, outdated design, bad auto mode etc etc will still say its not value for money. Sony will not sell their smartphones to satisfy someone's EGO.

Example, LG Mobiles. That's how they were in Losses by selling their flagship smartphone for 900$.

Lel. Seems like I triggered a lot of Sony fanboys for stating the facts.

Android-Authority, 16 Apr 2021Mi 11 Ultra is the current Android King. There are no ads ... moreGood that now you started mentioning few points which we can discuss.

So you do agree it still comes with lot of bloatware like some cheap mid range smartphone. You saying you can remove all the bloatware in 2 minutes but when it comes to selling Headphones from Sony offering, it's waste of time??? Both brands want profits. You should stop being bias.

Any puncholes on beautiful screen is ugly. How much benefit you're getting from that extra mm space you're saving?? You say it can be hidden in notification and assuming while watching videos and playing games too. Tell me again what's the point of that disturbing punchole again?? Only to look at it on home screen?? I'm happy that Sony exists and brings a device without following this dumb trend.

I'm never against 120Hz. I only said I prefer 4K anytime over HRR. Don't twist my words. And before judging a smartphone's battery life, first let it release and let user review the sot eh?? Also screen is not dim, not the brightest but definitely not dim. Sun didn't go all bright in last 2 years suddenly. Yes to have a brighter screen may be of convenience under direct sunlight. It depends on you. Don't generalize it for everyone like it's a deal breaker. Just like how you people do not consider having headphone jack, MircroSD as deal breakers.

These Chinese companies don't give a cr'p about battery life. Even with those big number batteries and fast charging they last less or similar to what Sony and Apple can offer. I personally don't care about ultra fast charhings since I charge only once in a day that is in the night :)

Yes Sony is using same 12MP camera (not sure same sensor though), because they have to use it, to do 20fps AE/AF burst and 60fps calculations. You can't do it with 108MP and 64MP sensors. That shows what they prefer. If you like it you buy it. If not, buy something else. But don't tell everyone that's what everyone should buy. That's not how a tech enthusiast should speak.

I think Sony is the only company which gives same colours on all 3 lenses.
Pro mode is not gimmicky, I've seen many other brand users buying and paying for third party apps to have that kind of control. If you don't know how to use it, doesn't mean not everyone knew how to use it. Just Google out some pictures taken by some Reddit users and some professionals. I do agree their Auto Mode is not all the times great compared to other brands or that quality of selfie camera. But there are many other things which I don't get from other brands except from Sony. So I had to compromise in few things.

And why only Sony and LG should sell their mobiles for cheap?? You people are happy to add positive comments to outdated and overpriced iPhones.

Conclusion: As a so called tech enthusiast, you people should review stuff without any bias. Point is you (not necessarily only you ) failed. You guys don't even talk about complete features from LG or Sony. How many websites have talked about last year's Sony Game enhancer ?? Literally they are the first to implement direct power without charging the battery while using any app not just games. If you like Xiaomi, fine it's your taste. But don't expect everyone including me likes what Xiaomi offers.

As I mentioned in my previous comment biggest for me is
Design (no ugly scars, thin, light weight). Xiaomi failed in this category. Other being SD slot without any sim tools.

  • butopait

Android-Authority, 16 Apr 2021Mi 11 Ultra is the current Android King. There are no ads ... morei will never buy xiaomi again after buying mi9, only good on papers.

  • Anonymous

Android-Authority, 16 Apr 2021Mi 11 Ultra is the current Android King. There are no ads ... moreYou clearly have never used an Xperia. I now use an S20 FE 5G, and previously used an XZ1 Compact for 2 years. It was a fast phone, built to last, and did everything ok. The newer flagships are a huge upgrade in both software and hardware, with most issues ironed out and features improved.

"ancient 30W charging" - is this a joke? Ancient? When Xiaomi is bundling in fast chargers which have a few watts more power? Do you understand battery longevity and the effect heat and fast charging has? Sony specifically implemented Battery Care years before any other manufacturer for this exact reason. If you watch the latest Xperia announcement livestream towards the end of the 1 III showcase, Sony specifies that the battery should last for 3+ years because it will retain battery capacity better than flagships that rely on fast charging every single day for years. That's more inconvenience and cost for you and terrible for the environment when you need to replace the battery or phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Apr 2021Got to say I am a major fan of the Xperia 5 III. Easily th... moreThey did not split the power button and fingerprint sensor. That's the Google Assistant button you're looking at, the same as on the Xperia 5 II

  • Anonymous

Android-Authority, 16 Apr 2021Mi 11 Ultra is the current Android King. There are no ads ... moreDude you just don't get it don't ya? Sony isn't trying to target people like you. And also, most of your points are so easy to counter.

No ads and Bloatware can be removed: why is no ads a feature? and why choose to remove bloatware yourself when other brand's ui doesn't have them at all? Why are you making a downside of a brand to become a feature?
Punch hole: why have a stupid hole blocking your view while consuming contents when you can just have a slight forehead and chin for better grip and reduce accidentally touches. and in the announcement, they even said it themselves. From the feedbacks, people would go for thin bezels rather than a notch or a punch hole.

4k screen: they said it in the announcement, you may not need it but others does. It's a professional tool. Just because your favorite brand can't/don't do it doesn't mean it's bad.
30W charging: nothing's bad with 30W charging what are you talking about? Big number doesn't mean it's good. The faster the charging speed, the shorter your battery lifespan. 30W is the sweet spot for great charging speed and great battery lifespan. And how is 30W ancient!? Oneplus still proudly used their 30W charger in last year's oneplus 8/pro.
Same sensor, weak image quality: same sensor doesn't contribute to anything, it is how they work on the post processing side, that's why different company can have the same sensors but different image quality. And you clearly didn't watch this announcement, they are focusing a lot on the basic camera side, they've clearly put effort into the basic camera app.
'gimmick' pro app: again, it's for professional not for common folks like you. And for the pass 2 generations, they have been focusing on the professional side of photography and videography, that's why the basic camera had been lacking behind other brands, but it might change this year, we'll see. It is not trying to compete with pixel's auto mode and they are completely different things, you can't just compare them like this. One is completely manual control and one is completely auto.
Software lacks feature: well they are clearly going for close to stock android. If you're saying that xperia software lacks feature, then the same goes for pixel devices too. And also, the feature you talking about, how many of them do you actually use and how often do you use?
Overpriced: overpriced!? Excuse me!? So you're saying a 1300 dollar sony phone is overpriced but a 1300 dollar xiaomi phone is not overpriced? I cannot compute.
Availability: I don't know much about availability in other countries but luckily mine does, so I'm not gonna argue with you on this.

You clearly don't know who this phone is targeted for and you clearly don't know much about how phone works. Most of your points are just trying to shield your favourite brand for what they do.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Apr 2021If you could find an $800 phone/flagship with similar or be... moreI don't understand why you keep defending late releases. It would have been totally different if the Xperia 1 III had been released in January or February this year. The point is that by the time it is released, you should be able to buy another flagship phone released this year for $700 to $800. This is a dealbreaker for most people.