New iPad Pros come with M1 chipset, 5G and Thunderbolt, the 12.9" model has mini-LED display

20 April 2021
The M1 chip is much faster and you can configure your tablet with up to 16 GB of RAM and 2 TB storage.

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[deleted post]a guys limited edition PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 8 exploded on a plane

John, 21 Apr 2021Lol please, fat chance with iPadOS. If this new iPad Pro ru... moreyeah about that, when i said everything in its path, i meant tablets (forgot to add that). MacOS on an iPad does not sound right, i think iPadOS can go against the Surface X in some areas for eg benchmarks and anything specs related. but for everyday use, i would pick iPad for regular everyday use because the current gen iPad plays games very smoothly, the magic keyboard is great, and a great set of cameras with really good integration with everything in the Apple Ecosystem. i like the simplicity of it. But if it was business focused work, Windows is pretty much unrivaled, Surface X i would pick, or maybe an LG Gram

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Android--Master, 21 Apr 2021Windows is on a different level compared to iOS or Android.... moreYou have no idea what you are talking about. MacOS can’t do 5% of Windows. Windows doesn’t even have a proper shell environment. WSL is a joke currently. Powershell does nothing more than server management. I personally prefer linux.

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AnonD-994147, 21 Apr 2021Even better, they could limit the number of posts a person ... moreAlmost everyone who post here are anonymous. I don't see a difference between named anonymous and unnamed anonymous. If your account is banned, you can simply create another account. Why do you care that you may be banned, though? You're just a named anonymous user. This account of yours has no value attached to it. If it's banned, you can create another account.

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AnonD-994147, 21 Apr 2021Some people said this before about Apple products: "Ap... moreOh yeah the optimized software that always needs at least 10 critical hot fixes post launch and still doesn't run optimal - how could we forget...
Android leading in marketshare while iOS leading in app crashes.
So much noise for the so called optimized OS.

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Anonymous, 21 Apr 2021At school where I work everybody is using Windows laptops e... moreSchool you work for has probably failed in HR department when they employed you because you completely lack any pedagogic discipline as we can read from your post. My observation is that you are indeed a high school senior or a college freshmen. But now let's go back to what you wrote regarding computers and your class flow.

Why are you taking camera snaps of a textbook? Don't you have digital editions as a part of the faculty if you have to display it on the screen? TV is not and cannot be your secondary board as you can't write on it, it's a projection of what you do on your iPad. Carrying around Apple TV around is a heavy workaround. If TV is Android based then it already has miracast in it which can mirror any Windows 10 laptop there is. If a TV is non-Android you can get a credit card sized miracast device that plugs in USB to power on either on TV or on the wall adapter or even in the laptop. That's a lot more convenient than Apple TV.

If you do have a hands on like using Word or Excel then that's why kids are carrying Windows PCs cause only on Windows you get full featured Office apps. If you are into advanced math or statistics then they need to run Matlab or SPSS which do not offer full featured version for iPad. If you are design school then you are using Adobe suite most likely and iPad has none of that so you can't use it for step by step tutorial purposes.

In other words what you were describing is simple note taking flow that is mostly relevant in classes like history, sociology, geography, etc.

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Anonymous, 21 Apr 2021instagram and Google apps on ipad would like to chat Goo... more3rd party apps are crashing more on iOS than Android. I wonder why? Maybe coz Android is simply more optimized than iOS.
All the Optimization PR campaign from Apple has been badly exposed in the real world.

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[deleted post]The worst part about this is that it spans across all iPhone models.
The Samsung Note 7 explosion fiasco was limited to one model.

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Anonymous, 21 Apr 2021Overheating issue already fixed no worries this not an andr... moreNo the issue isn't fixed.
Antutu already exposed the thermal throttling nature of A14.
5 minutes of Genshin Impact and the iPhone starts sweating.
Their A14 GeekBench scam is exposed.
The chip throttles badly and is losing in speed tests as well.
Not to forget the total battery hog that is 5g. So much for the 5g marketing.

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ae86, 21 Apr 2021Okay this is off-topic but GSMA hear me out. GSMA should... moreEven better, they could limit the number of posts a person without a real account can make per day. I don’t know, 5 or 10 maybe.
Also, if a person without a real account makes continuously bad or hateful comments to block their possibility to post anymore.
I know it looks kind of bad to implement on a free site, but imo is necessary. For people with real accounts, if they enter in debates with this kind of anonymous people, they risk to have their accounts blocked. But the anonymous people will continue to post bad things (they just get their posts deleted, nothing more).
I think in this way we will see less and less people without real accounts posting bad and hateful things. Of course, it will not be all good news, because less people will visit the site. But in the end what is better, to have 100 anonymous people trolling or 20 people with real accounts having a normal debate and discussion?

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ae86, 21 Apr 2021Okay this is off-topic but GSMA hear me out. GSMA should... moreThis website is a news websites. I don't see the point of forums.

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Anonymous, 20 Apr 2021My current iPad is last product from Apple I will ever buy.... moreWell if you want latest iOS, you have to live with bugs which take 6-8 months to fix.
Last time Android was this buggy, it was year 2011-12.

Okay this is off-topic but GSMA hear me out.

GSMA should make a forum section where tech-savvys can argue and talk a lot of tec stuffs in a non chaotic manner unlike what we're always seeing in Apple & Sony related articles.

I mean why not right? It can also be a place where people can seek help etc.

Nodal to Mesh, 21 Apr 2021Did you even bother to take some courses on particular fiel... moreYou dont need any degree to understand which device gets the job done faster, more efficiently. I'll be waiting for proof for your apple paying developers claim.

Man, you dont even know that cinebench is doing 3d rendering.

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2021instagram and Google apps on ipad would like to chat Goo... moreBut most people don't use the app full screen on a tablet.
They run in split screen multitasking mode. The larger screen is supposed to aid multitasking.

Who in their right minds wants to use 11"-13" giant screens for just one Instagram app?
On Android tablets it's nicely tucked in a corner while other apps are open occupying rest of the screen.

regs, 21 Apr 2021And both iOS and Android are full light year behind Windows... moreWindows is on a different level compared to iOS or Android.
The functionality is simply unmatched.
IPad OS/Mac OS can't even do 5% of what Windows can.

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ae86, 21 Apr 2021Totally agree with that file app lmao (if thats what you�... moreinstagram and Google apps on ipad would like to chat

Google's apps are literally blown up versions without even resizing the buttons while Instagram has been stuck in portrait with black bars forever

Facebook and Google hate Apple but i never knew they hated them this much lol

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cozxta, 21 Apr 2021That applies only to United States. And what a shame, yo... moreI teach in SE Asia. There are plenty of apps for the iPad to connect an iPad with a smart TV, in my case the TV's at school are just ordinary, not smart ones and the best way to connect a pc or iPad is with HDMI. I could tether the iPad with a HDMI cable but I bring the Apple TV so I can have the freedom to walk around the class.

rRadD, 21 Apr 2021I would rather get the 11 or the 12.9 instead of foldable p... moreGood luck putting that IPad pro inside your pocket.

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Almand, 21 Apr 2021Are you kidding? There is no way the M1 can even come close... moreHow dense can u be?
Do u really sit right in front of ur tv? Are u a 4yo?

Anyways. Dude really? M1 can legit destroys sd888 left and right....I mean I get it u don't like apple..I don't love them either...but atleast be logical instead of looking like a 🤡