Samsung expands its Upcycle program for reusing old Galaxy phones at home

21 April 2021
They can be used as sensors, baby monitors, and camera solutions.

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  • MewDog

Hey, 23 Apr 2021Lol? Lithium batteries aren't supposed to be constant... moreI think what Anon means, is that by having a Li-On battery fully charged for long periods of time will (ever so slightly) accelerate the rate of degradation of the battery. All batteries degrade over time, meaning that they are not going to hold as much charge as they age as they do when they are new. But partial cycling (keeping the phone between 25%-80%) helps slow down this. Anyway, the degradation may be marginal depending on your use of the phone, so for most people it's not a big deal

  • Hey

Anonymous, 22 Apr 2021How much battery does the mic, light sensor and wifi use?How could you omit all the cameras?

  • Hey

Sudhir, 22 Apr 2021Too late! I already converted my S8+ to an accessory for Sa... moreThe best part is that you don't even have a clue how many concerning background processes are active on your Note20 stock firmware

  • Hey

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2021Do you know the meaning of constantly? Do you know that lit... moreLol?
Lithium batteries aren't supposed to be constantly at level 100 ?

Oh my my... then why produce them if they're flawed from the start?

If you're not going to keep it 100 then don't even bother.

Sony's 'save the children' is far more beneficial than this upcycling program.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Apr 2021Pitiful battery capacity for monitoring activities that may... moreHow much battery does the mic, light sensor and wifi use?

  • Anonymous

What about J series mobile

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Apr 2021You can have power through the battery. They don't hav... morePitiful battery capacity for monitoring activities that may require 24/7 operation.

  • Viruss

The only "Old" galaxy pone not in use is my old S4 Mini. I seriously doubt they will ever roll out a software update for that. Am planning on using it as a dash cam.

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2021Smart initiative, I like it An even smarter option is to not flood the market with so many garbage mid rangers like the a / m / f series. Let the chinese junk brands do that and let them take the blame for the mass amount of wasted electronics.

  • Sudhir

Too late! I already converted my S8+ to an accessory for Samsung VR, and my Note 9 to a gaming phone and spare phone while I use my Note 20 Ultra 5G as a pocket PC for official and home computing and as the primary phone since last year. The best part is I didn't even have to replace the original software on any of these phones.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2021You really don't have a clue do you? For these old pho... moreYou can have power through the battery. They don't have to be constantly plugged in. You are all just bashing for the sake of bashing.

960, 21 Apr 2021"Instead of throwing them away or recycling"... B... moreSammy, wants customers to think that their mobile phone is a waste after a year or two of it's use and training their minds to go for a new phone. And now after establishing that the two year old phone as a piece of junk, they trying to attach some value to it by trying to make them use it for special/other purposes, so that the customers feel that they are doing some useful stuff out there.

But in reality, whoever thinks that a 2 year old phone is not usable as it was intended to in the first place, then he is the biggest idiot.

and here i'm using my old trusted Galaxy Note4 as daily main driver.
i dont think anyone would throw away their perfectly working fine mobile device.

  • Vijayakumar

Rex Tech, 21 Apr 2021Only braindead 1st world countries think that 2018 phones a... moreOld means 2018. If so i am using galaxy s6 from 2015 May in excellent condition with Android 7.0. Afterwards there's no software updations. I am unable to leave the phone which is in new condition with out any further software updation. Samsung can help any in this regard.

  • Anonymous

eddy-, 21 Apr 2021Let me rephrase it: Samsung have found an easy way to do... morePeople gravitate towards the path of least resistance. If only they can be nudged to install FOSS apps and OSes. But good luck with that move.

  • Anonymous

Rex Tech, 21 Apr 2021Only braindead 1st world countries think that 2018 phones a... moreYou misspelled tech corporations/smartphone manufacturers.

  • M1999

JohnNy L, 21 Apr 2021All old samsung phones have completly drained up battery. E... moreMy tab S2 8.0 has a meh battery, and after 4+ years it has degraded, but it is still able to run apps like YouTube and Netflix for a couple of hours. So depends on usage.

  • Anonymous

Oh my.....i just bought brand new samsung note 9 and they think it's old device that should be retired

Models from 2018 aren't old at all. Shoot Im using my galaxy s7 edge as my primary phone and my s3 as my 2nd phone