New nubia Z30 render shows off a cool dual tone design, the phone may support 120W charging

29 April 2021
The 120W charging tech will be borrowed from the Red Magic line. And according to one leakster, the Z30 will have a second screen on its back.

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Anonymous, 01 May 2021Everywhere article that has demongornot's comment, it ... moreSorry for defending what I stand for and to have this thing called "arguments".

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Everywhere article that has demongornot's comment, it will be an essay competition. Lol what a nerd

I've been using Z20 pretty much by the time it was available in Europe. Solid device with some great specs. But... Get serious guys... All good with the specs, screen, etc...the fact that I've never received an update on the phone, not even a minor one, then there's no need to even think about buying Z30... No brainer unless Nubia does something with their update policies!

Acorns, 30 Apr 2021I really like the second screen on the back over pop ups, h... moreTotally agree!

wongwatt, 30 Apr 2021Those cameras are for marketing purposes. The 3.5mm jack i... moreI do agree.
Though there are no reasons to remove the 3.5mm Jack and anyone could get into a situation where it is needed or more practical.
And curved edge display are a matter of preferences, but also of how one handle the phone, as I already explained, there are a lot of way to handle a phone, some are great with curved edges displays, others aren't, which is why there isn't any perfect phone, same for fingerprint scanner location, thickness, etc.

wongwatt, 30 Apr 2021Except for video chatting which is what the "selfie&qu... moreIn the UK the Nubia Z20 with last year's flagship specs costs around £450-£500 so if a new model with sd888 and larger rear display cost around £1000 it would still only be (comparitively speaking) cheaper than modern flagships. Still think this layout solves all the problems of having a full screen and enabling the rear cameras to be used for selfies/video calls etc.

Demongornot, 30 Apr 20211: Because it was going well, more and more phone were supp... moreThose cameras are for marketing purposes.
The 3.5mm jack isn't as popular as comment on tech sites might suggest, it remains on cheap phones because wired headphones are cheaper - it's sensible for buyers in those price brackets.
Telephoto lenses are nice to have, I always buy phones with them, but they're rarely a deciding factor for the average consumer so manufacturers leave them out. If you want them they expect you to buy the very best models.
Curved displays look good and sell phones, again hatred for them is far from universal. My P40 Pro+ had a quad curved display and I love it for gestures, I found the Xperia 1ii I had briefly awkward because it was flat.
Pop-up cameras failed the retail test, if they had been massive sellers they would still be with us. Tellingly Samsung did not use a pop-up on their flagships and where they go the market follows, sad but true.

Acorns, 30 Apr 2021I really like the second screen on the back over pop ups, h... moreExcept for video chatting which is what the "selfie" camera is really for. Unless you put a sizable display on the back with the associated packaging and cost impacts you can't leave that front camera off. The Mi11 Ultra is a perfect example, it still has a punch hole in the front despite having a rear display.

Nubia should have stuck with dual display phone. It has great pro (full front screen and taking selfies with rear cameras). What they should improve is making the phone easy to install GApps on chinese rom and making it easy to make custom rom

I really like the second screen on the back over pop ups, hole punch or notches. It means that you don't need a FFC at all and you can use the phones main cameras(all of them) for best quality selfies alongside all the other practical uses a second screen brings with it. And the beauty is when you don't need the second screen or the selfie camera you can just turn it off and it just looks like a normal back of a phone with a true full screen round the front. This solves all the selfie camera/full screen problems while at the same time adding extra functionality to the phone. Hope other manufacturers start taking up this design.

sq2013, 30 Apr 2021I'm going to be honest. I bought the poco F2 pro and c... moreI won't force you into buying it, just know that it isn't a guarantee amount, it can broke before, but it can and probably will last for millions of cycles, that's what's great with mechanical parts, they can last a long while, the mechanism is simple, it is steel on steel, and still has a low friction, meaning there is little wear, it is the same mechanism as a Disk (CD, DVD, Blue Ray etc) reader that actuate the laser, and those can last for a while, mainly considering they actuate A LOT, and fast with abrupt movements, and most have a plastic on metal build.
On the other hand, your battery degrade, even when not using it, your display and electronic too, and they too have a limited life cycle, the memory has a limited number of operation per cell, in fact modern memory has multiple cells per bits, so when one fail there is a redundancy, so does CPU and SoC, otherwise we would see them constantly failing.
You also don't know when the pop up will die, and I can bet most will last over 5 year, many will reach 10 years and still work.

And just Google "poco F2 pro replacement front camera".
I find the camera sensor for 4,44€.
By the way, I also found this :
Which is one of the many, many, many examples of why the 3.5mm Jack is more than just audio and why it is important.
On another website, the full camera + its casing for 20$, well it is a bit expensive, I agree, but it is available.
The motor and the screw for 3,80$ on another website.

BUT, don't forget that the Poco F2 Pro is also almost the same as the K30 Pro, and most components are exactly the same, including the main cameras and the front camera entire pop up assembly and there are more results, but indeed there aren't many.

There are many tests showing people slamming (not dropping, slamming) phones with a pop up and it still works fine, and I have yet to see one who jam and which the calibration function doesn't recover it, the same with hammering it against a table :
And remember that it is when the pop up take a direct hit that it do risk to break, inside the phone it is quite well protected.

Do not underestimate how resilient mechanical parts are :
At the end, remember how the landing was made :

I mean, there are countless examples with every imaginable type of objects of mechanical stuff being much more robust than we think and lasting a while, cars, moving parts in computers (Disk/Floppy readers), tools, etc...
For a while, electronic was considered as unreliable, breaking easily and fragile in general, and if you look at many, 10Yo and more cars, that's indeed a lot of time the electronic that cause problems.

So yes, mechanical parts add complexity and add more chances of failures, I never denied that, but people say it as if a housefly sneezing on the neighbor house will break the pop up of the still unboxed phone, or that after 1.59 nanoseconds of use it will break.
If they don't want it, they can simply buy it, it is rare enough to left 99% of the market available for them, no need to constantly remind that mechanical part blah blah blah, and to say it in a way that imply they break by dozens every second.

sq2013, 29 Apr 2021Which is nonsense because the two most prominent phones sol... more@sq2013 & @wongwatt

Lets be clear, I didn't say the pop up don't take ANY space, I said it doesn't take any RELEVANT space.
And actually the Poco F2 Pro proves it, it has more features than many other phones, including a HUGE cooling chamber which was THE BIGGEST on the time of release, lets not forget that :
It also has IR Blaster, 3.5mm Jack, quad camera, etc.
And if you compare it with MANY phones of the SAME dimensions, it has really close, and sometime identical or more battery capacity.

There is a difference between writing your own opinion and writing FACTS, the issue is, I like to write facts only as much as possible, but people who argument with their personal opinion, and who literally don't care about evidences, consider they are more relevant.

Let's compare :
Poco F2 Pro, Q2 2020, 163.3 x 75.4 x 8.9 mm, 4700mAh.
109,584.098mm³; 0.042,889mAh/mm³

Sony Xperia 1 II, Q2 2020, 165.1 x 71.1 x 7.6 mm (significantly slimmer), 4000mAh.
89.213,436mm³; 0.044,836mAh/mm³
Ok, so thickness affect it a lot, but there is still a big difference in capacity.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G, Q4 2020, 159.8 x 74.5 x 8.4 mm (smaller but not by much), 4500mAh.
100,002.84mm³; 0.044,999mAh/mm³
So it has a close battery capacity, smaller but the phone is slimmer, but still comparable.

Xiaomi Mi 11, Q1 2021, 164.3 x 74.6 x 8.1 mm (slimmer but same body size), 4600mAh.
99,279.918mm³; 0.046,334mAh/mm³
Less than a millimeter of thickness difference, only 100mAh difference, sure it shows the Poco F2 Pro haven't the best battery to body ratio, but by a quite small margin, so am I wrong? Is the pop up a space waster?
Not so fast here!

Redmi K30S, Q4 2020, 165.1 x 76.4 x 9.3 mm (slightly bigger and thicker) 5000mAh.
117,306.852mm³; 0.042,623mAh/mm³
The previous argument could be taken to the Poco F2 Pro advantage here, as the size to battery capacity difference isn't significant, here the Poco F2 Pro in a capacity per volume ratio win.

Oppo Reno4 Z 5G, Q4 2020, 163.8 x 75.5 x 8.1 mm (similar but slimmer) 4000mAh.
100,171.89mm³; 0.039,931mAh/mm³
Now this is interesting, if we mix all those, mainly the Reno4 Z 5G and the Xperia 1 Mk2, we can see that body size isn't everything, it isn't as simple as battery "capacity = x%" of body volume, many other factors come into play, and the Poco F2 Pro is for sure in the average this Reno has much lower ratio!

Huawei Mate 40 Pro, Q4 2020, 162.9 x 75.5 x 9.1 mm (almost as tall, thicker and larger), 4400mAh.
111,920.445mm³; 0.039,314mAh/mm³
In a world where some complain about phone size and/or thickness, the slimmer phone that has the pop up did beat this one with his 4400mAh at 9.1mm, so the pop up isn't that bad after all, yeah, sure, removing it would help gain capacity, but not that much as we saw.

And no, I didn't choose those phones to get an advantage, I took random phones from big brands that were on the same era, literally the only I saw and didn't pick too are the :
Oppo Reno5 5G, too small and slim to compare seriously, and I already had the Xperia for slimness and the Samsung for shorter height.
Xperia 5, I didn't want older phones, and it is significantly smaller, it wouldn't have been fair.
Mate 40, same as the Reno5 5G, even despite similar size.

Let's just do the A80 and OnePlus 7(t) Pro, though I don't expect anything writing this, just remember that they are quite older (months in the Smartphone industry already can show some big changes).

OnePlus 7 Pro, Q2 2019, 162.6 x 75.9 x 8.8 mm, 4000mAh.
108,603.792mm³; 0.035,74mAh/mm³
Indeed, much worse than the average.

Samsung Galaxy A80, Q2 2019, 165.2 x 76.5 x 9.3 mm, 3700mAh.
117,531.54mm³; 0.031,481mAh/mm³
Ouch, horrible.

But just a comparison with the regular OnePlus 7
OnePlus 7, Q2 2019, 157.7 x 74.8 x 8.2 mm, 3700mAh.
96 726,872mm³; 0.038,252mAh/mm³
We can see here that it is also under the average, and the Mi 11 is above the average of the devices I calculated, and well, it is easy to understand that this mean the newer devices have a better ratio, meaning some components shrunk and/or the battery density improved.

The maths are simple, Height*Width*Thickness for the volume in (unit)^3, and divide by the battery capacity by this result for the capacity per volume.
Feel free to compare other phones, but for it, it show that the Poco F2 Pro despite having a pop up AND other space consuming things, still has an excellent body to battery capacity ratio.

So yeah, here we go, proven by maths that the Poco F2 Pro despite having MORE than only a pop up that take space inside, is still having a great battery density to body volume ratio, proving the pop up doesn't wast tons of space, a little, yes, but a small amount.

But hey, maybe once again, personal opinion will be considered as more relevant than PROOF, here, pure maths...

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Demongornot, 30 Apr 2021Let's be clear, I am not saying the pop up is perfect ... moreI'm going to be honest. I bought the poco F2 pro and cancelled just before dispatch. I don't know exactly why but I just genuinely felt uncomfortable knowing there is a guaranteed timespan on the camera. I remember reading it was 350-400,000 uses. I know that is a ridiculous amount of selfies. I would do maybe one a month if any. It was just that certainty. You know a battery will go but you don't know when. A display may go but the same applies. You don't know when. I have a perfectly working Nokia Lumia 510 and 605 I think. I have a perfectly good Samsung galaxy S5 though I replaced the battery. My laptop is perfect and was bought in 2011 although replaced the HDD, ram, WiFi card, keyboard and screen. But because I was upgrading it rather than it failing. The problem is in three years time, I would bet it'll be very easy to source a replacement battery for a Poco F2 pro but I reckon it'll be very difficult to get a replacement camera module. I repair and upgrade my own phones and electronic devices. This would worry me. Because it could jam. Moving parts can jam. My bed is obviously low to the ground like everyone else's but I reckon many nights when I am asleep my phone falls off the bed on the wooden floor. I'll be texting someone and fall asleep and this happens. The phone is fine because you can use a screen protector and case for this but you can't stop a moving part from potentially jamming on an impact.

sq2013, 29 Apr 2021And whether it's a perception or not. There's a p... moreLet's be clear, I am not saying the pop up is perfect and even less that it should be THE only thing or even the main thing, I am for diversity, not for lack of it, regardless if I like the thing or not.
The issue is, people talk about the pop up as if it shouldn't exist, I am defending the pop up because badmouthing have killed it, not its issues, AND because it is under-represented in the current market.

The pop up isn't perfect, and yes there are some cases where it did broke, I never pretended it never happened, I clearly pretended it rarely happened though, because how many have been broken from a fall vs how many, on the same phone model, have their display being broken instead?
And even if it breaks, the phone is still perfectly usable, and it is still much cheaper to replace than the display.

And because people don't care of their stuff, doesn't mean the tech is to blame, should we stop making PC cases with tempered glass because some did drop it?
The pop up is the ONLY thing that got that much unjustified hate, only because of the false idea that moving parts are bad, yes, they do wear over time, but so does most of the non-moving parts of the phone, in the most cases, the battery, the display and the electronic will die before the pop up.

sq2013, 29 Apr 2021So why are no big manufacturers using pop up or slider mech... more1: Because it was going well, more and more phone were supposed to have it, but the fearmongers spread so fast with their fear arguments that are in no cases realistic nor happen anymore than for few exceptions being more build defects than anything else.

And then, it was around that time that diversity in general died, for many reasons, but because of this attitude of the community in particular, so now they just don't listen to what people say and instead make the same thing as the last top-selling phone from a big brand.

The same argument could be said about a lot of things :
Why are they still putting 2Mp Macro + Depth sensor despite everyone hating them and having no use?
Why despite popular demand, the 3.5mm Jack disappeared?
Why despite popular demand, Telephoto are still rare?
And why despite popular strong popular opinion about it, curved edge display are still so often a thing?

The Mi 9T Pro, OnePlus 7(t) Pro, and Poco F2 Pro are among the most appreciated phones of all times, and the vast majority, and in this I mean almost all users, are satisfied by the pop up.

Whythehack, 29 Apr 2021Did u have the phone? If not, wait and see how it will goe... moreThat I have or not the video isn't relevant, if you have fog in a camera lens, or any other obstruction/not 0% opaque thing, the quality take a hit, laser used in ToF will have reflections on top of getting lesser quality, it will still be an expensive tech that has been in R&D for years with only one being in the market and being awful, and it is still a privacy nightmare, all those doesn't change.
The only thing that they can do to significantly improve it is making better softwares, but the other issues are still relevant.

I'd prefer having a phone with no front camera at all, but when anyone asks for that, a lot of haters have to rush and complain about the idea as if you have forbidden them from using their own front camera or as if it would kill the front camera on all phones...

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wongwatt, 29 Apr 2021You won't win the pop up argument with Demongorot - a ... moreWhich is nonsense because the two most prominent phones sold by carriers in Europe were the Samsung galaxy A80 and the OnePlus 7T pro. These phones had 3700 and 4085mah batteries respectively. Not exactly huge batteries. If you look at a teardown of the phones, the motherboard still extends downwardly to the same extent as it does on a phone with a fixed camera set up. Same with the Poco f2 pro. So the pop up cameras didn't bring alongside them bigger batteries with a higher capacity.

[deleted post]Dude, I'm not hating. Lol. Look at the Red Magic 6 Chinese vs global. They did the same thing.

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Anonymous, 29 Apr 2021120W is true innovation Brilliant

  • sq2013

Demongornot, 29 Apr 2021Except that pop up/flip up/slider etc, have NO issues, ther... moreAnd whether it's a perception or not. There's a perception that a mechanism like that could fail and that puts off buyers. If it was popular, all the big manufacturers would have taken it on. More people are buying phones with horrible notches. It's just how it is so I'm not saying under display is the way to go but sliding or Pop up mechanisms haven't taken off. I work for a cellular carrier and trust me I have had people. We carried the 7T pro and the Samsung A80. Few bought it and some clumsy people dropped their phones but no major cosmetic damage yet the camera stopped working and had to be repaired at a cost.