BlackBerry 10 Aristo specifications leak, get us excited

02 October, 2012
With a quad-core Krait processor and 2GB of RAM, this might be the device RIM needs to start the fightback.

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  • Batth

I want these phones.... Quicklyy .. Reallyy awesome yr

  • FN

Why is the Blackberry Aristo A10 shown as having a non-removable battery door? One of the best features of Blackberry devices is that we can actually remove the battery! This is extremely important for people who carry a second fully charged battery in case we need it, because we don't have time (or are not always near) electrical power sources. Also, there is simply no better simpler way to "clean up" a malfunctioning device than to do a full and true reboot, which means not only shutting off the phone, but also removing the battery. I truly hope that Blackberry is not going to ruin the A10 by stupidly making its battery non-removable. Also, batteries do eventually need to be replaced, and so if we cannot remove the battery we would have to either throw-away the phone when the battery stops holding a charge in a couple of years, or we would have to send it by mail to get replaced. It would be a TERRIBLE idea to make the battery sealed in and non-replaceable by us the owners!

  • papu

Digi, 20 Dec 2012Wats it pricearound 25,000-30,000/-

  • sandy

blackberry is awesome there will be no comparison for social networking, mails and messenger....

  • Digi

Wats it price

  • Jamdon

Hardware has never been Blackberries problem so don't see much changing. RIM better give thanks they still have BBM.

  • Topher

If this is real, I'd get it.

  • Anonymous

yes, yes there are. however they aren't using a QNX operating system, and require better specs, not that i think a phone ever needs quad-core.

  • AnonD-85208

BlackBerry has a chance to get back in the game with BB10. BB10 will run most any Android application, and will run on most Android hardware, providing RIM with another revenue stream, and smartphone manufacturers another option for OS.

  • Jay

frankie, 27 Nov 2012Keep dreaming, you do understand that there are android phones o... moreCan you point out one? The Nexus 4 and Droid DNA are the only ones I know that come close but both are flawed. The DNA hasn't gotten very good reviews and the Nexus 4 does not officially support 4G.

  • frankie

Umadson?, 17 Nov 2012Lol to all the iPhone or android lovers..Use ur brain and dmit t... moreKeep dreaming, you do understand that there are android phones out there with much better specs altogether...

  • Vc

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2012Hahaha Quad core? really why you need that? so the keyboard does... moreIt is for a future model phone that will act as a pc replacement. The RIM ceo hinted at his PC replacement stategy roadmap.

  • 1080P

it should be said the APQ8064 quad-core Krait is cortex A15m and while i have no worries about QNX RTP(RealTimePlatform) 6/BlackBerry OS to make ful use of this new QUAD i do hope it can actually play software decoding full 1080P at up to 35 Mbit/s like Software decoded full HD video play on ODROID-X Exynos4412 someone should test it before launch day.

  • Umadson?

Lol to all the iPhone or android lovers..Use ur brain and dmit that if these are the real specs this will be the Best phone out atm (Talking about specs) :) non-removable battery is good , i had many many phones and never changed battery, now with a GOOD battery why would i?anw is just that some pple love their phone so much they dont give other phones props

  • heads

I hope this is real...

  • droog

SUJIT, 13 Nov 2012How many prize of this phone? it are a 100 money

  • skub

I hope this bb10 has an efficient battery because as far as I am concerned that their only flaw or weakness

  • VeeMan_SA

Been waiting patiently for a long time now...... RIM better not disappoint


How many prize of this phone?

  • Frankie

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2012All sounds good, but why did they put a 2,800 battery in that yo... moreBattery efficiency depends on not just size and capacity, but also on the efficiency of the chipset and more important, the software and how it's customized to work with the hardware. In phones where software and hardware are made for each other (currently iPhone is the only one, going to be joined by Nokia/Microsoft and Motorola/Google soon) efficiency is quite high. iPhones use small capacity batteries (1300-1500 mAh) and fare very well against Android (where software has to be made compatible by the phone manufacturer to a set hardware list after its made at Google) 2000-3000 mAh. It's not to say iPhones are better, we all know the pros and cons of each OS, but it shows you how critical of a role software plays in the battery efficiency.