BlackBerry 10 Aristo specifications leak, get us excited

02 October, 2012
With a quad-core Krait processor and 2GB of RAM, this might be the device RIM needs to start the fightback.

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  • Emilian

Best phone ever. Hope to product this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paras

AnonD-38486, 02 Oct 2012How many apps do you really use? What is your take on privacy es... moreagreed. but what about the OS? BB has BlackBerry Messenger but devices other than BB has whats App which can communicate with cross platform devices. Yes, of course, as someone said, the push mails. All phones now support push mails. BB's are complex devices. what does BB have in unique to stand out of the crowd? what abt its price? I don't think this will survive the market.

  • AnonD-8191

Very nice specs in the computing part... But without a OS that can battle against Android, iOS and even WinPhone 8, it does not matter.

Its like putting a Ferrari Enzo with bicycle tires...

  • AnonD-6295

I'm not a BB fan, but some in my family use them. I think the specs sheet sounds awesome and it deserves a look in. The important thing though is going to be the cost of this device. BB is quite limited compared to other OS offerings right now, so they will have to offer a fantastic package to warrant an actual purchase (as opposed to admiration from afar).

  • AnonD-55045

RIM, you're all in. And that's the attitude we customers like. Promote app development and with this beast you can be back into the game. The best luck for you.

  • AnonD-4814

It's not about hardware only, it's about software, apps, games, etc. BlackBerry Playbook failure wasn't because the hardware. If you compare side-to-side with iPad 2, it's actually better. But store, UI, features, it's all matters.

  • AnonD-38486

paras, 02 Oct 2012whats the use? very limited apps! but impressive spec!How many apps do you really use? What is your take on privacy especially with apps constantly seeking to use your location or access certain data from your phone? I think for the most part, the popular apps will be available on this device.

  • Dar

its too late RIM.....

  • Anonymous

rim seem to have understand that,gone are the days when people were just accepting push email as a big enough reason to buy a expensive phone,now any smartphone is capable of doing this,hence they must follow android,the way they made their os so flashe and also the deep customization which could be done,even apple is suffering due to customer preference of open source device......

  • paras

whats the use? very limited apps! but impressive spec!

  • Anonymous

So they have finally got the hardware right what about the software? iOS and Android are far ahead in the game and then you've got WP8 which is starting to build up quite quickly. They better have something spectacular lined up because the software is the worst thing about Blackberry.

With no new blackberry device expected to be released until 1st quarter 2013 at the earliest I'm afraid it maybe too little too late.

  • Sanna

RIM 10 looks better than Flat and Boring wp.

  • The Killer

Looks fake to me. Maximum MicroSd Card upto 16gb? are you serious?
And 4 microphones??? what on earth is this...the maximum I've seen is 3 on the if0ne.

  • Motaz

Lem Sebastian, 02 Oct 20121st :) BEAST!??

  • BlueHeart the illest

Sexy, hope the OS can handle its part of the bargain

  • domenowrong

RIM Shot.

  • Lem Sebastian

1st :)


  • johnyt