BlackBerry 10 Aristo specifications leak, get us excited

02 October, 2012
With a quad-core Krait processor and 2GB of RAM, this might be the device RIM needs to start the fightback.

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  • AnonD-68608

I will buy it right now...the future is amazing but it's really hard to believe that.

  • Matt

Just take it easy and relax you guys all iPhone fan boys. Your toys number 5 have already been released. Give us a break...... here we're talking about Smart Phone, ok???

  • AnonD-11120

Such an amazing hardware. Nice try, if this is true.

  • Frank

I'm really disappointed that the new BB phone isn't pentaband as seen by the lack of Band IV. If RIM needs anything, it's as big an audience as possible.


BlackBerry should consider using Android Jelly Bean as one of their OS, so they can produce smartphone with BlackBerry OS and Android Jelly Bean, its good for their business anyway if they need to make profit in the smart phone market.

  • AnonD-25865

I personally think BB make a wrong move here.. they should not focus on specs n make their usual (best) business smartphone which is reliable n battery efficient n not specs wise fancy..

unless BB can match up to the fast growing touch screen culture of Apple n Androids, this is just a gimmick.. sorry ppl

  • broadmind

the question is what blackberry os can do? :D

specs are nice but its useless if you cant do much.

  • Anonymous

AMOLED Screen ... Great!

  • TravelingJunky

I'll take 10!!!! Would be nice to see them before Christmas

  • Idiots r us

AnonD-74270, 03 Oct 2012I WANT IT NOW, makes my 9860 look ancient :( A quad core? Holy.... moreyes we will contact you for testing, please provide your number on the reply. Thank you

  • AnonD-40901

Hmmm This is a Trap! A marketing trap, anyways, Blackberry OS doesnt have a chance against Android and Windows Phone. Why so much power for nothing? An useless OS turns the phone completely useless. They must focus in Software and Desing developnent, optimize the software andadd features to take advantage of the hardware

  • AnonD-74270

I WANT IT NOW, makes my 9860 look ancient :(
A quad core? Holy..If any blackberry people read this and needs a tester, call me ;)

  • AnonD-8044

Great spec plus wideband AMR etc but hope they bring out their qwerty style devices with superb power not just give them poor 2MP fixed focus am etc.I do like Blackberry.Had a few of them but using 9810 ATM and great device.

  • Esk

AnonD-40425, 02 Oct 2012 it's a business phone not a gaming one, y they put a quad core... moreRIM have a lot of market to claw back. They need a device which is hard to fault - if they just added a dual-core, their competitors have another advantage against them. They can't afford this to fail now.

  • Anonymous

cool, but all these specs dont have any value if the bb10 is boring and sluggish, so all the excitment should be taken with a grain of salt :)

  • Mr. X

Rim announce couple of months back, you can download Android apps directly from market place. After that, I did not hear any thing, If this is true, certainly we’ll see the true super phone.

  • AnonD-55045

AnonD-40425, 02 Oct 2012 it's a business phone not a gaming one, y they put a quad core... moreWith all the due respect Ahmed, market trends are pointing towards an "all-in-one" device. I can't forsee any better move than going with a Quad Krait right now. All those specs are top of the line and will definitely help RIM to regain the premium brand name they enjoyed in the past. Many exploitable marketing strategies (not to be underestimated) come out of that software/hardware/design combo.

And you know, good graphics and processing power aren't useful only for gaming. How would you be happier with an inferior processor?

  • AnonD-40425

it's a business phone not a gaming one, y they put a quad core processor in it?
useless processor

rest of specs are excellent

  • enrazo75

It will probably be too expensive for most and the competition is just as good or better.

  • AnonD-62333

think this will revive r i m it will recover good number of its ex-clients ( most of them moved to apple) especially after dull release of ip5.

apple give them a chance and they shouldnt miss it.

good luck r i m .