BlackBerry 10 Aristo specifications leak, get us excited

02 October, 2012
With a quad-core Krait processor and 2GB of RAM, this might be the device RIM needs to start the fightback.

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  • AnonD-12907

they forgot to mention N9's UI

  • BB lover - GN

failure, 03 Oct 2012Amazing specs dragged down by horrible OS hey man the OS is a open source with all latest APP available in market with full security hence bb 10 is going to be a revolution so just wait before jumping into results

  • AnonD-74305

The Image shows microHDMI and you have typed out miniHDMI.

  • icanican

quadcore 1.5ghz + oled screen + 8Mp cam + 2Mp front cam + 16gb flash disk + 2800mA batt... at this moment, i cant ask for more. seriously, please just launch it this xmas, so we can all have a merry xmas & happy 2013!!

i cant wait!!!

  • Ooh... Kay?

Another full touch screen phone? Hope they're not forgetting those who made RiM great: their die hard text, email and BBM users! Please let there be Bold and Pearl versions with BB10.

  • AnonD-74302

I love all my bb, and I'll going to continue using and my kids and wife are using

  • shukura

Yes that's it facing camera on BB its great.

  • failure

Amazing specs dragged down by horrible OS

  • AnonD-74295

AnonD-40901, 03 Oct 2012Hmmm This is a Trap! A marketing trap, anyways, Blackberry OS do... moreU are right! BB OS is simply useless and it seems time me like an OS that is still undergoing test.

  • AnonD-74295

Wow this is cool ! But I know blackberry Os to be a child's play Os hope this os 10 will be as solid as android

  • elkido

rim must be have 1.6 or 1.7 ghz quad core processor and 2 ghz of ram to be one of the best smartphone

  • Vicky S

what's the use of such a high processing power when its app store is a big O.... we still have to go through rim's plan only however with other mobiles network plans are the best ones....

  • ec.

Certainly we are eager for such device from RIM. A
nd we hope that it can come up soon. RIM do a part of our live and business.

  • perspective

The specs are very impressive cannot wait for BB 10 OS

  • stewart

lets see if it will handle skype

  • Anonymous

Cool. Are we going to use those specs to play j2me Java games like on the old BB? Hardware is nothing when there is no software to use it.

  • AXcode

R U gays crazy ??
there's nothing like that from RIM !!

  • Anonymous

it will be better if you can use the phone with Wifi even without data add on, BBM/Internet usage as pay per use/

  • ani

And it will cost 1200$ :-(

  • Fachry

I can't believe people are saying BB OS is crap. BB10 looks awesome and refreshing! Even BB OS 7.1 is more functional than IOS 6.0. The only true lacking of the Blackberry is ecosystem (apps).

I really hope this leak is true. It's too good to be true. The QUad Core (and Battery) is a must though.. the others specs can be the same as BB London and I'll still be happy bout it.