WhatsApp to become increasingly less useful if you don't accept its new terms

07 May 2021
Will limit access to calls and messages and eventually block all access.

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  • 08 May 2021

I live in a southern European country, we are not entirely free citizens, but we have certain freedoms and are not spied on too much by our governments. I always thought that Chinese App's spied on my phone, maybe some people in USA do it me think. However the general idea is that spies who can and wants. USA with Google, What's APP, Facebook, Microsoft... they blocked my FB account because I didn't want to identify myself. I don't send my identification document to these people. It is against the European Privacy law, in Europe it is a serious crime what they do, because they give this services en Europe. Since they blocked my Facebook account (simply because I didn't want to identify myself without doing ANYTHING wrong), I look askance at everything related to these people. I use a Chinese app called Hellotalk. Never been asked for identification or blocked because I never do anything wrong, in Facebook not, too. Some Russian App's also spy. But Facebook, Whatsapp is totally blatant what they do. There are always other messaging apps that I surely use and uninstall whatsapp. I encourage everyone to look for those app's: Telegram, Line. I will not let anyone from another country other than my own spy on me :D. At least I have enough if I am spied on by those from my own country. This looks like a national socialist procedure. Chinese people, USA people, Russian people, you need to be free, too.

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    • Sofia Marcoe
    • XR6
    • 08 May 2021

    KdavidM26, 07 May 2021Long time ago i deleted my account on WhatsApp, Telegram, V... moreI am perfectly happy using Signal.org

      good riddance, hopefully everything fb owns will end up dead. oh yeah, twitter as well even they don't own it.

        New whatsapp terms is saying this : press button to let us spy on your device easily ! If you don't , we won't let you access whatsapp anymore ! Unfortunately by mistake i agreed . But i uninstalled it and now i m using other comms like signal , line , telegram and those that are safe ! Ppl , if you like your privacy i m suggesting to boycott whatsapp !

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          • T-rex
          • KIB
          • 07 May 2021

          This is the second article from this guy on this topic, and it seems he has a particular personal interest in defending whatsapp

            Long time ago i deleted my account on WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Signal are far better

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              • wojtek
              • mM4
              • 07 May 2021

              Facebook and it's owner can go to AVeryWarmPlace...

              WA those 10 years ago was such a nice app. Even if you had pay for it!