Asus Zenfone 8 is a 5.9" flagship with an S888 chip, Zenfone 8 Flip keeps rotating cam

12 May 2021
The Zenfone 8 is smaller than the Xperia 5 III. The Flip is a Zenfone 7 with a Snapdragon 888 and a few other tweaks. Available for pre-order today.

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Anonymous, 15 May 2021Did you see those images on twitter or Instagram? Coz I di... moreYeah, totally haha.

Like you have the money to afford a 4k tv lol.

Are you that commited to dunking on apple that you're gonna buy a 4k tv to do so?

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Applehaterzsuck, 15 May 2021ha most "natrual" colors combined with twitter an... moreDid you see those images on twitter or Instagram?
Coz I did on my 4k TV on YouTube.
IPhones was the worst which is why It lost to OnePlus 8t with IMX 586.
OnePlus had better image processing.... IGarbage as usual beneath Android

[deleted post]ha most "natrual" colors combined with twitter and instagram image proccesing.

Individually, the asus would not have looked good.

Anonymous, 15 May 2021If over saturation was the key, then Samsung should have wo... moreI meant that the asus's oversaturation+the image proccesing = just the right amount of oversaturated.

Still oversaturated for my taste. It's just that when apple was testing it's algorithm, it used more images of cooler objects, thus the cooler tone lol.

People love those oversaturated colors. Not me. Take an image with the iPhone outside in a blue sky, it will guarantee beat the other phones.

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Applehaterzsuck, 14 May 2021Completely wrong? You know that social media's procces... moreIf over saturation was the key, then Samsung should have won.. Don't you think so??
The iPhone got its @$$ kicked by a OnePlus 8t (not even the pro model)

Look at the That blind test results from previous years.
Salty iboyzzzz lyk u need to stop being a sore loser and accept that iPhone lost Coz other cameras are simply better.

Anonymous, 14 May 2021Huge difference between someone's white balance prefer... moreCompletely wrong? You know that social media's proccesing plays a part too.

There was different winners on different platforms because the social media procceses the images differently.

Imagine if facebook oversaturated every photo it would have saw, iPhone would have won by a landslide.

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Anonymous, 14 May 2021Huge difference between someone's white balance prefer... moreThat's what happens when they ship outdated 1/2.55" sensor on iPhone 12 series.
The sensor on pro Max model, although bigger than the rest of the iPhones is inferior to imx 686 as tested. No AF on Ultrawide. Apple simply cheapened out on camera sensor by dumping cheap quality garbage.

Look at Huawei, Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Vivo all investing heavily in larger sensor on both main and Ultrawide to give users top tier photo and video quality. Apple is more concerned with profits as they know their d^mb fanbase will buy it without questioning.

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Applehaterzsuck, 14 May 2021Lol I'm not in high school, nice try :) And listen ... moreHuge difference between someone's white balance preference versus getting the white balance and exposure completely wrong.
No other device in that competition had issues with white balance, even the budget ones.
This represents nothing but a subpar camera system.

salarx, 13 May 2021iphone had lost very early in the race, and if you see, it ... moreBro, it was simply the photo team's preference of bluer hues(most likely taking more outside shots) that caused it to have some bias. It has nothing to do with actual camera quality.

i0S.- Never.- Again, 14 May 2021Asus won against Mi 10 Ultra which was the best last year. ... moreLol I'm not in high school, nice try :)

And listen to what MKHBD said:

"Sure, The iPhone 12 pro max had A LOT OF DETAIL, but it was by far the coolest temperature"

He SPECIFICALLY mentioned that because the iPhone's choice of white balance is different from the zenfone, then the iPhone lost because people preffered warmer light balance(and majority of the photos taken required warmer white balance).

Well done asus, zemfone 8 is my favourite smartphone currently. But the 8 Flip is an dissapointment

  • KF

Nothing special, fail product. I'm still using zenfone 3 zoom, felt ASUS is quite nice, camera good and reliable. still considering to replace with zenfone8, but it's so disappointed.

salarx, 13 May 2021I agree. They could have easily made it better than the van... moreThey could have just used another alternative to liquid metal then. I think flip cam won't be used in future because under display camera would be the trend.

But I agree they seem to not want to sell this flip version. Shame cause it's a great design.

I really really wish there's a zenfone 8 pro that's a better version of this flip with jack, 120hz, and other improvements

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Applehaterzsuck, 13 May 2021lol that's because the public loves those massively ov... moreIPhone camera behind mid rangers like Redmi Note pro these days

Applehaterzsuck, 13 May 2021lol that's because the public loves those massively ov... moreAsus won against Mi 10 Ultra which was the best last year.
It was consistent. It's a great camera system.
IPhone images lacked details, had more noise, and lacked basic ability to get white balance right which is why It got kicked out in first round.
Zenfone 8 camera system much better than overrated iPhone 12 pro.
Besides, I don't take tech advice from someone who is still in high school. Don't bother replying to my posts again.

I understand about the complains regarding the Zenfone 8 flip as it isn't a major upgrade over 7/7 pro, but I think there will be a pro version... Some people are expecting more from the vanilla model too, they want bigger battery, telephoto camera, sd card slot and wireless charging, seriously these things take up space and it's really limited in that form factor and even if asus managed to add more things the prices would have gone up and people would again start complaining about it being expensive

Shadocx, 13 May 2021My bad, I'm sorry, I realized my mistake later and wan... moreNo biggie

Cyberchum, 13 May 2021What's the dimension of redmi 4x you brought up, compa... moreYour pretty late to the convo

You have no new info in your reply to offer my comment

I have been educated on dimensions versus screen size to battery ratio

Thanks for the repetition tho

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salarx, 13 May 2021You're comparing the top variant of Zenfone 8 with 16 ... morebeing a fan of both brands, i did check the specs...
at the end of the day, there are some compromises and you choose what does not compromise on what you need on the phone...
as for me, i wish i could buy both zenfone 8 and xperia 5 iii...
just that, i am quite off on the punched hole, and the 8 flip is missing what the 8 has... if only they merge both 8 and 8 flip, but i guess somebody has to make a "compact" phone... yet, it is not significantly compact than the xperia 5 iii, at least on "hands"... the pocket of some people says otherwise... (my pocket can even handle xperia 1 ii)