Mediatek announces Dimensity 900 - a 6nm chipset for 5G midrangers

13 May 2021
The CPU has two Cortex-A78 units, running at 2.4 GHz.

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Probably a competitor for 780g. Good job mediatek.

  • Anonymous

AV1 hardware decoding on mid-range is the key! (Even SD888 hasn't!)

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 13 May 2021Sounds good if cheap. It's a direct competitor to the... moreDimensity 820 already beats SD768G.
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Anonymous, 13 May 2021Mali G68mp4Niiiice so its latest gen CPU and GPU

I just found out that this thing has av1 codec support too

Mediatek is killing it, I've read qualcomm is trying to boost stock of 6nm nodes to try and take back market share from mediated but I wonder if that will work seeing that their chips are so expensive

I guess they'll update this to 920 once their M02 modem enters mass production.

Otherwise, this is looking good. With LPDDR5 confirmed, the next flagship (supposedly dubbed Dimensity 2000) is gonna look REAL sweet next year with mmWave support. THAT would be the time for HTC to strike back with LG out of the picture.

  • SteveFOX

That should be very efficient. Enough speed and yet great endurance. This is a chip for 2-300 Euro phones. Plenty of bang for your buck.

  • Anonymous

IpsDisplay, 13 May 2021Gpu on this thing? Mali G68mp4

right always, 13 May 2021Does GCam Work with Mediatek chips..! yes

Does GCam Work with Mediatek chips..!

  • ee

great to see how the competition is growing. The performance of 480k antutu is a blis in budget segment

Gpu on this thing?

So basically, this is a direct successor to the Dimensity 800 in a way that the Dimensity 1100 is a direct successor to the Dimensity 1000. It would be interesting to see how this chipset fairs up against the Qualcomm Snapdragon 690.

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Sounds good if cheap.
It's a direct competitor to the QSD 768G with similar GPU performance, but faster CPU performance. So I would say this is now the Best High-end Processor. If you go a category lower, it is the Mid-range Processors, then the Low-end Processors, and lastly the ultracheap Entry-level Processors.

If you move up one category, that is the Luxury/Flagship Processors.
In this list we have the likes of the QSD 855, QSD 855+, QSD 780G, QSD 860, QSD 865, QSD 865+, QSD 870, QSD 888. All of these are pretty close to each other in performance. There are a couple Kirin and Exynos chips that belong in this category too. I should update my hierarchy list of ARM chipsets, let me know if you want me to share it here.

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Will phones with MediaTek chipsets be available in European market and will they cost cheaper than SD models? If not, what's the point?