Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro renders leak showing shocking new design

14 May 2021
Another source has confirmed the looks, while saying the colors aren't accurate.

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Now THIS is one of a kind of a phone's backplate design. Very refreshing, very original.

WTF is that?
wtf in the sense of shock and not disgust.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 May 2021Hopefully, they have fixed the issue with the dead, white p... moreHere's an example of the dead, white pixels the Pixel 3/3a produces:

It's even more annoying when you use digital zoom.

  • i

back is fine, kinda fun. but the front shouldve stayed the same, it was perfect! :/

  • Anonymous

Hopefully, they have fixed the issue with the dead, white pixels. I tried multiple Pixel 3a and they all suffer from dead pixels when you zoom (it's not noticeable in every photo), sometimes also noticeable in Night Sight without zoom. It basically makes the digital zoom nearly useless as I don't want dead pixels to be in the face of a person. The HDR+ dng files as well as single frame dng files suffer from dead pixels, too. The Google Nexus 5x didn't have this issue and other phones don't have this issue either.

  • Anonymous


Anonymous, 14 May 2021Nope, old Pixel looks okay but a bit cheap. This looks more... moreIf you know well the Pixel series, this google phones doesn't need a high end soc.
Other manufacturers need a high end stuff because any UI,mui,emui,miui just a clawdress for the vanilla droid. This modifications are make laggy the droid, that is the reason why need the highend soc.

The miui is a buggy set, the Harmony Os just a simply fork with the EMUI, The all sam phones till lagging.. even the highend hones too.

  • LTJ

I can't wait this, I like the retro colour combination and it's looks like nothing else, if you it's not to everyone's covers exist right?

Impatiently waiting for this to come out!

  • tehsin13

I like the design. It's little different.

786, 15 May 2021True, nasty ugly looking weird unusual gimmicks looking des... moreMan samsung note 10 or 20 is even more dusgusting than this pixel phone.
At least i am no fan of curved screens because no screen protector works properly on a curved screens.

  • Alex

Omg that design is horrendous! Google what happened to the simplicity we all fell in love with.

  • 786

CptPower, 14 May 2021Disgusting nothing else i can sayTrue, nasty ugly looking weird unusual gimmicks looking design.

Keep it simple, minimalist, boxy sharp edges like the Samsung note10, note 20 looks.

  • Anonymous

I have nothing against a camera bump. The Pixel phones really need good camera hardware. I wouldn't be surprised, if companies like Huawei or Samsung even increased the camera bump in the future in order to improve the zoom performance. Currently, a "20x" camera with the same quality as the 240mm eq. cameras is probably technically not really possible without increasing the camera bump as a "20x" camera needs twice the effective diameter as a "10x" camera due to diffraction. This means that a "20x" periscope camera with the quality of a "10x" camera needs an effective diameter of 2*6.25mm= 1.25cm (the effective diameter of Samsung's periscope lens is 6.25mm).

Google still needs to figure out how it can offer better updates, and its phone/tab as a better productivity machine. Still way behind Windows. How?
Just think like this: I'm typing this on an Android phone, but when I need to get a real job done, I must use my Windows laptop. Alas!

I just bought the pixel 5 yesterday all i care in oixel is software and it's cameras man the rest well it doesn't make any difference to me !!

  • Anonymous

70s yeah baby

  • omzig

Anonymous, 15 May 2021It's good if you care more about the camera than anyth... morei think this camera bump is much better than any other, because it's fullwidth, so when you put smartphone on a desk it doesn't wabble like any other which has bump on one side.
aslo, this thing looks more like a piece of art, which is refreshing.

  • Anonymous

Kingslayer, 14 May 2021This is an artist's render. Nothing is official. I rem... moreIf you watch the video, the person says they were given actual photos of the actual phone. Then that had an artist make an exact replica in a render, in order to avoid publishing the photos, which might reveal who looked them. And, as GSMArena notes, a second party, who has seen the phone, varified that the images are accurate.

So this is not like renders that you often see where people are just guessing or making up ideas that they'd like to see. This is an exact representation of actual images of the actual phone.

  • Anonymous

No matter, 14 May 2021Yes. Big hump means good lens or big sensors. Its good.It's good if you care more about the camera than anything else, like how it feels in your hand and pocket, or setting it down on a flat surface. And it's not like the Pixel cameras were bad, even without a giant camera hump; they were amongst the best cameras out there. So it's definitely a tradeoff. Personally, I think most people don't like giant camera humps. It's hardly the first time this has been done in a phone (and rejected by consumers). I'm not saying I don't like the design, but I think the hump is going to be off-putting to a lot of people.

  • Carol

Wow, i'm shocked, how could they do such a schocking schock making design? Crazy schocking.