Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro renders leak showing shocking new design

14 May 2021
Another source has confirmed the looks, while saying the colors aren't accurate.

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  • Anonymous

Oh dang I'm digging this design.

  • Anonymous

I can never understand why OEMs/brands in this case Google almost always go with these ridiculous cam bulge design instead of just flattening it nicely with a thicker higher capacity batt. It's an annoying design choice to "care" for about putting the back on flat surfaces safely and without a case, we'd surely wear down the edges quick.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 May 2021Taking 2nd hand price into comparison of logical debate is,... moreAgree with you about pixel price, pixel 5 that comes with even lower hardware than mid range still remain expensive more than S10s galaxy.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 May 2021fugly... And Android is not Apple. Android users doesn'... moreWish if google just kept the pixel 5 design just add onscreen fingerprint scanner the only android phone to date that comes with very good symmetric design like iPhone despite rubbish hardware.

  • Anonymous

Kingslayer, 14 May 2021Most GSM Arena commenters happens to be Xiaomi fans or Sony... moreTaking 2nd hand price into comparison of logical debate is, illogical. I mean, by that logic, Apple ARE expensive, as Apple phones devalue the least. A software centric phone in attempt to beat a hardware spec phone is Apple's job, Android eco and optimization just isn't catered for it. For Pixel that is using a mid-range SoC, selling at top range (not premium) price is well overpriced, period. If OnePlus can disable hardware features through software, one really need to brave that software feature isn't broken of eol - which Google tend to do.

  • Anonymous

ithehappy, 14 May 2021The design of the Pixel 5/ 4a/ 4a 5G was fine. But consumer... moreThey looked decent, but also boring, just like dozens of other phones. This is unique at least, though I hope they'll have more interesting color options than this.

  • Anonymous

fugly... And Android is not Apple. Android users doesn't 'just' want everything in their software, which in Google's case - everything about their cloud. Cutting features that no longer deem profitable is just lame.

  • Anonymous

can't wait to get rid of my stupid Xiaomi phone and finally hold a phone that has the official full supported gcam and proper firmware updates.
Hopefully this is the right time with bigger changes on Pixel compared to previous generation.

  • Sabahiya

unique design, I like the camera in black strip but no with the bump. why can't google make it flat like LG velvet because it's so simple and clean.

  • Andy

Imagine they put an anamorphic lens on the back of it, obviously need de-squeezing but just imagine.

  • Anonymous

nice uniform look and gives it a google look, but bump should be smaller otherwise great, wish they also pursued higher chip specs and all, but yeah otherwise it's fine

Kingslayer, 14 May 2021This is an artist's render. Nothing is official. I rem... moreHonestly from Jon pressor we can trust this 98% he has those ties

Disgusting nothing else i can say

  • Anonymous

ithehappy, 14 May 2021The design of the Pixel 5/ 4a/ 4a 5G was fine. But consumer... moreNope, old Pixel looks okay but a bit cheap. This looks more uniqe.

  • 786

Ugly fugly looking, and no S888, or S870..

Epic fail

um? i think these look cool lol. pixel 5 and pixel 6 + 6 pro designs each have their own unique charm. i'm excited to see how the specs are for these, hopefully performance (e.g. in gaming) will be good right off the bat when they release instead of taking months for an update.

The design of the Pixel 5/ 4a/ 4a 5G was fine. But consumers do not like decent designs nowadays, so this type of flashy, whorish design is better for them I suppose.

Anyway, the sensor must be upgraded, otherwise it will be a problem.

This is not a concept art design. Jon Prosser claims that he received IRL on hand samples and this is exactly what he saw. He made his friend render the device to protect the source. Stop being a crybaby and appreciate the device you little pests. This is the first time I've seen Google trying to do something in hardware business.

Pixel just needs to return to having a flagship chipset inside. The previous generations minus the Pixel a-series had a very lukewarm reception. Not a lot of people really loved the Pixel 4 and 5. Google basically released two generations of Pixels that made fans like me choose iPhone. And I still don't love iOS. That's how much I ignored the Pixel 4 and 5. I had to back to a mobile OS I still have issues with.

  • Anonymous

Adam, 14 May 2021Please don't be fake this time and TBH I don't l... moreThe funny thing is the last fake design was leaked by "Jon Prosser"
Same as this leakšŸ¤£