Sony Xperia Ace 2 unveiled in Japan, brings 5.5-inch screen and Helio P35 chipset

19 May 2021
Sales in Japan are scheduled to begin on May 28.

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  • Loopjas

Few of us hoping next ace2 will be snapdragon 480 wd 5.5inch, 3-4gig ram, wed be very hàppy

Helio P35? No thanks!

Anonymous, 19 May 2021But Sony brand boys on this site will continue to preach ho... moreThis is bad then. Helio chipsets are not better than Snapdragon chipsets.

  • Anonymous

Thats why they have single digit market share in their own country.

  • Anonymous

Disappointed that its just hd+. If it was amoled full hd+, I would most likely have bought it. Small phones are like finding a needle in a haystack nowadays.

  • Anonymous

Mobilemaster, 19 May 2021I agree with you they screwed up with the phone, even the s... moreBut Sony brand boys on this site will continue to preach how 720p display on Sony is higher quality than the 1080p HRR displays on phones in this price range.
They'll also convince you how helio p35 with Sony optimization and software is better than Snapdragon 730 series performance on Pixel

Anonymous, 19 May 2021I will not buy a phone in 2021 with this chipset for 100 us... moreI agree with you they screwed up with the phone, even the screen resolution is old-school. They could have done it better.

Glow2slow, 19 May 2021Helio P35 and 720p display?! Really? Even in Japan? They do... moreit would never sell in India. people expect xiaomi, realme like value for money. people who buy 720p midrange mediatek stuff don't have brand loyalty and expect to pay as less as possible($150 range), something sony won't be able to do.
this would sell only in countries where specs don't matter and people pay only for the brand name. countries like US.

  • Anonymous

geek-a-contra, 19 May 2021for the price, equivalent in japan to 202usd, especially if... moreLess than a 10% people care about Sony smartphones in Japan

  • Anonymous

Another overpriced garbage from Sony.
I'll pay maximum 100$ for helio p35

Crazy 🤣🤣🤣.
Its worst then I thought.

  • ILS

Xray, 19 May 2021I hope they will sell this in europe. Finally small phone w... more100% agree. Although it has crappy specs. I really hope it makes it's way to Europe. Because of it's small size it will become my new phone.

Did GSMArena just clickbait us? I mean, the phone used in this article's thumbnail is clearly not Sony Xperia Ace 2.. lol 😂

  • Redman

do know why Sony still use 4G ram.

  • Sony user

One more compact which it is not. Everything above 135mm in height is not a compact phone.

I always praise Sony phones for their balanced design
... but not this one

Do they have only 8MP Selfie Camera for all their models?

  • Kishu

Why sony making bad choice of p35 ...why leave his standard... Where is Sony brand where is p35 crap chipset

  • Anonymous

I dunno why but that looks pretty...

  • RS333

I had a picture of Sony being synonymous with 'premium', but Helio P35 is crap in every angle of every dimension. Not expected this bad SoC in a Sony phone.