Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 gets a video hands-on

24 Apr, 2008
The highly discussed Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 PocketPC based on Windows Mobile 6.1 finally got closer to the public thanks to a video preview...

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  • Chea

nokia/sony user
lets see the phone interface is quiet nice... need to see more features of the sony x1 insted of windows mobile nd this is the test version mayby thats y its runin slow but yea other then windows mobile it has a 528mhz processor nd from wat i remeba my old wm5 had a 400mhz proces nd it was prety fast so this cud b faster so lets see and it has a gps built in which is prety nice nd 3 megapixel is not bad fe a pda well so far my n82 is the best ha evrything nd evry feature nd im happy:P

  • Anonymous

too laggy. plus windows mobile phones are just weird. why would i want to buy a new device when it has the almost identical firmware?
doesnt make any sense

  • Pocoyo

Thiiisss phooonnneee iiisss tooo ssslooowww, sssuuuck veeeryyy muuuch... Windows mobile is really ulgy.

Final Words: Simply pathetic phooonnneee.

  • DaMan

Boring video.
The Xperia has some truly nice features and it looks really nice.
But Windows Mobile... not sure about that. Looked kind of slow and complicated on the video but it's far from finished so they might be able to solve some software problems in time for release.
But the yet-to-be-revealed price point will probably be the reason not to buy it.
Unless you really, really, really, have got to use Windows Mobile for reasons unknown.

  • Anonymous

When i saw the window mobile bootup screen, i lost all interest of X1. Why S.....

  • Anonymous

nice design and features! but i'm really worried about the fact that this phone runs on Windows Mobile OS. We all know the stability reputation of windows OS even on PC, just don't want my portable device to be plagued with errors! it is supposed to be a device on the go. Good thing there's the P5 option.

and by the way, there's no such thing as an IPhone killer? last i heard the phone already killed itself. Now you can by 2 iphone at the price of 1 :p lol

  • Boogie

Too bad it runs WMP 6. Such a garbage OS. And the flippin' things like 800 GBP, yeah right! I'll wait for the 3G iPhone before I bought the X-1. Everyone always talks about "iPhone Killers"... NO SUCH THING!

  • Anonymous

That music got really annoying after the first now it's stuck in my head.

  • darkmarko

windows mobile sucks its horrible looks and slow response destroys this otherwise brilliant phone.
should have had UIQ.....

  • viperkid

if Sony Ericsson (or HTC) doesn't improve d turtle speed, midget menus and tiny objects (for better navigation n finger input without usin d stylus) and incorporate a proper video hardware into d X1, m sad to say this but i think xperia might EXPIRE sooner dan xpected after its release..

  • Jim

Nice Video.....
It a sample mock up i tink rock se...
hope the real release will not be as slow as this..
cool and nice interface...
hit Target to iphone with all the features...

  • Anonymous

how boring is this video... with a phone like that, all you have shown is windows mobile.. great!! like weve never seen that before... show us how the menu really works with the different type of options, show us how a text or email is sent using the qwerty keyboard, dont bore us with going up and down on the buttons!

  • Xiaorhan

Very nice :D

  • kirt

I agree the interface is slow. A better graphic card is needed. That said it seems very nice but with the high spec I expect a poor camera, which wont matter cause i have a viewty and the 2 phones will go hand in hand.

  • Wonderkid

What a waste. The iPhone powers up and operates literally 10 times as quickly. SE should have stuck their own, Android or even the Flash GUI of the Viewty ontop of Symbian - something faster and better! Waste of sexy SE hardware. Add a magnetic clip on QWERTY keyboard to the 3G iPhone, and then we'll be rocking.

  • Dani

WICKEDDDDDDDD!!!!!!! X1 Ruleess

lets see Nokia fans cry now...........LOL

  • Dan T

Quite slow interface ... but this is not a release. Maybe they still work on display drivers. Anyway, seems a bit smaller than I thought. Also, I love hi resolutions but this one maybe has too much for only 3" screen. Seems to be a good start for the mobile mini-computers/comunication devices of the future, anyway :)

  • gidaaya

SE rocks i think its a really good handset.......... maybe even taking the tytn for a ride:-)

  • sayem

Windows mobile seems slow even on sony ericsson.Shame.

  • Gift

When can we expect the Xperiar in South African, this speaks my language! A real gadget and a giant for that matter. What's Donny thinking about this 1? Pls behave donny!