Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 gets a video hands-on

24 Apr, 2008
The highly discussed Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 PocketPC based on Windows Mobile 6.1 finally got closer to the public thanks to a video preview...

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  • Anonymous

@X1 Sucks

You bugger must have nokia branded on your ass, instead of defaming SE go give better ideas to nokia people?

  • km

I agree with X1 Sucks. The Windows OS totally ruins the appearance and its seems to run too slow. I was excited about this phone when announced, but so much now.

  • Anonymous

to me it looks like a rival to the E90, 3.2 mp, widescreen, gps and a os that allows editing docs plus they both have the qwerty keyboard

  • Bruno

I taught windows mobile 6 would bring inovation of some kind, but on the first sight its that same slow WM2003 os with some graphic candy.
All I liked about the phone on the video was the background music

  • arelax

what a annoying tune!

  • odraude

this phone is like a mogul phone with a better features i guess...

  • darkmax

Certainly a departure from the standard SE phones.... Still if one wants to make an uber phone... why only have a 3.2mp camera? No acceleration?

  • X1 Sucks

What a pile of crap.. I hate the way WM OS looks, like crAP and its soo slow.

  • Anonymous

SE et al need some serious CPU upgrades if they want to get anywhere close to the iphone. Current and upcoming touch UI phone are way too slow when it comes to speed. needs to update the rank slate since SE has slipped a place down to five after LG moving up, by the way im an SE user too!

  • vidojajce

fake,why he dont move batrery,becouse phon have 2 sim card.chinese phone

  • skindog

I challenge any nokia lover to say they think a nokia N95 is better than this phone. Sony is just pure quality. They know how to make quality tv's hifi, computers and now the best phone in the world ever..well done sony now just get the bloody thing luanch for sale I want one

  • Anonymous

The phone look way too slow for a 528MHz CPU!!! Windows mobile or SE???

  • Anonymous

That's the slowest phone I've ever seen in my life. And all you people knocking the iPhone... truly spoken like people who have never tried the device before. It's not perfect by any means, but Apple is soooo far ahead of the game... They have plenty of time to make the iPhone better before anyone even comes close to that interface.

Nokia is, hands down, the best phone maker out there. But they need to stop slacking and release a proper touch screen phone already. What are they waiting for?!?!

  • RaXa

Love this fOne!!!!

  • Anonymous

Nobody cares about the iPhone. This sits on it anyday.

  • Zobi

I hope they fix it. I really want to like this phone. My Precious...

  • Dani

if you know how to Use Windows on your PC

then this X1 wont be much to get used to..........!

  • facesitter

I didn't see the video I was too busy dancing to the awesome music. how was the phone? Crap like most WM devices?

  • Anonymous

O2 UK has just withdrawn the 8gb iPhone from sale... Reasons not yet unknown so watch this space.

I work for O2

  • bubba

wow that music is really annoying!