Apple clarifies lossless audio on Apple Music, assures it's coming to the HomePod

23 May 2021
Won't be available on any of the AirPods due to Bluetooth's limitations.

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OfficialTRider, 23 May 202124-bit/48kHz. Laughable. It should be at least 24-bit/96kH... moreLess than 1% of listeners world even know how to take advantage of something like 96k or higher.

To say that 48k is laughable just shows your ignorance.

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aReefer, 23 May 2021LDAC can be implemented on any Android phone today, includi... moreLDAC quality depends on utilization by manufacturer and their developers. Android might support it from the get go but it's stability and quality still depends on the implementation. Xperias can go 990 all day long without any interruption even with wifi turned on. In Developer Mode you can override it to force it to 990 all the time. Sony Walkman also runs 990 all day long without interruption.

Anonymous, 23 May 2021The headphone jack shouldn't even have been considered... moreI agree on the first

But the 2nd I see an exaggeration, for that we would need what, graphene batteries? Since a more powerful processor that can transmit at least 1500 kbps would consume more than a current one, or at least the same, one day would be much more than enough with some fast loading, it could make exceptional situations in which you have to work 36h in a row, but before the battery runs out, your ears from the headphones would already hurt, in any case they didn't, I think you have to stop at least 10m to eat something or go to the bathroom, with a charge a little faster than the current one should be able to leave it 10m in the 3 meals of the day, and about 2m each time I go to the bathroom, and that would be enough xd

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Anonymous, 23 May 2021People don't seem to realize Apple is using entirely c... moreSorry but no. W1 chip doesn’t support wi-fi. W2 et W3 yes but it’s for the Apple Watch. And for the H1 chip same as W1

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teorema67, 23 May 2021>> None of these will be getting lossless audio becau... moreLDAC is Sony's trick to transfer higher than standard resolution over bluetooth. That bitrate is for 24/96 ,if I am correct, but it's still lossy.

Aptx HD is Qualcomm's trick to do higher quality for standard resolution audio, that bitrate is good enough for high quality lossy audio, with some work some songs could be fit in lossless format too (say level 9 optimization in FLAC), but process is actually lossy.

For lossless over wireless to happen, we need two things.
1) Protocols to support all major lossless codecs directly (FLAC, ALAC, Monkey's Audio (ape), WavPack) without transcoding or any dirty tricks.
2) A guaranteed speed of 1500 kbps in audio mode , that bitrate is enough to transfer uncompressed wave files at 16/44 or lossless compressed 24/48, both stereo. That might be not enough for some , but it is good place to start.

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Sean Mclean, 23 May 2021Please gets your facts straight GSM arena before you post n... moreAnd you need to get your facts straight that it is still not lossless audio..

24-bit/48kHz. Laughable.
It should be at least 24-bit/96kHz or ideally 24-bit/192kHz.

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teorema67, 23 May 2021>> None of these will be getting lossless audio becau... moreStill not lossless though...

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Anonymous, 23 May 2021I can't use dongles on my iPhone. The battery case occ... moreNow that my friend is where the good old (GOLD) 3.5mm HP Jack would've come in & "solved" the problem which was "CREATED/CONCEIVED" by removing it in the first place.

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teorema67, 23 May 2021>> None of these will be getting lossless audio becau... moreThe headphone jack shouldn't even have been considered of removal until lossless audio was transmittable over bluetooth and your average headphones had an average battery life of 5 days.

>> None of these will be getting lossless audio because there currently isn't any way to transmit audio losslessly over Bluetooth.

LDAC (990 kbps) is able to transmit most ALACs and aptX HD (576 kbps) is much better than AAC.

Sean Mclean, 23 May 2021I don't care about everyone else. I only care about my... moreBefore you spoke of Audio without loss, and now of Hi-Res, they are not the same, neither Hi-Fi and Hi-Res
But as I think you saw in the previous answers, still cannot transmit audio without loss by BT

Anonymous, 23 May 2021Obviously the ugly and expensive AirPods Max do not support... moreIt’s sexy

Its enough for me to know its not clear how is it on other devices, so much for the attention to audiophiles. No pure analog playback and speaker in such thin package, I do not expect anything from it to please audiophiles besides EQ for some fun stage play.

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I can't use dongles on my iPhone. The battery case occupies the lightning port.

Anonymous, 23 May 2021Little issue. Sony gives LDAC support only to the expen... moreLDAC can be implemented on any Android phone today, including Sony, but not limited to Sony only because they opened it up to other manufacturers to use (kudos to Sony for that).

Really it's down to the Android version on the phone. If you have an older flagship, it may be worth $200 but still support LDAC.

My Pocophone F1 from 2018 supports it (I'm assuming it came with one of my Android updates). Not sure if I had it since day 1 though.

In any case, there are 3 'flavors' of LDAC, depending on the signal strength, and from what I'm told, the top tier 960 (?) kb/sec version is a bit of a unicorn if you live in a crowded area with lots of interference. You'll probably never hit it anyway in the real world.

The lowest tier is actually worse than AptX, if you are in a noisy environment, or are physically far from the source.

AptX Adaptive which is rolling out now and other CODEC's are far more interesting, which promise better sound quality, lower energy consumption, and basically they will be putting the hearing aid racket out of business as you will be able to use next generation earbuds as a hearing aid as well, if you need one, which will be great news for the hearing impaired like me after 12 years of bar-tending, and many nights of clubbing and rock concerts.

Lot of people are confusing hi-res and loseless here.

GSM arena has been factually inaccurate, both aptx hd and ldac are high resolution wireless codec, first mobile compatible with ldac is actually xperia z5 series which dates back from 2015, in fact my old high resolution audio player nw-zx100 from 2016 could transmit ldac to my sony wh-1000xm3 it sounds awesome

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My phone was the first to have LDAC. 😍
Just now need new 🎧.

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Obviously the ugly and expensive AirPods Max do not support it.
So the next generation can bring it for 10-15% price up.