Apple clarifies lossless audio on Apple Music, assures it's coming to the HomePod

23 May 2021
Won't be available on any of the AirPods due to Bluetooth's limitations.

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aReefer, 23 May 2021Android has its limitations as well, but Apple being bound ... moreLittle issue.

Sony gives LDAC support only to the expensive models.
Mine for example ( XB650BT) does not have it.

Person that buys a $100-250 phone, obviously not gonna spend $200-400 on earphones/headphones.

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Anonymous, 23 May 2021Again it's locked to Apple's music app. What abou... moreEverything is locked unlike android which is really open and easy.

Sean Mclean, 23 May 2021Please gets your facts straight GSM arena before you post n... moreAll Samsung phones/tablets with Android 7+ has the scalable codec. Android already has Sony's LDAC (32bit/96khz) built in which is even superior to Samsung's scalable codec.

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48KHz hahahahahahahahaha

This is definitely a step forward but Apple will announce a TWS thing that also supports hi res audio. If we know a little about Apple this is inevitable

  • Lccy

Sean Mclean, 23 May 2021Please gets your facts straight GSM arena before you post n... morePerhaps you should get your facts right

Lossless means the data is unaltered or can be perfectly reconstructed, all the "Hi-res" Bluetooth formats including Samsung's proprietary format need to remove data and alter the sound, aptx HD is just aptx with a higher bit-rate, higher frequencies are transmitted with a lower bit-depth, whether that is perceptually audible is debatable, but lossless it is not.

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Anonymous, 23 May 2021So, how are you going to comment on the fact other 300 bill... moreThese other 300 billion products dont make these silly claims also like Apple does

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After listening songs with Dolby Atmos, the lossless songs sound like MP3.

I hope Apple and Amazon include Dolby Atmos in their iOS/android apps.

If the very poorly designed (on terms of Audio quality optimisation) apple original lightning to 3.5mm adaptor, then iPhone or iPad usage of 48ktz and at 20 bits is pointless as the deficiency in quality means you never heard the high resolution audio, on the other hand, if you can use Cyrus sound key, Audio quest dragon fly black or even ibasso dc02, then as these are quality DACs, then the difference is vast compare to cheap Apple lightning 3.5mm adapter

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Anonymous, 23 May 2021People don't seem to realize Apple is using entirely c... more"they can do many things with that"
But not lossless, lol!

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People don't seem to realize Apple is using entirely custom bluetooth chips (W series) on their devices that are actually BT/WiFi hybrid chips. They can do many things with that.

99 percent of people can not tell the difference in a blind AB test.

But it is a good placebo.

YUKI93, 23 May 2021And what was the keyword you used in your comment? 'Pr... moreI don't care about everyone else. I only care about my own music quality compatibilities.

I just wanted to prove a point that you can stream Hi Res over Bluetooth.

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prasad-gsma, 23 May 2021Yes, iOS has an EQ in Settings that works only for the Appl... moreAgain it's locked to Apple's music app. What about people who don't use stock music app from Apple?

Sean Mclean, 23 May 2021Please gets your facts straight GSM arena before you post n... moreAnd what was the keyword you used in your comment? 'Proprietary'. To experience that solution, you have to make the switch to Samsung ecosystem. Not everyone will do that.

LDAC isn't that superior neither as per below review. Sony likes to overstate its quality.

Anonymous, 23 May 2021What does lossless mean? Uncompressed audio.

(1) "Won't be available on any of the AirPods due to Bluetooth's limitations."
(2) "On these devices, users can playback lossless audio at up to 24-bit, 48kHz but higher resolution files will require an external DAC. This is because the internal DACs in the iPhone, iPad, Macs, and Apple's Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter are only capable of decoding up to 24-bit, 48kHz audio.

My decision to buy a flagship-grade LG phone definitely pays off. Really not regretting buying the V50 because I'm totally loving the audio quality. Because of the LG's built-in Quad DAC, I completely stopped embracing wireless audio altogether. No more Bluetooth headphones for me.

I really find it funny when watching Mrwhostheboss review of the ASUS Zenfone 8 and he boldly claimed that the headphone jack is on the way out. God knows how much I laughed so hard hearing such nonsense.

Please gets your facts straight GSM arena before you post non factual comments.

You mention there is currently no way we can transmit losslessly audio over Bluetooth but you CAN.

The latest high end Samsung phones like the Galaxy S21 Ultra ditched AptX HD for there own 'Samsung proprietary Scalable Audio' which supports Ultra High Quality audio streaming over Bluetooth at up to 24-bit / 96kHz.

When your pair the latest Samsung Galaxy Buds pro with these elite Samsung phones you do in fact stream losslessly audio over Bluetooth...... Fact!

I currently listen to Amazon music HD via the above method and the sound quality is Amazing for Bluetooth wireless earbuds.

I will be ditching Amazon Music HD once Apple Music release there own hi res music as the UI on Amazon music HD is awful.

Can I also remind you all that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has its own inbuilt DAC that was made by AKG and is capable of processing Hi Res music up to 32bit/384kHz.

Anonymous, 23 May 2021TWS already support lossless audio with latest code support Which TWS? There are no Bluetooth codecs at the moment that support lossless compression.