Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 family leaks with specs and prices

28 May 2021
This time around there will be three high-end tablets.

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  • Yaza

Reading this on a literally 6 years old Tab S2 9.7...I`ll still keep the S2 man. Still works fine ;)

  • Anonymous

It's funny that some people obstinately insist of comparing a pure tablet like the iPad with Surface which is tablet only to the fact that it can have a detached keyboard but it doesn't have a proper tablet mode or enough tablet apps. Surface should be compared with laptops because it is a laptop.

  • Anonymous

TheLastOracle, 29 May 2021Samsung should ensure that the 14.6" Ultra has higher ... moreDidn't you read the article? The Ultra model has a 12 GB option. I don't think that 16 GB of RAM is necessary.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 May 2021Exactly what that MI chip is nothing but paper champ. A re... moreSurface Pro is too underpowered with underclocked i7 CPU, the Intel Iris GPU is also probably clocked about 50% lower than a regular laptop with the same processor. Useless for rendering and serious graphics usage.

  • Afv

Let's see if it can match the m1 iPad pros 1600 peak not brightness. I doubt it tho. It's already double that of the s7 plus

  • is a

So the larger the screen size gets, the thinner the tablets also get?

If you guys remember the iPad pro problem that happened in 2019-2020 where these tablets would literally bend without much effort with applied pressure towards the back of the screen, then these tablets, as thin as they are, might meet the same fate.

Also this year's Ipad and the M1 chip, as well as the performance that it's going to bring makes all of this really concerning.

Samsung should ensure that the 14.6" Ultra has higher RAM (12-16Gb), and embedded memory, to be able to use this for profession video and photo editing. I doubt the price will keep it for people only using it to watch content. Therefore it needs to work with App developers on the Google Store, to create a replacement for the LumaFusion on the iPad Pro (with better codecs for editing, no issues with transfer and better storage options). Samsung hasn't realised that to keep ahead of the curve, it needs apps specifically created for Samsung Devices, whether its camera shooting, or photo or video editing, or music or other production apps.

  • Anonymous

fdfd, 29 May 2021I use my Windows tablet for rendering what's your point? I wasn't talking about Windows tablets. Learn to understand context.

  • fdfd

Anonymous, 29 May 2021Tablets are for entertainment.I use my Windows tablet for rendering what's your point?

  • Anonymous

Shiny Dave, 29 May 2021Apple's SoC advantage - and historically their softwar... moreI am still using a tab S5e only because of Youtube Vanced. Lots of software issues, just not smooth enough. If only they cared abit more like they do on their phones.

  • Anonymous

fas, 29 May 2021Stupid prices for an OS with mostly crappy low quality apps... moreTablets are for entertainment.

  • fas

Stupid prices for an OS with mostly crappy low quality apps that 99% people use for entertainment. And yeah Im using an android phone. At least android phones got high quality cameras to justify the price. Not sure when was the last time I saw someone doing professional productive work on an android

  • Uhu

I don't understand. I'm native Korean speaker but it doesn't mention about s8 anywhere in the image.

  • Anonymous

Russel, 29 May 2021The ipad pro has 16GB RAM. Android used to have at least hi... moreThe base model has 8 GB of RAM. If you want 16 GB of RAM, you have to buy the 1 TB or 2 TB models. Do you know how much they cost?

notorious69, 29 May 2021Why is android even trying? why are they trying to stay rel... moreYou clearly don't have any idea what you're talking about.

  • Russel

The ipad pro has 16GB RAM. Android used to have at least higher spec sheet compared to iOS even if the performance was lacking. Now even that is lost. Since it's Samsung, it's going to be overpriced as well.
I say we don't need anything less than 16GB RAM for the next flagship.
You say I don't need that much?
Well. I need to get at least what I pay for. Why should I go for this when I get everything better with the ipad (apart from moon plus reader pro which is android exclusive?)?

If it were Windows, at least you could argue that it's s full OS, rather than a toy OS like ipadOS. But android is becoming less of a full os and more of a toy OS...

Anonymous, 29 May 2021I love the massive battery of ultra version ?? what massive battery? did you see the sots for s7+?

  • notorious69

Why is android even trying? why are they trying to stay relevant? who buys shit android tablets with such high prices? absolute joke

JohnNy L, 29 May 2021The tab S8 should have amoled. Dont know why is samsung put... moreBecause they dont want to mess up the eyes of their clients?

  • Kane

Great hardware for sure but pricing is crazy. It doesn't make sense paying this much for an android device where quality apps are still severely lacking.