Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 successor detailed, 4nm process and X65 modem

04 June 2021
It will also feature new ARMv9 cores, Adreno 730 GPU and the all-new Spectra 680 ISP.

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soo, Qualcomm want to use ARM new architecture, chip and gpu in new snapdragon 888+ (??)


Wait a minute... For the first time ever the plus variant is an actual real.upgrade in CPU and gpu.. Not just an overclock

I'm actually shocked!

Now I'm actually curious how it will perform

I wonder if the 888+ will have better thermal performance with the new 4nm die fabrication. But considering that Snapdragon Plus chipsets have always been just an overclocked Prime core version of the vanilla model, I wouldn't hold my breath about the alleged spec sheet. This could be the 888 successors for 2022.

I also strongly doubt these specs relate to the SD888+. Besides, the enhanced SoCs from Qualcomm keep the model and codename and simply append their model number with such an suffix like AB(underclocked)/AC(overclocked). The SM8450 is the successor to the SD888, not a higher bin of the SD888

i think every snapdragon 8xx+ series is oc version of its predecessor, but what is this? 4nm with adreno 730 (which is new gen of adreno i think) and so many improves

I bet Xiaomi will be first o use this chipset then maybe Realme or ZTE

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This is the 2022 chip, not 888+.

There is no way this is 888+. This would be the successor for flagships of 2022. The + model of flagship Qualcomm cpus have never been anything more than a binned version with some extra connectivity options.

I don't think it's the 888+,
it will be the new generation for the next year