Huawei's HarmonyOS already has 134,000 apps, over 4 million developers have signed on

11 June 2021
The OS supports Android apps, but Huawei is encouraging devs to create apps for the Harmony ecosystem.

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Anonymous, 12 Jun 2021explain why the android 10 easter egg can be found in harmo... more1. They can't develop a whole new os in 1 or 2 years and huawei Never said that it's a WHOLE new os. 2.instead obviously why would they just randomly remove stuff from android skin like its just based on android and that's it
3. They developed it because until unless they get gms back(which they prob won't for a loooooooooooong time) android is simply useless and they decided to build a fresh new os based on andriod
4.also all companies copy each other in some wya like crapple scamsung op vivo oppo realme xiaomi etc

    Avon B7, 11 Jun 2021No. IoT doesn't require chips on those processes. Huaw... moreSamsung and Mediatek are under the same US sanctioned "can't ship to Huawei" embargo, just like TSMC and all the other chip providers.

    They can ship, but then they get on the blacklist too.

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      • 15 Jun 2021

      Shirleyboy, 14 Jun 2021134.000 but how many banking apps etc .All Android banking apps can still run under the Harmony OS.
      Please see here

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        • 15 Jun 2021

        "Huawei already claims that HarmonyOS is the third largest mobile ecosystem in the world. That may or may not be true, depending on how you count mobile ecosystems (e.g. KaiOS was on 100 million devices a couple of years ago)."

        If Huawei claims something, you are a racist if you doubt it.

          134.000 but how many banking apps etc .

            Vasra, 14 Jun 2021Try running IoT chips on 28nm node.... they are extremely l... moreYou don't seem to understand my question at all. I repeat, the process node of a chip is nothing to do with an OS that runs on top of it.

              Nick Tegrataker, 13 Jun 2021How does the process node that a chip built on have literal... moreTry running IoT chips on 28nm node.... they are extremely low power chips, 28nm is not.

                AnonD-558092, 12 Jun 2021I'm sorry you think stating facts discredits people. E... moreThere's a pure version of Harmony OS, Open Harmony 2.0, which is brand new, open source and cannot run Android apps. Harmony OS is NOT Android because it has its own native app that Android simply cannot run. These new apps are based on distributed architecture, so an single-device OS like Android would never be able to run them. Harmony OS 2.0 on phones can run both Android app and Harmony OS native app.

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                  • 14 Jun 2021

                  AnonD-558092, 12 Jun 2021Again, you missed the part where all those "kernels&qu... moreIn the end all of it is just Linux, they have the Android layers of the software so it natively support Android apps. So lets look at it this way all use same Linux Kernel? Yep! All use same OS despite repository is different from each platform for app compatibility? Yep! So is it Android? Well the closest of the 3 is the phone OS but and the watch one may or may not share parts with wearOS I am not really sure if Huawei made their own prior to google making wearOS but yeah the harmonyOS for desktop PC most be able to use Linux apps most likel so it probably use Ubuntu or Debian repository same way as the other two so 3 of 3 are all Linux, 1 out of 3 could be considered Android despite Huawei making the 3 OSs as close as possible for simplicity and patches.

                    Anonymous, 12 Jun 2021explain why the android 10 easter egg can be found in harmo... moreThe whole purpose of them doing the said update for their phones/tablets is to replace the understructure of the OS so that they can make a transition from Android ecosystem to Harmony ecosystem as smoothly as they can as more and more native apps are built for HarmonyOS (there are already some of them in China, by the way). They don't really have any reason to strip away the easter egg or literally anything from the entire layer of Android running on top of Harmony at this point of time.

                      Vasra, 11 Jun 2021Literally IoT LP devices don't run on 28n nodes... How does the process node that a chip built on have literally anything to do with the OS/software running on top of it? Smh.

                        AnonD-558092, 12 Jun 2021Again, you missed the part where all those "kernels&qu... moreWhat do you mean by 'incompatible with each other'? They are different kernels for different tasks.

                        For developers it is the layers above the kernels which matter. The APIs, runtimes, frameworks, core services (HMS) ...

                        At this point in time, using a multi kernel system with a kernel abstraction layer is key to providing a smooth transition on smartphones from pure Android apps to HarmonyOS apps.

                        Abstracted. The kernel don't have to be compatible between them (whatever that means to you). The proof of that is in the pudding, which is being served now. Devices tying into an ecosystem seamlessly through different hooks.

                        You need to watch the HDC keynotes because you seem to be confusing things somewhere.

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                          • 12 Jun 2021

                          Avon B7, 12 Jun 2021I read the original article and I commented in the comments... moreAgain, you missed the part where all those "kernels" are totally incompatible with each other and that the SDK makes Android apps. Harmony is only branding, the rest is a reskinned Android and a renamed LiteOS, both of which are completely separated OSes that may still talk to each other just as a Tizen smartwatch can work with an Android smartphone. Please stop fawning over branding.

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                            SpiritWolf, 12 Jun 2021Aren't you same guy who stated that UI (EMUI) was OS (... moreI'm sorry you think stating facts discredits people. EMUI is as much Android as OneUI is. The real Android OS is there, with a skin and some additional features on top. You should go educate yourself on that matter because I'm laughing at your ignorance on that subject, considering the extent of your ridiculousness. And after that other failure of an attempt to have a reasoned discussion on this subject, I shall stop responding to ignorant people such as yourself. Harmony is Android, this is a fact, the end.

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                              • 12 Jun 2021

                              Dudenoway, 12 Jun 2021Ikr that's great I hope they can get back into the gam... moreThat is not true what you are saying. Harmony OS is directly based on Android, non on Linux. Android used to be based on Linux and uses the Linux Kernel, but Android is a different OS. Harmony however does use Android as an OS, just on top of it they coded stuff and another difference is that they are not using the Google Play Services which are not open source code and Google's proprietary - this is however the reason why Android applications don't run there. So it's not Android, but it's for the most part Android without the ability to run current Android apps. This is different from many other OS'es which are only using the Linux Kernel without Android.

                              Dude, do your research before you post such rubbish.

                                Anonymous, 12 Jun 2021explain why the android 10 easter egg can be found in harmo... morearen't you android boys mostly on Marshmallow, two y. old software is dream come true for ya ...

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                                  • 12 Jun 2021

                                  JohnNy L, 12 Jun 2021Yes true. Even I was surprised as to why so many ppl he... moreexplain why the android 10 easter egg can be found in harmonyos then, brainwashed fanboy

                                  huawei engineers:
                                  step 1. take a copy of android 10
                                  step 2. put their fugly emui and bloat
                                  step 3. rename everything "android" to "harmonyos"
                                  step 4. "innovation! revolution!"

                                  ah yes a 2 year old reskinned android is innovation
                                  not to mention their pathetic iOS copies like matepad/mpencil and matebook

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                                    • 12 Jun 2021

                                    All truth tellers are shammed making, its way for censorship and communist ideals to become cemented into an alternate reality.

                                    The truth will one day come back to life, haunting back the next generations until there will be no truth that can be left hidden.

                                    Life will balance itself, shamming back those who oppressed one another. Humans do not get live more than 100 or eternity because of this. And it is a good thing.

                                    But at least in this life, for those who are suffering, let there be light, comfort, justice and peace for those who are oppressed. And let there be darkness and dead ends to those who continues to commit oppression and wrong doings to one another.

                                      Dudenoway, 12 Jun 2021Ikr that's great I hope they can get back into the gam... moreYes true.

                                      Even I was surprised as to why so many ppl here are saying that harmony is android. Probably they dont understand the concept!!

                                        AnonD-558092, 12 Jun 2021So you have not read their investigation as it contradicted... moreI read the original article and I commented in the comments below it.

                                        You say he read the official documentation but the vast majority of it is in Chinese and and the author admitted to not understanding Chinese.

                                        HarmonyOS supports different runtimes and kernels, which kernel is used will depend on the hardware. Three were named: Linux, LiteOS and HarmonyOS kernel. This information is not new. It was public at version 1. There were also press briefings which detailed a lot of the technical aspects. Later versions of LiteOS actually included elements taken from the HarmonyOS kernel. I believe the security elements of LiteOS were from HarmonyOS.

                                        I listed some of the issues that make the ARS piece far from investigative. This is information that is available through Google. Not exactly hard to find if you actually look for it.

                                        Yes. There is an element of marketing involved in the release but there is for ANY OS release but that's one thing and not doing your homework in an 'investigative' piece is another. At the very least he should have watched the HarmonyOS 2 presentation at the September 2020 HDC. He didn't. And it had simultaneous translation into English.