There won't be a Huawei Mate 50 series this year, rumor has it

16 June 2021
The company's woes have taken a toll, and it's choosing to focus all its remaining resources on the P50 family.

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We understand , its not bad to skip a year. I for one will be waiting for the Mate series. If i want google i will go to the web.

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Anonymous, 17 Jun 2021Proud owner of Mate 10 Pro. This thing is solid although it... morePerform factory reset and get new battery.
Keep it 2 more years.


Pro Me, 17 Jun 2021The comment itself is contradictory. You have used mate 10... moreDon't get me wrong, I am not—nor do I want to—sacrifice Huawei. Also, don't make the mistake of comparing greedy western companies with the oppressive Chinese government.

I don't trust Google and Facebook for a second, but at least they aren't beholden to an opaque communist regime that will stop at nothing to stay in power.

The day when Chinese companies with more than 50 employees are not forced to open a local CPC party branch is the day when China's economy can finally be set free. Until then, get ready to see more tech bans and sanctions.

Huawei can't continue to make physical objects without either access to the global chip market or the appearance of a complete, up-to-date fabrication company in China.
Given that neither are forthcoming it looks like the end for Huawei phones which is a real shame.
They've also lost the Leica collaboration that gave them a genuine edge in photography leaving no real USP.
I'll miss them, my P40 Pro+ was a truly brilliant device.

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This shouldn’t be a suprise since Leica left them already. Their mobile division is already dead.

MATE 30 PRO, 17 Jun 2021This is very good piece of news for all Huawei haters, espe... moreYeah, it's a pity, especially since they were the only Chinese brand that designed their own chips. Now there is less competition in terms of chips

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Anonymous , 17 Jun 2021If it were not the bans huawei would leak the info to the c... moreHahaha!! Just like your beloved apple,samsung and google doesn't disclose any sensitive user info to US govt which has right for info according to its law.f*** off

This is very good piece of news for all Huawei haters, especially those Americans who want to protect their Apple and Google brands. Ok!

You already have what you wanted: one less competitor.
But you had to forbid them access to software and components in exchange for spying accusations WITHOUT ABSOLUTELY PROVING ANYTHING.

As if Apple or Google didn't spy on their own users' data ...

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Anonymous , 17 Jun 2021If it were not the bans huawei would leak the info to the c... moreIt's not the Chinese companies leak the info but it's American companies who does the shit.
Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft they apologies several times for data handover to American governments.
That's why America do not want china to rise up. They are the m**er fu**er doing all the control and banned several companies just for nothing shit..

TEtech, 17 Jun 2021Don't even try to Diss him, I agree with him that Sams... moreBut its not just samsung he seems to have a problem against. Read carefully next time.

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Still won't touch apple or Samsung phones I'll go for a Nokia before apple or Samsung

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If it were not the bans huawei would leak the info to the chinese government

Even up to this point, we are still yet to see the official launch of the P50 series. So no surprise if the Mate 50 series won't be coming this year. Also, Huawei loves to use the Mate series to debut their brand new flagship-grade Kirin chipset. But up to this point, we still don't hear any new development about the Kirin 9000 successor.

I really hope Huawei ghost will been seen 100% in Honor products, i still believe Huawei own Honor, but maybe not 😁

Excalibur, 17 Jun 2021My current phone right now, mate 40 pro... I change phone r... moreFeel exactly 100% like you

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Pro Me, 17 Jun 2021The comment itself is contradictory. You have used mate 10... moreYou can tell that to yourself being double standard. Accusing US companies but ignoring the things done by chinese companies. Heard about the Cisco patent lawsuits to Huawei in 2003? Well it is very clear in their cybersecurity law that there is no one can stop them from getting data from any private company working in China. Well no one was able to stop them anyway before even when the law haven't existed yet. If a company has a possibility of being a spy, you think it is a great idea of doing something like this? "Let's allow Huawei build thousands of 5G networks in our country that costs billions of dollars and couple of years. Only after we caught Huawei we will remove the existing Huawei 5G network and build a new one that will cost us another billions of dollars and another couple of years." Brilliant idea right?

[deleted post]Don't even try to Diss him, I agree with him that Samsung is a bad company, the only thing they have for them is the screens, and it ain't enough to justify the ridiculous pricing

Shui8, 17 Jun 2021Came from Sony, bite my tongue & try Huawei while being... moreI am also a huawei user, and in my opinion the brand I'll switch to will probably be vivo (when looking on their's recent camera phones)
Other probable brand will be oppo, oneplus or honot

At this point I'm inclined to believe that they should sell (or should have sold) the entire smartphone business along with Honor subdivision before they will be no longer able to produce any high end smartphones due to sanctions. Sure, theoretically they should still be able to ship phones without 5G capability (MatePad Pro 10.8 has SD870 for instance), but obviously that won't be enough for them to actually compete in the domestic & international smartphone markets. While I don't really give a rat's a** about their other businesses, apart from their telecommunication division of course - all the technologies that the mobile division hold, especially their imaging prowess, shouldn't go down the drain like this.

Its heartbreaking to see such a good competitor leaving the competition.Such a one sided battle..oofff