Apple iPhone 12 mini production reportedly halted

22 June 2021
The phone is still up for sale on Apple's website.

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  • Anonymous

Polish Power , 22 Jun 2021Bought the MI 11 Pro at under 650 Euros compete with charge... moreCongrats. Just disable all ads in preloaded apps and enjoy. Yes Apple is miles behind.

  • Anonymous

Hehehe where are those who always refer 6.5 inches devices as brick.

Adegbenro, 22 Jun 2021All these faulty generalisations. πŸ™‚πŸ˜’. Both my phones are pe... moreSo you think all users using those Otterbox Symmetry case?

  • Polish Power

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2021700 dollars? For what? Buy a decent android phone instead a... moreBought the MI 11 Pro at under 650 Euros compete with charger in the box.
It's got everything I want and doesn't break the bank.
Imagine any iPhone from 2020 next to it... Weak and lacking in every department

i thought they halted it long time ago... atleast they tried

  • Anonymous

700 dollars? For what? Buy a decent android phone instead and stop destroying your eyes.

Thid clearly shows the prevalent desire for big screens, in the padt years, there were some haters that stated over anf over again that nobody wanted big devices, mainly because they coul not be handled "one handed", which is a total nonsense, those "one handed" devices belong to the oast, when the tiny screens were enough for what the devices could do, now that the phones are a multimedia provider, with even more capabilities than tv sets, it is plain silly to think that a sub 6 inch screen will look, feel and work better than geneously bigger ones, so, these low sales results for little devices show how utterly wrong were all those big screen haters, numbers do not lie, almost all consumers WANT big devices, period

  • Gilda

I have the 128gb blue mini and love it’s one handed use and compact dimensions but have to admit that due to battery life, I would have gotten the regular 12 if I could go back in time.

  • Anonymous

Big mama, 22 Jun 2021Let me explain why this is BS news! Apple is not transpare... moreDear.

Samsung did not make s6 mini. Why? Sales of S5 mini were poor.
Sony killed compact series . Why ? Sales were way weaker than larger models.

This has nothing to do with Apple. Simply the fact people like a lot to use their phones to watch videos, play games, videochat, edit photos (ugly/dumb filters).
Small screen is not good for that.

  • Anonymous

People here instead of admit sales are weak compared to other models, they use battery size as excuse. But forget iphone 7 and 8 had similar prices, also even smaller battery.

  • Anonymous

Halted production, too much inventory.

  • sdfre

12 mini is dead, long live the 13 mini

Rich3yy, 22 Jun 2021Apart from what others here believe about the price, I also... moreYeah, people want massive screens on 100€ phones which usually means they either come with horrid low resolution or they actually come with very high resolution, but since they run a garbage cheap chipset because they are cheap phones, they run at half the actual speed because they spend all the power just refreshing all the pixels.

Shui8, 22 Jun 2021Especially when people look at the logo when you hang it up... moreAll these faulty generalisations. πŸ™‚πŸ˜’. Both my phones are permanently carried in OtterBox Symmetry cases. iPhone 11 Pro Max and Galaxy Note 10 Plus. No logos visible. Except that of OtterBox who make great casesπŸ™‚

  • Pal

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2021I would've bought this phone instead of the SE I have ... moreExactly. Apple got what it deserved. If the price would've been around XR or even 11

Spanky, 22 Jun 2021That settles it then: only 5% of people want teeny-tiny phones.Apart from what others here believe about the price, I also think so.

Large screens are especially preferable anyway.

The mini iPhone is the best thing happen to smartphones in a long time. A phone with high end specifications in a compact form but then they priced it close to a thousand dollars in a lot of places so no doubt it sold so less. If only they priced it more reasonably it could have performed better but then again it is an iPhone. They are overpriced and that was the actual reason for the poor sales and not that people do not want a compact phone

Spanky, 22 Jun 2021That settles it then: only 5% of people want teeny-tiny phones.I want teeny-tiny phone, but not with that price πŸ˜…

  • kammem2

Why would anyone buy 12 mini when they could buy iphone 11 at the same price? pixel 4a seemed a better option in term of small phone division. Iphone 12 mini is a great device, but everyone expected it to be at 599$, but Apple decided to play a cleverish game by relesing this phone at 699 and making the regular iphone 100$ expensive..I am happy with my poco x3..

  • Anonymous

It is sad but strange. I saw the minis are sold faster than the regular but the news say otherwise.