Tecno unveils Phantom X - its first premium phone with 50MP main and 48MP selfie cameras

24 June 2021
And that's a large 1/1.3" sensor on the back, joined by a 50mm portrait cam and an ultrawide module. There's an ultra wide selfie camera too.

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Again a clone of another clone, too banal design.

  • Yyvonne

This just has to be my best phone yet from the brand

  • Anonymous

Ejike Levi , 25 Jun 2021Amazing I can't wait to have you Same bro

  • Ejike Levi

Amazing I can't wait to have you

  • Anonymous

SOC G95?
I hate dual front cam
I prefer single punch hole front cam, like poco f3
but should be positioned at the side(probably left side) not on the center.

  • Anonymous

Am in love with phantom x, its amazing.

  • Equinox

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2021Only adding a Snapdragon processor ( series 800) would make... morebut the snapdragon 800 series command a higher price than Tecno can charge their clients

Imagine paying this much for a tecno phone. Trash brand.

  • Anonymous

Huawei Fan Man, 25 Jun 2021What's de point making super duper camera om phone whe... morehigh quality cameras on phones are for those people who want to capture memories that they can see clearly later on. if you still dont understand, keep using whatever potato camera your phone has.

What's de point making super duper camera om phone when ppl doing only amateur pics and they are fine with it..
Professionals not gonna use phones for taking images 🤷‍♂️

Bro ppl say mediatek is trash when its wya better than sd for performance for money

Another misconcepted dumbphone.

  • Baj

B52, 25 Jun 2021Looks promising, but premium smartphone without Qi charging... moreQi charging is overated and mostly waste of energy.

  • troll

premium with g95 xD

Looks promising, but premium smartphone without Qi charging?.. try it again

What we call premium in africa is the past in developed countries.
Its a shame we get shitty processors from a "premium" device yet xiaomi is offering better specs, better phones, cheaper devices with premium quality

FlexLex, 25 Jun 2021The sensor is large But the processor is garbage. Didn�... moreExactly

Victor Sol, 25 Jun 2021Damn!!! 12nm again, battery not 5000 Tecno you let us down ... moreWhat do you mean, infinix and tecno are pretty much the same thing

  • Anonymous

Josh gsm, 24 Jun 2021Yes the G95 12nm processor is a deal breaker for many peopl... moreyou're awesome....

Korin.D, 24 Jun 2021Still crap SoC thoPreach...no matter the improvements...the mediatek brand is bad for any SoC..because they never make good SoC. It always starts swelling before the battery..then affects the battery