Tecno unveils Phantom X - its first premium phone with 50MP main and 48MP selfie cameras

24 June 2021
And that's a large 1/1.3" sensor on the back, joined by a 50mm portrait cam and an ultrawide module. There's an ultra wide selfie camera too.

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Korin.D, 24 Jun 2021Still crap SoC thoPreach...no matter the improvements...the mediatek brand is bad for any SoC..because they never make good SoC. It always starts swelling before the battery..then affects the battery

  • Sandeey

Tecno phones are legit great!

The sensor is large
But the processor is garbage.
Didn't they even think of adding at least an Snapdragon 860? A 765 or 750g is already good enough.

Although Dimensity 1000, or 1100 could've been enough.

Also, 120Hz OLED is the trend now, 90Hz is nice to have but c'mon, Xiaomi already is kicking everyone's arses by having 120Hz OLED on cheaper devices.

  • Anonymous

It's so good to see another camera module positioning in the (super) boring world of upper-left-corner camera islands.

  • Kr Naeem Akhtar

When they will come in Online please

  • Am Daniel

Please How much it for one

  • Anonymous

Awesome features. Waiting for it.

  • Kayode

This is impressive, improved and well fabricated phone. This is much better than their previous devices.

The PHANTOM X is Big, Bold, Bountiful and beautiful to behold.

Damn!!! 12nm again, battery not 5000 Tecno you let us down again now infinix is going to win the price please lunch the Phantom X pro with a 8nm chipset thanks

  • Sara

Jake420, 25 Jun 2021Which is better in terms of performance helio g95 or sd720?There's nothing here or nothing people will reply that can satisfy you... just check online and compare the 2.... that was what i did immediately i saw the specs... helio g95 wins in many ways

Which is better in terms of performance helio g95 or sd720?

  • dankwoska

Woow are you kidding? where are they getting this Spec combination ideas from...
The PHANTOM is Xra ordinary for real

  • Anonymous

hmm, 24 Jun 2021It's PREMIUM phone with G95. P-R-E-M-I-U-M Google the... moreNothing premium here. Soc cant support image processing on the best way. People dont understand how important is chip for image processing.

  • Anonymous

The Android Freak, 24 Jun 2021G95 is very good processor. Use it first. Only problem is i... moreProcesor is good for mid range. They attacking premium segment, and with this soc that is impossible. Also mid range chip cant support that camera lenses on the best way. Sd 860 should be best choice for this phone, especially cause is flagship soc with lower price.

  • Tekknow

Well for a premium caliber of a phone they should have at least use a dimensity SoC if they preferred Mediatek.

  • Anonymous

I really like it.. The cameras the display the battery and fast charging.. ok they could use a better soc but again. Don't forget many smartphones of 2021 (not flagships) use this trend for example samsung a52 4g realme 8 pro and they cost 300€ ( for me they ask too many).. so kudos

hmm, 24 Jun 2021It's PREMIUM phone with G95. P-R-E-M-I-U-M Google the... moreStill crap SoC tho

atleatst a snapdragon 765G come on

Yes the G95 12nm processor is a deal breaker for many people.
This is a marketing strategy used by infinix and tecno, next time they will bring a better processor but with an lcd screen (up the performance and downgrade display and vise versa) to make people buy their new device when it comes out. It's frustrating for phantom fansπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  • Anonymous

I'm not sure why edge screens and dual front facing cameras still exist. Just do it like the new iPad Pro, put 1 ultra wide and crop in as standard, problem solved.