Reliance announces JioPhone Next super-affordable smartphone in partnership with Google

24 June 2021
The phone will be “by far” the cheapest smartphone.

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When will jio phone next with google 5G come?

    The Android Freak, 25 Jun 2021He is targeting 300 million 2G customers from Airtel+Vi+BSN... moreThose 3 companies looted Indians more than anyone else. Hope all will get bankrupt. BSNL has once take 800Rs from me and didn't gave me any connection, saying service is actually not present in my area, declared only after taking the connection. Airtel will take money whenever there is less data. Vodafone doesn't have even basic range in my area of Mumbai. I will pray Ambani's aim will happen for the prosperity of India and to clean those looters from India

      HopeFilledIdiot, 25 Jun 2021Let's just consider the phone first before we start ba... moreYou don't need more than 2g to be connected to your loved ones. Voice calls and messages work just fine on 2g.

        This is by far the best move google has made, they should also partner up to bring back midrange devices and resurrect Android One. Trust me, Ambani is a marketing genius, umm, kinda, also he has money! So he can loose and still make more, you wouldn't get it unless you're from here. Google is not a hardware company and they can reach millions and people in India are blindly patriotic, so if they manage to market it right and get a solid mid ranger in there somewhere down the line. Boy! Android will eat a big chunk of Market.

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          • 25 Jun 2021

          The Android Freak, 25 Jun 2021He is targeting 300 million 2G customers from Airtel+Vi+BSN... moreYes, it'll happen

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            • 25 Jun 2021

            The Android Freak, 25 Jun 2021He is targeting 300 million 2G customers from Airtel+Vi+BSN... moreYes

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              • 25 Jun 2021

              The Android Freak, 25 Jun 2021He is targeting 300 million 2G customers from Airtel+Vi+BSN... moreSurely Yessss..
              May be not all but maximum users of other networks will switch to Jio because of very poor quality of Vodafone idea and others apart from jio.. We've experienced a lot of things and then we decided to go with jio..

                Let's just consider the phone first before we start bashing it out. Seeing a lot of hate here. I'm an Airtel user, so don't think I'm a "Jio Fanboy"

                Jio revolutionised the 4G scene when it entered at a time when other competitors like Airtel where charging exorbitant amounts in the name of 4G. Jio was the first 4G experience for many Indians. Please remember India is a farmer first country. More than 50% of the population is of farmers so for them spending even 7K ~ 100USD for a 4g enabled "Cheap Budget phone" is hard.

                So they're gonna price this much lower than the other competitors in the budget mobile scene like realme or Xiaomi. Because their goal isn't to use amazing SoC's or give out 48MP Cameras, their goal is to give the general public of India accessibility to a network which was out of their reach.

                So let's just give it a chance before calling it any names.

                Sure I'll agree Jio has its problems, literally everyone I know who uses Jio always complains about network connectivity, but it's not us who it's targeted for. Us techy people know stuff. We know what an SoC is, what Camera Modules are etc but for the general public of India, they don't know rather they don't care about this. They just want a mobile which can do calls so they can be connected to their loved ones. And for such Indians, this could be a very good deal.

                Plus Android GO made specifically for this device could be a banger! Sundar Pichai has always taken specific steps for the country of India and this may be another India Specific Effort of his.

                We don't know the Operating System (Android yes, but not confirmed if it's Android Go or Android One liek many are suggesting, let's wait for confirming)
                We don't know the camera specs
                We don't know the spec sheet

                But it's not meant to entice a buyer of mobile phones rather it supposed to be for those who never even considered anything beyond a button phone.
                So please, let's just support this venture without being overly negative before we even know any variables.

                  TheLastOracle, 24 Jun 2021Why should your opinion on what people buy matter to them? ... moreIt will cost 3499-3999 with 1GB/day will cost 99-129INR for a month.

                    Rk100, 24 Jun 2021Never said 300 million would buy it but it will sell really well.He is targeting 300 million 2G customers from Airtel+Vi+BSNL to buy this phone. Do you think will it happen?

                      Samath N8 808 owner, 25 Jun 2021In my last line of my last post, I sorta agreed with you on... moreHow many people returned Jiophone after mentioned period? Nobody in my area.

                        Davids , 25 Jun 2021What will the price of mobile, will the customers has to bo... more3499-3999 device price along with 1GB/day for 99-149INR for 28 days.

                          Anonymous, 25 Jun 2021My uncle is resistant to buy a 4g smartphone as he averse t... moreI strongly agree. BSNL 2G is the only hope now. Airtel has increased minimum recharge to 128 or something with no balance benefits in that and outgoing call 2.5 paise per second. Really bad days are coming to us. I will ask people to switch to Vi as it has 48 rupees recharge still.

                            Anonymous, 25 Jun 2021Project DRAGONFLY for India? Don't forget that this... moreYes, agree strongly.

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                              • 25 Jun 2021

                              Project DRAGONFLY for India?

                              Don't forget that this companie's routers are locked down like a black box and it doesnt even allow you to change basic settings we are entitled to as a paying customer. All data gets filtered by Jio with deep packet inspection. It's anyone's guess how much they data mine over their wireless networks or retain for however long since not even a RTI filing can force Jio to reveal that.

                              Reliance might just give these phones away for free (like their Jio SIM cards if anyone still remembers) if it means winning mindshare and locking people down to their devices/networks to ruthlessly surveil and then milk for every last drop of graspable data.

                              This is nothing to rejoice at, it's an Orwellian nightmare.

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                                • 25 Jun 2021

                                Jio to the rescue! Salivating over those cutting-edge features.

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                                  • 25 Jun 2021

                                  My uncle is resistant to buy a 4g smartphone as he averse to paying "monthy rent' of 200₹. He makes a few calls occasionally some video calls with his children. He prefers to pay based on his usage. His vision is low, hence cannot read the small letters on sms or words in browser or icons. There no senior citizen theme on android user interface, (they mess up the layout badly). He does not unders apps and prefers to goto bank.
                                  The story is same across rural and towns. Till the phone comes which solve these issues the bulk of seniors will just grow old with 2G.

                                  Look at any payment or app, they have features crammed into them with small font. Ideally the payment app should have, on first screen "Pay", "Amount", to , "Ok" and password in 2cm pictogram font. Nothing else.

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                                    • 25 Jun 2021

                                    Sun Sand, 24 Jun 2021Usable with any Sim,,,Airtel, VI etc..?Yes

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                                      • 25 Jun 2021

                                      What will the price of mobile, will the customers has to book in advance

                                        Guys, it's an upgraded unannounced Itel phone, The back and sides are closely similar to itel a23, Itel A23 is exclusively sold already on jio website.