Microsoft announces Windows 11 with updated UI and Android app support

24 June 2021
Will be a free upgrade to Windows 10 users.

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  • Anonymous

sr777, 25 Jun 2021Poor you. I am sorry Windows has caused such a mental issue... more😂

CAIMLM301, 26 Jun 2021Correct! but Microsoft's Windows 11 does not explicitl... moreWhy must one always upgrade your hardware in order to run Windows software? I wish Google could come with software OS that have both Windows and Office intergrated into 1 instead of 2 separate OS.

Universal truth:
How to make something good?
First, you make something good (XP with round corners)
Second, you make something BAD (7, 8, 10)
Then you bring back what you ruined.
profit (or enjoy backlash)

  • MRtechrev

windows 11, 28 Jun 2021maybe microsoft is deliberately cutting off CPUs so they ca... moreIt must be putting many in the corner😄

  • windows 11

maybe microsoft is deliberately cutting off CPUs so they can get people to buy new PCs and they get more money

OfficialTRider, 27 Jun 2021This is definitely going to be problem as only insider buil... moreI run with the luck of having precisely TPM 1.2

OfficialTRider, 27 Jun 2021Have you ever met any 50+ person in corporates? There was ... moreAlthough I am not that old to have used all these systems for a long time, I have used them all, and it is true that they have little change, but it has been many, many years, it is time for a reorganization and I think that did W11

Microsoft said window 10 was the last version of windows os but sooner 11 will be the last and again 12 comes on

OhNom, 27 Jun 2021i5-4th generation, no problemsThis is definitely going to be problem as only insider builds are supported but the actual build requires at least TPM 1.2, Secure Core and UEFI. UEFI and Secure core are usually there in older laptops but TPM is not. Processor is supported though (these are hard floor requirements). Even if you are able to run the OS in these systems, the experience will be equivalent to how Windows Vista was on older laptops.

OhNom, 27 Jun 2021You did not answer with any logical reason, that people are... moreHave you ever met any 50+ person in corporates?
There was not any significant change in UI elements positioning, while moving from Windows XP or 7 even 98 (yes I'm old enough to have used these versions) to Windows 10. Not that I'm complaining about Windows 11.
P.s. It's a good looking OS. I'm one of those guys who think Windows is worth more than people give it credit for, especially with it's accessibility features for people with disabilities.

  • Anonymous

You can bypass security locks and install Windows 11 in your old computer. Search for it in YouTube.

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2021You cannot install windows 10 below a 7th gen processor. Co... morei5-4th generation, no problems

OfficialTRider, 26 Jun 2021It should be left (it can be easily done by clicking on a t... moreYou did not answer with any logical reason, that people are used to something is not even a compelling reason to leave it like that, or because people were used to W7 was not W10 released? And I exceed the number of W7 users, or how about, they should stop releasing updates, since what are they going to update? Also Android should stay on the same version and not receive updates

wbpwns, 26 Jun 2021What's tpm? cryptoprocessor used to store Windows encryption keys, it also stores login passwords, administrator passwords, and biometric data, in general, everything that has to do with passwords on the system

To check the version you have:
Windows + R and then type tpm.msc

In case you do not have it, on some motherboards it can be installed, or it may be that you have it disabled, since I think that is how it comes by default

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2021We’ll look at the dummy here. Desktop is do t require u to ... moreJust spotted the vegie in the room. Try again but not without, first, borrowing some much-needed braincells. While attempting to, don't hesitate to tell me how a mobile OS should require an ccount but not a computer OS, and why you are okay with it on mobile, but not on computer.

  • Anonymous

Namda, 25 Jun 2021Suffered same fate. During the update 2014 or 20h1. Install... more"My advice is to never install any newly released OS or approve updates on your good pc. Give them a delay. They always roll out buggy updates and OS every now and then"

That is the case fit every OS, even on smartphones. Let other people use it, report back the ur experienced and then decide whether to upgrade or not

GVS, 25 Jun 2021Only devices with tpm 1.2 and above can upgrade. Most older... moreWhat's tpm?

  • Anonymous

Cyberchum, 25 Jun 2021So which modern commercial OS don't you sign into an a... moreWe’ll look at the dummy here. Desktop is do t require u to have an account it’s optional. I.e macOS and Linux. Are u comparing a mobile so to a desktop is and call people dump?

Windows 11 will require an account to be setup. I never l\used my ms account on my windows and won’t .
Mac OS and Linux , u can use the is fully with no apple/Linux distortion account.
The account is for apple services like iCloud and the store which u don’t need. U can download app from anywhere , and u can use what ever cloud service u want for storage , backup and others.

Good thing I use a Mac and windows is just my secondary os.

Go educate ur self u dummy

Why cant they retire drivers? Get Plug&Play and move on.
I hate Windows obsolete drivers architecture with a passion.
Never liked the setup page either on Win10. Ist so all over the place.

I started with MacOS almost 10 years ago and i will not return to Windows.. yet