ZTE readying another Axon phone with under-display camera

01 July 2021
Apparently, ZTE has improved upon the Axon 20 Pro's selfie camera quality.

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AnonD-1003038, 04 Jul 2021I'm wondering if they'll be able to address that ... moreThe issue is the cognitive bias it creates by making you forget it is here, and the total impossibility to physically block it, the issue isn't that the camera is visible or not, it is a mix of :
Not being visible while being totally able to record without warning +
The misconception that it can't record you when the display is ON, it totally can +
Being an expensive tech (except if like ZTE you use people as beta testers of course) +
Offering an incredibly bad quality of pictures, and yes it will improve, but it can only improve so much, there are law of physics that are laughing at those thinking it will ever works as well as a regular camera +
It leaves a visible square on the display.

While we could have the same result (hidden camera and fulldisplay) that do :
*Respect your privacy as it can't see you at all when the display is active.
*Cost reasonable price.
*Offer the same picture quality as any normal camera.
*Do not cause any noticeable spot on the display.
*Have no particular downsides.

All that together is why I am against underdisplay camera that "see through" the display, as opposed to "disappearing camera" which are better in every imaginable ways :

And those indicators are the same issue as the false idea that the UD camera can't see when the display is on, a false sense of privacy/security is worse than no privacy/security.
It doesn't work as well as you think, I've never seen it when using Snapchat or the camera apps, and some apps simply bypass the permission system, being able to spy without any signs.

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Mediatek sux, 05 Jul 2021Seems you cant read, if they care as much, they will do it.... moreWho can do what? Making a ROM is a HUGE work, there are already good ROMs out there, like LineageOS, there are even things like SailFishOS, why would anyone go out of their way to make a new ROM?
And you still didn't understand that even a custom ROM isn't going to protect you from many apps that still can access your front camera, permissions or not.

I think you literally don't know where to go with this answer and only try to be mean.

Yeah, my ignorance, say the guy who literally acknowledge those threats and mock a guy who is aware about them, it is literally as dumb as saying you are aware about bike thief in my country and mocking me for putting a lock on my bike...
We literally have those two video few days ago :
And you still treat me as if I was crazy for wanting privacy.

What are you even saying?

Lol, and you say that I am the one who can't read, you are funny, I literally talked about pop up in general, and you answer that I have other phones with pop up, where did I ever wrote that?

Except that, no, it would be as useless as putting in a Faraday cage something that is already unplugged.

No one talked about taping camera except you, you can't even be consistent about what you say.
Yeah, and what about the cases where you actually NEED the playstore, or the fact that the playstore itself don't do much, or the fact that playstore or not, the front facing camera will still have the EXACT SAME privacy impact from apps?
Again, there are MANY ways privacy is being threaten, even having a custom ROM, no GMS and using open source apps is not enough :
Nor it does allow many obligatory apps, we need to target the devices themselves and the biggest fishes.
But since there are people like you laughing at people like me saying that we should have hardware that allow for better privacy, it ain't gonna happen.

You are just acting like all ignorant anti privacy "no 1 spy 1 u" guys, I've been continuously disproving what you said and bringing real life proof and arguments, yet you keep writing your "keep on bsing", you are hilarious.

AnonD-1003038, 04 Jul 2021I'm wondering if they'll be able to address that ... moreYes this demongornot guy is a mothfcer. He will reply to u no matter whta unless he is in an argument and he doesn't read ur comment. Mostly ud camera articles are filled with arguments of him and others(including me I have gotten arguments 3-4 times)

AnonD-909757, 04 Jul 2021What are you even talking about?I said that u never read my comment of just use ur phone elave gsmarena an dlook for specs when new phone needed

AnonD-909757, 05 Jul 2021Sure, give me a single example of someone who made easily, ... moreSeems you cant read, if they care as much, they will do it.

I really thought you forgot, but sure think whatever you want.

No, i only mocked your ignorance.

Yeah, sure, just tell that at first.

Oh, i thought you only had poco, brag about these too, then.

Oh, sorry i didnt go through your post history to check your knowledge, your popup poco brag makes it seem like you dont know about anything else. Masses who care about privacy as much you already do all those things you mentioned.

Hardware level is something i'm not doing anything against. If they are data mining, and have the rest of the data, then i'm not going to tape up my cams as its too much of an inconvience.
You really think a privacy caring person is going to use non foss apps? They wont even have the playstore installed.

Keep on bsing. I'll be sure to reply.

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Mediatek sux, 04 Jul 2021If they care as much as you do, sure they will. Yea? the... moreSure, give me a single example of someone who made easily, and in a short period of time, a FULLY WORKING and SECURE custom ROM that doesn't require a lot of works to keep it up to date.

Why? So you can try and find totally laughable nonsensical arguments to try to mock me whatever I answer? Sure, you wouldn't understand anyway.

You really love that tape, don't you? Where do you figure that I'll need to put a take on a pop up, you genius?

Oh, I don't know, every answer you gave me where you basically mock me for taking privacy more seriously than most people who don't know better about it?

I didn't forget anything, I simply don't need to tape my pop up, phones with moving camera have been extremely quick to get "blacklisted" from anything that do use the front camera for taking a quick snapshot as there were the actual first tangible reasons we have proof this is a thing.

Joke on you, my Samsung tablet that I use as a StreamDeck equivalent (Touch Portal) have LineageOS installed and the custom downgraded Google package gapps pico while my Poco F2 Pro have Xiaomi.eu and a custom Google package.
You are the one who don't understand that making a custom ROM isn't something done overnight, it takes a lot of works, and even there, not every ROMs are fully functional.
And I posted links a while ago about Liberm and Pinephone privacy oriented phones, I am NOT talking about special phones, I am talking about bringing privacy to the masses.
The fact you ignore that there are MULTIPLE vectors of privacy violation outside of Google services is by itself a fact you don't know, there are hardware level from both chipmakers and brands, there are custom interface level, there are app level, and NO the permission system is NOT reliable and have many breaches and loopholes, which is why Virus are still a thing on Android, and it doesn't protect against apps that literally exploit their primary function as a cover for accessing something else :

Sure, keep replying nonsense.

AnonD-909757, 04 Jul 2021Sure, everyone cay code its own ROM, it isn't at all a... moreIf they care as much as you do, sure they will.

Yea? then just tell me that first.

I thought you forgot to tape it. Since you were just bragging about your popup.

Where did i act like that?

Again, i thought you forgot about it. You should brag about that too, not just the popup.

Huh? You dont know much. You dont even seem to know you can make your own rom, or you can completely live without google services, you arent even aware of phones that have a hardware switch for cam and mic, since you like to brag about your popup poco.

Well, keep on bsing, i'll reply too.

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Mediatek sux, 04 Jul 2021Build your own rom. Code is open. Tape up your rear cam,... moreSure, everyone cay code its own ROM, it isn't at all a highly involving process that last years for a team of great programmers and require constant works to keep it up to date...
I can easily do it in a week, sure.

You don't know what I do with my rear cam, maybe I have a cover, maybe there is always my hand behind it, maybe I am careful about where I point it.

I didn't asked anything, I am just laughing at you using the "tape it" argument against privacy issues and gave you an equally stupid answer.

Then why do you act as if those online threats don't exist?
You can't just laugh at someone who literally is raising awareness about privacy issues and say that you know about those and still pretend at anything after that.

And except "tape it", what else can you say?

Well, apparently I know much more than you, based on the ratio of stupidities & lack of arguments per comment you write.
I do answer to those who answer me, this is normal, but since I am not a nice little sheep, but I rather did choose to have a mind of my own, I have unpopular opinions, which doesn't mean I am wrong, but it attracts more attention, which mean, more answers, you are a living demonstration of this.
The funny part is that I wouldn't comment that much without people like you who are answering total BS and ironically complain that I write a lot of comments, what you expect, that you'll answer me, and I'll just sit there not answering you?

AnonD-909757, 04 Jul 2021Sure, Google, one of the biggest privacy thief, go ahead an... moreBuild your own rom. Code is open.

Tape up your rear cam, then talk.

Well, did i tell you i like selling my video? But you still asked me?

Yeah identity theft is real, show me where i told you its not.

Yes, keep it taped up, thats what i've been telling you all along.

You are the same, you didnt know much either. Yet you still talk more than anyone else on the entire site.

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Dudenoway, 04 Jul 2021Cough cough*my comment about just leave posting stuff on ph... moreWhat are you even talking about?

AnonD-909757, 03 Jul 2021It works much better than most people think it does, well u... moreCough cough*my comment about just leave posting stuff on phone and new phone needed go look for another one that suits ur need*Cough

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I'm wondering if they'll be able to address that square of different pixels over the selfie cam. If they can do that, they'll hit a jackpot.

Also to everyone complaining about privacy. What difference does it make if selfie cam is visible or not? It's still there either way. I never used one yet it was there on every single phone I owned. How is that more private than phone that doesn't have it visible, but we all know ALL phones without exception have selfie cams? It's not like visible cam gave you any clue it was covertly recording you. It's just a lens. They now use software indicators on screen and you have to assume they are true indication of camera use.

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Mediatek sux, 04 Jul 2021Just go and tape it up. I make use of the inbuilt security... moreSure, Google, one of the biggest privacy thief, go ahead and trust their system.

My Poco F2 Pro with its beautiful full display laugh at your "tape" argument, even without privacy argument, I'll still think the exact same thing about the Underdisplay camera who cost a lot for an awful quality and have a visible footprint on the display, or the horror punch holes and notches.

Who tell you it is the only thing I care about?
I have two pics of myself on my Instagram, but you won't find my date of birth (only the year), last name, city and other info about me, except maybe by going out of your ways.
Front facing camera privacy related issue is the easiest fixable issue on Smartphones, along with microphone related one using a ON/Push to Talk/OFF button/slider combo, because that's hardware security.

Identity thief is a real and serious threat :
Blackmailing is probably the second most common privacy issue that people face online.
But the underlying issues that an open camera always pointed at you can cause can get far more serious, up to dictatorship level of badness :
And other loss of liberty, minority targeting, etc.
And by the way, I also advocate for the main/rear camera behind hidden when not in use.
You are the typical case of "I don't know, but I'll still talk about it".

AnonD-909757, 03 Jul 2021Well, since privacy doesn't matter for you, and I gues... moreJust go and tape it up.
I make use of the inbuilt security in android. I dont go over the top that it becomes an inconvenience like you. Like taping it up. All you care about is your pictures anyway, so why dont you sell the rest of your data?

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Dudenoway, 03 Jul 2021Raising the awareness of lack of diversity would take too m... moreIt works much better than most people think it does, well unlike what it seems, I am not just randomly posting comments, there is a thought process behind it.
And yeah, but when not a single new phone match in any way my preferences, what can I do?
The Poco F2 Pro is the last of them all that is somewhere near what I want while not costing some vital organs *cry in Sony*.

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Mediatek sux, 03 Jul 2021What do you mean why? Tape it up asap!Well, since privacy doesn't matter for you, and I guess, like everyone, you would enjoy having money for no efforts, right?
Then why don't you rig your entire apartment/house with camera, streaming H24 7/7.
Since you don't care about that, there are many who would pay for that.
Also, you can directly upload to the deep web all your information, like your belongings, your address, social security number, picture of your ID card, and all that.
All this can sell well, and it has the exact same effect of not caring about privacy anyway.
So since privacy doesn't matter for you, better earn money from that, right?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll get back to the practices almost all security (real life and computer) experts recommend.
You know? People who actually know what they talk about.

AnonD-909757, 03 Jul 2021That's the whole points of my comments, raising awaren... moreRaising the awareness of lack of diversity would take too much time. U better just stick with ur phone and whenever u need new phone just see specs for phone. Why do u even waste ur time doing comment about phone. I do it cuz its just fun messing around and I don't rlly have much game to play so I just waste my time

AnonD-909757, 02 Jul 2021No, why?What do you mean why? Tape it up asap!

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Dudenoway, 03 Jul 2021Also whta about the flip up camera like the zenfone 6, 7 an... moreFlip up too, I didn't list everything, there are a lot of alternatives to the front camera, some existing already, some are only theory or patents that never got made.

And well, if I could, I would have definitely made my own phones, but I can't yet, this isn't a simple task.

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Dudenoway, 03 Jul 2021I'm sorry but u should just make ur own company lol. C... moreThat's the whole points of my comments, raising awareness of the huge lack of options in the current smartphone market.