Google Pixel 6, 6 Pro full specs leak, custom chipset confirmed

09 July 2021
Also finally some big batteries on the Pixel family.

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  • Mircea

Considering Google's record, let's see first if their custom SOC can run Whatsapp and other basic apps without major issues.

  • Anonymous

Mobilemaster, 10 Jul 2021The renders shows a periscope camera, and don't forget... moreOk. Sadly don't like the punch hole. Maybe next year if they release the sucessor with under display camera without cut other specifications

Android us such a privacy nightmare already. I am not sure more dark silicone and closed source firmware is what we need. Google will have a lot of convincing to do.

  • Anonymous

Aadrian, 10 Jul 20215 years of updates is indeed a good thing. I'm using m... moreAnd what do you think these companies will do when you'll buy a a phone from 5 to 5 years? Make them cheaper? With updates? Allow me to laugh 🤣🤣🤣

Aadrian, 10 Jul 2021Never thought I'd say it about a Pixel phone, but the ... moreExactly as you say! It is not boring for sure!

Kingslayer, 10 Jul 2021The best news is Google promising 5-year updates. They'... more5 years of updates is indeed a good thing. I'm using my Note8 since its launch and I will probably replace it next year, so that means I used the phone for 5 years too but without the 5 years of updates. However, I still get security patches, be it quarterly. The ever rising prices of phones and the environmental impact made me decide to upgrade at a slower pace. And for many 5 years of updates is a very important reason too.

Never thought I'd say it about a Pixel phone, but the design is different. Of course it's a slab, but a different kind of slab. A breath of fresh air, well done.

The best news is Google promising 5-year updates. They're now matching Apple's. This means upgrade cycles will take longer. More people will upgrade less frequently. They'll use two phones per decade. Saves us more money.

Smartphones are already perfected. The improvements you get are negligible. I think Apple will eventually start introducing newer iPhones every 2 years. It's like their laptops and iPads. At some point, these annual upgrades will go away.

Kingslayer, 10 Jul 2021Google's Whitechapel won't be as powerful as a Sn... moreHave you not heard the angry mob trashing the newer Supra for being basically a BMW.

If nothing else, the design is a breath of fresh air. The biggest mistake Android manufacturers made was copying Apple's massive, left aligned camera island. Symmetrical camera rows are truly the pinnacle of design.

Google's Whitechapel won't be as powerful as a Snapdragon 888 while Apple's A14 Bionic is more graphically than a PlayStation 4.

It didn't take long for Apple to surpass Qualcomm and Samsung on the SoC department. But haters will say, but Apple doesn't manufacture their own stuff. But they did custom design that chip.

Toyota outsources their materials from other companies. Do people trash Toyota or other automobile manufacturers because the parts they use isn't in-house? Most products we use are from companies dealing with several partners.

JayrBars, 10 Jul 2021Good luck! I hope you build your own company. Ill be your ... moreAn F2 pro? lol.

My fictional concept smartphone that I designed around the time the F2 pro was released would still be better in specs and features than any modern smartphone currently on the market, and it will probably keep being on top for several more years.

Demongornot, 10 Jul 2021Worse anti-privacy argument ever. It is like saying to som... it isnt.

YUKI93, 10 Jul 2021Actually, I'd thank Google for not picking the SD 888 ... moreYes thats right but they should pick this one just for that.
Nowdays every company covering qualcomm failure.

Woow so many comments wat is goin oon here :)
am I in iphone comments?

Demongornot, 10 Jul 2021Actually I am NOT PUSHING for things, I am PREVENTING peopl... moreGood luck!
I hope you build your own company. Ill be your 3rd customer.
Please make an f2 pro for me in 2022

  • AnonD-1003038

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2021Someone stuck on 3rd tier device like iPhone XR shouldn... moreIt's funny how entire smartphone industry is constantly looking up to these "3rd tier products" as you call it and copy them at every possible occasion lol.

I love cake

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Someone stuck on 3rd tier device like iPhone XR shouldn't judge premium Android experience. Even budget phones have left your latest iOS and iPhone in dust

  • AnonD-1003038

pufanu, 10 Jul 2021Screen protectors, yeah, not much choice. I don't even... moreI had "faux" curved protectors and they weren't even really curved even though all images suggested they somehow are. They had edges polished at an angle, but only on the top, underneath they were flat and often hanging over curved edge. It looked and felt horrible. Imagine strapping a flat glass on a banana. It was like that. Some without "curved" edges had glass smaller so it didn't go over the curve and you ended up having glass on top of display with visible edges and dust always collected there. For this reason I was kinda glad iPhone 12 went with fully flat display. So you can fit a display protector edge to edge and still looks good.