Google Pixel 6, 6 Pro full specs leak, custom chipset confirmed

09 July 2021
Also finally some big batteries on the Pixel family.

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no leak or hype on that custom chipset? more likely matches what Qualcomm can do and not Apple? Google better not charge $1000 for this.

YUKI93, 10 Jul 2021Lol, you can't get a lot of screen protectors and phon... moreScreen protectors, yeah, not much choice. I don't even bother with one since they're all crap. But there's plenty of cases for curved screen phones, no problem there.

Google Pixel 3 (January-June)
Apple iPhone 12 mini (January-June)

Essential Phone (July-December)
Apple iPhone SE (July-December)

I switch between the pair every six months. Battery life can last twice as long.

It's better if the sim is inside the Android. Easier as a hotspot. The iPhone is terrible as one.

AnonD-1003038, 10 Jul 2021But you've invested yourself into an Android cult that... moreTo be fair this is the worst possible Android lot you could find. The comments on this site are 90% cancer.

SigmaR, 10 Jul 2021I actually read it, it's just you assuming that I didn... moreShooting in "full 108MP" mode and shooting RAW aren't the same thing. RAW doesn't bin, yes, hence utilizing the full resolution, but the actual "full 108MP" mode (which you know, is a camera app mode, like video, photo, panorama, not to be confused with RAW) while capturing more detail, yields worse overall results than the default binned 12MP mode, the ways it was intended to be used (unless you go manual/RAW). Neither me nor the person I was replying to ever mentioned RAW. So your comment was just as irrelevant as that guy's who for some reason felt the need to tell me that 108MP sensors are made by Samsung and that Sony doesn't make such sensors.

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Anonymous, 10 Jul 2021I have an iPhone for work and a pixel that's my phone ... moreIt's really not. There are some differences, but people dramatically over-exaggerate the differences. I can go from iPhone to Android this moment and it'll take me about an hour to migrate it all. Same would go in other direction. Issue only becomes for people who are so invested into ecosystem of one they can't function without it. Be it Google's own services and apps or Apple's own services and apps. I depend on neither. And only people who really complain about things are those who use 15 launchers at once because that's one thing iOS just doesn't support and sideload all the pirated apps in the world. For those, iOS will literally be the worst thing ever since it supports neither.

skimminstones, 09 Jul 2021id suggest you stay off the internet entirely then. Youre g... moreWorse anti-privacy argument ever.
It is like saying to someone in North Korea "If you don't want to live under a dictatorship regime, just kill yourself".
Which funnily enough, lack of privacy is a WELL KNOWN THREAT that can quickly lead to dictatorship, in ANY country (yes, the US and European countries aren't exceptions).

Dudenoway, 10 Jul 2021What's so wrong in curved edges? Accidental touch or g... more1: Not everyone like this aesthetic.
2: It makes the display VERY susceptible to fall damages, and unlike, for example, the pop up who is actually protected inside the phone most of the time, those are super exposed.
3: Poor choice of screen protectors and cases, mainly for those liking the bulky armored cases.
4: Image distortion is real.
5: No content was ever made for this anyway.
6: It makes no senses to have a curve this way, there is a reason why curved TVs and Monitors are Concave and not Convex.
7: It makes for easy sun glare, which is annoying, and the perfect recipe for the front sit passenger of a vehicle to accidentally blind the driver.
8: It depends on how you hold your phone, MANY ways of holding a phone exist, none are the best and there isn't really a most popular one.

This guy would have no issues with a curved edge display :
Same for this guy :
Though, he will get the pinky syndrome, which clearly curved edges aren't worth.

This guy might because of the palm touching the bottom right part :
(Not everybody's skin is picked up the same by tactile)

This guy will :

9: GSMArena isn't the best example (this isn't for nothing that I choose this website to fix over others after all), if they had any, they probably didn't care and considered it normal for a curved edge display, or something like that.

10: It DEFINITELY does happen still :
Even the S21 have a touch protection feature, and many still want it disabled because of how annoying and bad it is.

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Anonymous, 09 Jul 2021I don't know guys. Google spies on users and sends dat... moreTotally! Get a Xiaomi/Huawei/oppo etc chinese brand and you will be safe!

01432, 10 Jul 2021Urghhh. Curved screens are a thumbs down for me too. Sony a... morewhat glaring deficiency the new Sony phones have?

[deleted post]you took my words exactly. I was gonna write the same.

Dometalican, 10 Jul 2021That's just it. EVERY phone on the market looks EXACTL... moreat least you get to buy Samsung with Snapdragon. we get exynos.

CptPower, 10 Jul 2021Haaa haaaa No SD888 what a shame. Actually, I'd thank Google for not picking the SD 888 because of overheating.

Dudenoway, 10 Jul 2021What's so wrong in curved edges? Accidental touch or g... moreLol, you can't get a lot of screen protectors and phone cases for phones with curved edges.

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2021The 48 Mpx telephoto looks like a cropping one, not a peris... moreThe renders shows a periscope camera, and don't forget the S20 Ultra, or the Mi 11 Ultra, both have optical zoom(both have 48 MP cameras).

My next phone - one or another. Hopefully Google won't be like Sony this time around. I"m not gonna pay over $1000.

Still no dual SIM, I suppose?

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The 48 Mpx telephoto looks like a cropping one, not a periscope with optical zoom. That plus the ugly punch hole make me not consider it. Maybe next year with an underdisplay camera if i don't update to other phone this year.

AB, 10 Jul 2021Ugliest Mobile you could ever see .....Weird taste you have bro!

Demongornot, 10 Jul 2021See, the issue with this argument is that, NO PHONE "i... moreAs you know, I'm with you man. With LG out, I can only wish for HTC's comeback.

I'm happy for you because you live in a better smartphone market. Lol.