OnePlus says recent smartphone SoCs are an overkill for many apps

12 July 2021
The company just won't stop digging.

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Anonymous, 13 Jul 2021OnePlus knows what's best for its customers. They are ... moreSo Apple can slow down iPhones since they know what's best for their users?
If i paid for a fast cpu, let me use all that cpu!

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Anonymous, 13 Jul 2021OnePlus knows what's best for its customers. They are ... moreRemember OnePlus is switching to ColorOS? Thank Oppo for that despite being a BBK member as well

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If your OS gets heavier then of course you’ll need a more powerful chipset, otherwise OnePlus is probably right.

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OnePlus knows what's best for its customers. They are pioneers in super smooth experience on Android

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Anandtech doing thorough investigation on this.. Lol where was the investigation during batterygate?

looks like OnePlus searching excuse to sell "appropriate" spec

probably OnePlus will sell phone with spec sheet like Oppo

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PorkHotdog, 13 Jul 2021Huh? 120hz is a game changer even for just browsing the web... moreI mean do u need 100% of the chip power for just 120hz social media scrolling? That's an light task that even Snapdragon 732G on Poco X3 can deliver 120hz

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[deleted post]I use Poco F1 bruh. So i don't know how much 120hz have an impact on ur daily lives. It is an battery drainer

Recent cell phone prices are overkill, for what these phones are offering.

AnonD-986036, 13 Jul 2021I mean who needs 120hz and all 100% 888 power to Run social... moreHuh? 120hz is a game changer even for just browsing the web all day

sixtymes, 13 Jul 2021ok, that may be true, then focus the performance on saving ... moreHonestly, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Chipset and OLED screen efficiencies are always slowly increasing. The Mi 11 Lite 5G is a good example, it's 5nm chipset makes the 4000mAh battery usable, and it's 160g. Also, Pixel 5.

The only recent trend that I don't like is mmWave, but hopefully that will remain optional even when generally adopted. I just think it's stupid, given how much space the antennas occupy that could be battery.

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One plus dropping off truth b0mbs

In other words, don't buy products from dishonest companies like OnePlus.

It's true, but they're using this as an excuse, to cover their arses up.

If you market a phone as having a Snapdragon 888, your phone should have Snapdragon 888-level performance. It is up to the consumer to decide if they will buy a Snapdragon 888 device, or a device with something like a Snapdragon 780G. Period.

This is a scummy excuse for a scummy behaviour that comes from their inability to optimize the battery performance of their phones.

Then, why make people pay extra for the most recent SoCs if they do not plan on letting people use it to their full potential over the argument that weaker platforms are supposedly sufficient for most? It is a very strange argument. Were that really their aim, they could have simply reverted to the SD870 (SD865++) for all models or even go lower and adopt the SD780. But they have not, as they know people seek pricey flagship for the best performance.

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Oneplus, it's not what you did (which is a sensible option for most of the users), it's HOW you did it.
You could have put it in fine print at the end of patch notes or more ideally, have a default "optimized cpu profile" and then give the user the option to go in the advanced/lab panel and disable it or select a "full cpu power option" (with a warning that says that can use more battery and heat the smartphone etc etc ) .

But no, you had to pull up a classic Apple move.

But no , you decided to

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AnonD-986036, 13 Jul 2021That's hundred percent true. But at least give users t... moreI mean who needs 120hz and all 100% 888 power to Run social media apps or just among us? But in the future, something can happen, and we will definitely need the chips power

Yeah... they're right about that. Even SD855 barely budges against whatever you throw at it. But that won't justify what they're doing, holding back customers' phones' performance without their consent. They got a bad enough reputation already recently, why spark more ire?

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That's hundred percent true. But at least give users the option to set SOCs powers to 50% - 100% anytime they want. Also, phones gets slower every year as they get older bcuz of aging and updates they get. And i can't even guarantee that Oneplus will release these limiters in 2 - 3 years in the future as apps at that time will be more heavy. So i don't mind throttling since even my snapdragon 845 Poco F1 is still healthy with this Super Heavy MIUI. But at least give users the options. Also, can Oneplus guarantee that in the future, you will give us updates that will remove the throttling? Since future apps and software are gonna be more heavy

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Then use a 200 dollar phone chipset oneplus in your next flagship and see what people think of it.