Video: How the Nokia 808 PureView made camera phone history

14 July 2021
Take a trip down memory lane with one of the best camera phones ever made.

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  • AnonD-936656

SpiritWolf, 14 Jul 2021Still having it. Still loving it. Still using it as my seco... moreiPhone, Samsung and Pixel phones shoot better picstures.

One of the best phones I've ever had.
Will never forget it.

Still the best jpeg IQ ever from a phone, the most natural looking output, not the heavy handed NR and over-processed look from current OEMs, long live the KING!

From when there was true diversity and innovation, not like now that there is more technology and most are stuck in the same thing ... I think that by December I will buy one to photograph Christmas with style

Still having it. Still loving it. Still using it as my secondary driver. Belle is great and photo quality is unmatched. Latest Huawei phones got close, though.

PS Lets not start about dynamic range, please. Only weakness because of era and technology.

Great phone, my Nokia 808 PV still works great and is in mint condition.

  • Joe

The idea is great! Keep at it! Perhaps also consider covering Linux phones (Motorola, Sharp Zaurus, e.t.c.)