Amazfit PowerBuds Pro bring ANC and health tracking to your ears

14 July 2021
Available staring tomorrow from Amazfit's website.

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first smartwatches and now earbuds , why all the health apps included in these? healthy people will be patients now ....always on their toes . and these items are not reliable also for those readings. earbuds are for good quality sound and great battery life , thats all. stick to the basics, man. these will make them pricey for useless things. .

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    • Anonymous
    • 2WG
    • 16 Jul 2021

    Stay away from this brand buy something that actually works.

      Anonymous, 15 Jul 2021in-ear buds are meant to be light and small so they will st... moreDont worry battery will be flat before you start feeling uncomfortably :]

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        • PZs
        • 15 Jul 2021

        better put 10,000 mAh battery in ear

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          • Trn
          • 15 Jul 2021

          in-ear buds are meant to be light and small so they will stay comfortable to use, giving them another job than they do best ( producing sound wirelessly) will only takes a bit of comfort and convenience. Please leave the health tracking for phones and smartwatchs and let the buds handle the music only.

            Akinaro, 14 Jul 2021""PowerBuds Pro also monitors your listening patt... moreYea this is actually obnoxious.

              Yet another expensive ANC earbud crippled with AAC codec.

                Tell us when anc like wf-1000xm4 comes under 150USD.

                  ""PowerBuds Pro also monitors your listening patterns and can suggest you to lower your volume following the WHO’s hearing protection standards.""

                  I fricking hate such features, and I hate everyone who forced that feature on every phone few years ago. That annoying popup that remind you that you should not listen to music louder than 50-60% of volume...
                  Dear person who forced that idea: EVERY SOURCE OF MUSIC HAVE DIFFERENT LEVEL OF VOLUME. We often need to increase/decrease volume when we watch movie or music.
                  I seriously believe that person who made that law never used headphones in his/her life.
                  Now we cant listen to music in peace and just click up/down to change volume we need to fricking unlock phone and accept annoying popup that we understand we should not listen to loud sounds... I think that big chunk of people that use phones are adults with minimum intelligence and WE KNOW IF MUSIC WE LISTEN IS TOO LOUD. You dont need to tell us that.