Flashback: Sony Ericsson Satio and a look at how far camera phones have come in the last decade

25 July 2021
They grown bigger and more powerful, but some still shoot at 12 MPresolution - the Satio was one of the first to hit that number.

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  • 21 Mar 2023

Weedo-nl, 04 Aug 2022Still using it :)I'm just checking my old Satio to downgrade a bit. The touch screen seem gone - is this repairable?
I can't seem to get the case open either -was it the key release slider and a heave on the lens cover?

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    • 04 Aug 2022

    Still using it :)

      Never had this one. I had a W995 still, and was still loving it. In fact, my w995 lasted for 5 years until it's screen sliding ribbon gave up.

      Satio was a top dog for me back then, but I couldn't ignore that it didn't have stereo speakers like w995.
      Sure w995 didn't have 3 speakers like the beast w550 (man if it was a LOUD phone that one), but it was loud enough.
      Louder than satio.

      Back then loudness was an important factor for me. Camera not so much. Oh and storage too. I used to put a lot of music in these things, still do.

      Satio came out in 12 years ago. Feeling old yet?

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        • 02 Aug 2021

        My favorite Sony Ericsson mobile

          supreme babies!
          nice review!

            Alpha, 25 Jul 2021I guess you need to have your eyes and brain checked...imoNo you need them checked. And maybe a drug test if you're seeing differences that aren't there.

              ae86, 25 Jul 2021You may be viewing this article in a low res display... I use a GN34CB. 3440x1440, 3000:1 contrast, and the colors seem better than on my K40's AMOLED display.

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                • 28 Jul 2021

                after all these years now looking at nokia n8 pictures without any noise and sharp quality its even a fell back

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                  • 27 Jul 2021

                  When will sonyericsson be available in the world market?

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                    • 27 Jul 2021

                    😂He's old, but there's a pretty picture.

                      Anonymous, 26 Jul 2021That's exactly how Samsung always on HDR works. It tri... moreSamsung phones tend to use colder white balance and accentuate blues and greens during the day, while sticking to more accurate, warmer tone in low light. What you're seeing is a simple shift in white balance which is not even remotely close to 'filling" of colours into parts of the image where they are not supposed to exist.

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                        • 26 Jul 2021

                        Nick Tegrataker, 26 Jul 2021"Then we have the typical HDR trick that turns white a... moreThat's exactly how Samsung always on HDR works. It tries super hard to kill any burnspot by tone maping the area into oblivion but if It still detects white areas that are burnouts it changes the temperature on purpose. Light sources like highlights against even white areas such as walls turn into yellow while high frequency/wrinkled objects such as white shirt turn blue.

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                          • 26 Jul 2021

                          Nick Tegrataker, 26 Jul 2021A xenon flash is a feature that is really nice to have, tha... moreMight as well not use xenon flash on any living organism then

                            Kingslayer, 25 Jul 2021Wish they made another Xperia Compact phone the same size a... moreXperia 5 III is as compact as a smartphone could get while maintaining Xperia's characteristic 21:9 aspect ratio.

                              XXX13, 25 Jul 2021Xenon flash is better than what the have on all camera phon... moreA xenon flash is a feature that is really nice to have, that's for sure. I wouldn't use it against any animals/pets, though.

                                Anonymous, 25 Jul 2021Very little difference at daytime photos. It exposes a subj... more"Then we have the typical HDR trick that turns white areas into yellow or blue so burnsports are not white but instead filled with color."

                                Human eye vision has almost no "burnspots" with missing colours because our eyes can capture much wider dynamic range than any cameras do in a single shot. No phones "fill" in any colours using HDR, if highlights of an image show some sort of colours then they must have been present in the real life scenes as well. We're not talking about some random photoshop skills here, I feel like you're completely misunderstanding how HDR works and what computational imaging does in general.

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                                  • 26 Jul 2021

                                  blue.sun, 25 Jul 2021Which producer had no ports in 2009? And today... I need o... moreNo we dont need everything wireless..we have to charge enough devices already as it is.

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                                    • 26 Jul 2021

                                    Had this phone. Loved it for the music and camera. Was a beast. But yeah, that OS was horrible and that proprietary cable was silly. Had the X10 also. Sony Ericsson was the business!

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                                      • 26 Jul 2021

                                      Anonymous, 25 Jul 2021Couple weeks ago on reddit I saw photo taken by pixel 5 (da... morePixel 5 is better at keeping shadows well exposed than most phones, so if it failed to capture the cars then the your Xperia would have performed even worse in the same situation.
                                      The newer Pixels have dual exposure sliders too so if you want to lift shadows without clipping light sources, no problem 😉

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                                        • 25 Jul 2021