Nokia XR20 is a rugged 5G phone with 4 years of updates

27 July 2021
With MIL-STD810H, the XR20 can withstand drops of 1.8m and water up to a meter and a half.

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  • An0n

atichko, 27 Jul 2021Can't wait to see this phone in real life. I already h... moreNo, everyone does not "think" it is a light hardware -- it IS light on hardware. And yes, you are the one who think that it's a "proper high end" -- the fact, no, it is NOT high end.

Anyway, with this move, clearly Nokia is losing ground on common smartphone competition and joining "exclusive", a.k.a. smaller, competition with BlackView, Doogee, or CAT. Nice move Nokia.

Xyl, 27 Jul 2021Snapdragon 480 in a $550 phone, LOL Nokia.Man its a most durable phone on the market also there arent many phones.
Or rather to say there is no phone with other chip than SD888 with a 3 years of updates and 4 years of security updates.

Halfthekgb, 27 Jul 2021$550 is way too extreme. I'd pay $300.Man but its a rugged 5G phone with GG Victs its not that bad.

  • Deena

hmm, 27 Jul 2021This is one of these weird comments from weird people. Like... more👌

  • Anonymous

atichko, 27 Jul 2021Can't wait to see this phone in real life. I already h... moreBut $550 ? How do u justify that. Should have been around $450 or 500 at the most. 550 is a bit too high

  • Movipo

4 years? Ha!! They don't even update many of their handsets with Android One. The Nokia 5.3 is still on Android 10 and does not receive the monthly security updates; and so on with many other models. Don't believe the marketing hype... you will be left stranded.

Can't wait to see this phone in real life. I already have the X20 and it's just a brilliant phone. Most people look at the specs and immediately think it is to light on the hardware side but the user experience is almost as good as a proper high-end device. It's smoothe, fast, doesn't lag and offers a great autonomy while having only about 4500 mAh of juice. The build is impeccable and the screen is great (even while I am a big fan of Oled displays and don't like LCD generally). My next purchase will definitely be this XR20.

  • hmm

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2021Maybe find a skill and get a better paying job. This is one of these weird comments from weird people. Like why would you need a better job to get paid more just to make dumb decisions ?

  • hmm

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2021480 is above710Only cause of the graphics card of the 480 it has the high scores. While the 710 will support more camera features. Camera probably have more use then raw power for the phone cpu/gpu have to offer for the market it is aimed at. As these people who work in constructions dont have time to play games on there phones where you need the cpu and gpu power

  • hmm

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2021169mm height is just too big, come on HMD, make something t... moreLooking the last picture in the article that it show the phone in the pocket that it seems like for welding clothing the pocket is still not big enough to fit more then half a phone inside it :D

Looks good

  • Aditya kumar


Finaly, the true Nokia is coming back with the same chipset in multiple devices.

  • Rakesh

Snapdragon 480 ?? R u kidding me 😞😞😞

No wonder why Chinese phones are racing ahead.

Come up with snapdragon 700+

Nokia was better off dead.

The pricing for such a spec-sheet is abysmal.

  • Naseeb amiri

Nokia r always the strongest phones.

  • tkSteveFOX

Nice of Nokia to diversify but this price is insane.
It's a $400 phone sold as $550. Even with these specs people can argue of a $400 price, but I assume Nokia made the phone extra-durable + 4 years of updates is not something Oukitel, Blackview or Doogee offer (with them it's like 6months)

  • Anonymous

wongwatt, 27 Jul 2021I'd have been tempted if it had a Snap 780, with a 4 s... moreYep. 780 would have been much better. Or even a 870. For which even a price of 600 would be justified. A phone with a lot of good features without a capable processor is just a joke

  • Anonymous

Feend, 27 Jul 2021Let's see its priceIf only you had more of an attention span than a peanut, and kept reading, you would know.

$550 should be at least comes with 600-series chip