Nokia XR20 is a rugged 5G phone with 4 years of updates

27 July 2021
With MIL-STD810H, the XR20 can withstand drops of 1.8m and water up to a meter and a half.

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CptPower, 27 Jul 2021NMan that camera ruggedized design many certifications and ... moreLol. They released trashes called Nokia 5.4 in December 2020, 3.4 in September 2020, on Android 10 (though Android 11 was there). And until now, fanboy, they have NOT been updated to Android 11.
That speaks of update policy of HMD.

P.S: There are many Samsungs with 4 years of promised updates and OnePlus' Nord to provide you with best Android experience in the LOWER price range than this

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I like nokia brand, but unfortunately my nokia 6.1 plus was a failure one I bought it in the year 2018, till date I have given this for service four time

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REMBO569, 27 Jul 2021People, before comenting here plz go check snapdragon 480 v... moreOh really, nokia fanboy

CptPower, 27 Jul 2021Man your bad experience with the phone is just you and noon... moreAnd for Nokia, every other model is failure. And looking at their sales volume, it seems there are more people like me than you.
I asked the other guy and would ask you, too. Kindly head to the comment section of those trashes, especially their "most sold 6.1 Plus or 5.1 Plus" and let me know whether you find people like me or not.
Dude, their market share rose in 2017 and 2018 and has been falling steeply since then. And the cheap components, premium pricing and stupid manufacturing is the reason for it.

I'd love to see HMD going out of business. At least then, Nokia's name will rest in peace rather than being slapped on such horrible phones.

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REMBO569, 27 Jul 2021People, before comenting here plz go check snapdragon 480 v... moreAntutu scores are not everything in benchmarks. Thats the Adreno 619 gpu that gives the antutu score. In other performance benchmark that SD480 dont shine. Also there is a lot of features that are not supported with the SD480 like 4K video recording

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CptPower, 27 Jul 2021NMan that camera ruggedized design many certifications and ... moreAlso what means 4 years of updates exactly ? Get 4 years of security updates ? How often Nokia is updating there phones in software ? I see it a lot that people complain that they dont have fast updates and dont get a lot of the updates even tough are android one phones.

From this Nokia rugged phone for 550 price i expect better chip then SD480 while this isnt bad chip but for 550 bucks it is too low end. For 550 i also expect AMOLED screen and all types of camera features like thermal camera, thermometer camera, also range finder laser and lots of features that this should be packed with for this price. When there are better options from unknown brands that also have them as android one.

And for the most part of these people who buy rugged phones updates are not the thing they hope to get out of them and for most part of the world population these updates are ok to get but wont be something they care for much.

And for the people who care a lot about there security in phone for them there are phone brand from Finland also as Bittium

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CptPower, 27 Jul 2021Man and which rugged phone had more than 18W charging??? N... moreUlefone Armor 11T
Even tough it has not faster then 18W charging but it also have 10W wireless charging and also have reverse wireless charging and it's dinensity 800 with less then the price of a this Nokia. While it also have thermal camera.

Blackview BL5000 5G has 30W fast charger.
UMiDIGI Bison GT 33W fast charger, while not 5G and has G95 for 240 euro.

There are more with faster then 18W chargers.
Most of them just dont have victus corning glass and a lot of them dont have 5G

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REMBO569, 27 Jul 2021People, before comenting here plz go check snapdragon 480 v... moreFor half the price nowadays we're getting sd750 series. So sd480 doesn't make sense

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This device not capa, 27 Jul 2021I think This device not capable for gaming.prosser not gud.It gets over 300k antutu score so it will have enough power to play any game on the market with max settings at 60fps

If it cant play on max settings and 60fps then the games are really badly optimized

People, before comenting here plz go check snapdragon 480 vs snapdragon 690, you see that 690 only 10% better in antutu scores. So stop crying, this 480 chip way better than you think.

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2021480 is above710What exactly are you comparing?
As far as I know, you can't even think of shooting 4K videos with SD 480 (several phones out there have an option for 8K recording too).

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for all intents and purposes a disappointing price !!

aknsreddy, 27 Jul 2021480 and 4600mah for 500$???? Don't call them legend No... moreNMan that camera ruggedized design many certifications and 4 years of updates wiont come cheap.
Which phone at this price gives you 4 years of updates??? Noone.
Only SD888 and SD888+ androd phones claimed to have 4 years of updates and apart of that only apple which doesnt cost 550 but twice as much,
Thats real overpriced phone.
This one is nice to have.
By the way stock android is far better than any UI which takes a lot of ram and disk space for use.

SShreyas, 27 Jul 2021"The Nokia XR20 is here and it's what Nokia belie... moreMan your bad experience with the phone is just you and noone else.
You cant say for example 10 millions of other users will have same problems.
Samsung Note 7 was big failure and yet still everybody loves and buys samsung.

kek, 27 Jul 2021All was good, until tht 550$ price tag popped up lmao An... moreMan its a powerfull rugged phone thus the price.
I do understand you can buy a flagship grade device at that price but nothing rugged.

Anna, 27 Jul 2021The Nokia XR20 runs Android 11 and Nokia has committed to f... moreMan and which rugged phone had more than 18W charging???
This one is great. Also its one of few rugged phons with wireless charging and wireless reverse charging.

atichko, 27 Jul 2021Can't wait to see this phone in real life. I already h... moreYou're talking about HMD? Like, seriously?
Because I didn't spent a single day without my phone restarting.

L.O.R.D, 27 Jul 2021I bought three Nokia 6.1 phones (not the plus) and one 8110... moreDude just head out to Nokia forums or even the comment section of those trashes out here only.
I am not the only victim of stupid manufacturing by this brand.
Anyways, the chances of getting a faulty phone amongst other brands is same as chances of getting a working one from HMD
And if a any "tech website" calls the entire range of products from a brand as "life proof" and most (>70%) people aren't satisfied with it, then it is a biased "review". Also, GSMArena is quite biased towards some brands (like Realme ,their favourite)

  • This device not capa

I think This device not capable for gaming.prosser not gud.

a brands when you cant fight against top contender phone like xiaomi realme or samsung. release a phone with unsual body build, attachment for camera, etc and put it high price. i like this phone tbh but the price is crazy high, you can almost buy flagship if save a bit more and the quality is enough to resist bend, water and drop.