Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 passes by TENAA with 12GB RAM and 256GB of storage

29 July 2021
The device could launch next month alongside MIUI 13.

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Let me guess, No Face ID unlocking aaaaand video calling on a small screen will suuuuuuuuuuck. But I'll wait for a full review

JoeM, 29 Jul 2021Folding phones are temporary as they switch to rollable. Ju... moreExcept that it isn't the case and more importantly SHOULDN'T be the case, all those are TOTALLY different.
Rollable rely on a specific display tech while a foldable could be made with two regular display simply coming flush, thing Microsoft Surface Duo but when unfolded having no visible gap between the two displays, this would be a much better alternative than both screen flexible foldable and rollable, yet both still have their pros, screen flexible foldable allow to use phone at any angles other than fully open, practical to have a mini laptop like phone, and rollable have the potential to expand the display size by a lot.
It isn't as simple as "it changes size, so it is all the same".

Pop up have many pros that the UDC doesn't, in fact the UDC only has cons compared to it, more importantly, the pop up offer a front camera privacy the UDC can't.
As for the flip up, it allows to use the vastly better main cameras as front camera.
Same here, it is as simple as "it allows fulldisplay, so it is all the same", it would be like saying "it has two wheels, so it is all the same" when looking at a sport bike despite someone clearly requiring an off-road one.
I'd take any current pop up over any UDC even from 5 years in the future ANY DAYS!
And this is without even talking about the massive room for improvement this tech still has.

There are still quite a lot of phones with fingerprint scanner on the side and on the back, and it is a GOOD thing, because there isn't a "better location", it is subjective and everyone has its own preferences about it.
While I personally don't like side and back, many still do, and the reasons why "we see more of X and don't see any Y anymore" has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with what users want or what is better, the smartphone market is the only one I know of where rather than following demand, they force certain standard into user throat because there isn't any alternatives, so they don't care as we have to buy it anyway.
Besides, most underdisplay FPS are optical, which is BY FAR the worse, the capacitive one commonly used on the back and side(s) is much better, only beaten by Ultrasonic one (if properly implemented, the S10, S20, Note10 & Note20 had an awful implementation, the S21 and Meizu 18 & 118 Pro have an excellent implementation and still are only using less than a quarter of the tech's potential) which can be implemented underdisplay, in-display, on the side(s) and on the back, maybe in the future it may even be combined with non-physical gaming triggers.

Many techs AREN'T a replacement for the others, exactly like Face ID shouldn't have been implemented as a replacement for FPS but rather both together, and the exact same thing is true with FPS not being a replacement for 3D face recognition, mainly with both being able to work together and exponentially increase the device safety.

This is because of speeches like this that the smartphone market is literally the same phone over and over again with minor variations, rather than diversity and choice for everyone like basically every single other market on the planet do by targeting everyone from mainstream to niches.

  • Nellu

One of the ugliest phone I ever seen

  • JoeM

zaryan, 29 Jul 2021Man foldable are really useful for this purpose but they ar... moreFolding phones are temporary as they switch to rollable. Just like pop up and flip up front cameras were to under screen camera phones. You don't see anyone pulling finger print sensors on the back anymore. They are all under screen too.

  • JoeM

Wow, Xiaomi hit it out of the park with one. If the under screen camera is the same as the Visionox one used in the ZTE, they have them beat with the waterfall display. This is a flagship killer, but I would guess it will be much more expensive than the ZTE Axon 30 5G.

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2021You're funny lol. You thought on the people who wanna ... moreIs it so hard to understand that :
1) There are better things than phones for video calls, I took a credit for my Poco F2 Pro, yet I was able to afford a 2019 Samsung Tab A for the sole purpose of having a shortcut apps (Touch Portal), it isn't as if someone paying a phone that is around 1000¤ won't be able to.

2) Not everyone is into video calls, if you are into, OBVIOUSLY you'd buy another device, it isn't hard to understand, still, it would be ridiculously easy to make a UDC and a no-front-cam variant of the same phone for Xiaomi.

3) There is a bazillion alternatives, from an accessory such as this :
To external cameras.

Nigga, 29 Jul 2021Man what you say is correct to some extent like many don�... moreDo you REALLY need to be seen or to see the other person, mainly for education purposes?
And there are tons of alternative solutions, from simple and cheap add-ons like this :

Plus, I never said that NO PHONES should have a front camera, I talk about having SOME phones without it, the Mi Mix 4 with its second display was the most adapted to that.

And this phone will cost probably upward to 1000¤, so it isn't really adapted to a country where people struggle to buy a 200¤ tablet anyway.

Demongornot, 29 Jul 2021Sadly they didn't ditch the front camera, but had they... moreMan foldable are really useful for this purpose but they are not widely available in my country only galaxy fold is available but it is always out of stock for most of times

  • John6

Ugh. I wish they they add a front facing camera tbh. The small screen on the back would be enough for the occasional selfie 😔

  • Anonymous

I 100% agree with the no front camera, a slide up camera is the best like the old slider phones used to be like. Like the mi mix 3. With slider phones you don't have the issue of the motor of a pop up camera failing. Any time you want to make a video call/take a selfie you can just slide the phone down and make your call/take your selfie and once your done slide it back up, and boom you have an all screen phone. Also an under display camera while cool when it come to technology is kinda creepy as it cold be on all the time and blocking it would block the screen.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2021You're funny lol. You thought on the people who wanna ... moreNah that's your issue not mine

  • Nigga

Demongornot, 29 Jul 2021Sadly they didn't ditch the front camera, but had they... moreMan what you say is correct to some extent like many don't like doing video calls (I'm one of them). But video call in small displays were also existed, and now also. Many people in my country can't afford laptops and tablets, they're compulsorily using their phones for online education, and low cost pc with web cam if they could afford.

zaryan, 29 Jul 2021One big question how are you going to attend video conferen... moreSadly they didn't ditch the front camera, but had they, just be sure many would still buy it, a LOT of people don't do and even dislike video call.
Not everyone does the same thing, and definitely not everyone does video call, yes including during the pandemic too.

It is funny when people complain that the display is too small for video calls when a phone itself isn't that big to begin with and tablets and laptops are much more adapted for video calls, or at least foldable phones, but video calls on regular smartphones?

DK, 29 Jul 2021as far as everything known about it up to now ...all the ru... moreThat's the issue, it shouldn't kill anything.
I'd largely prefer a phone with a pop up, flip up, a slider, or just no front camera at all, and unlike what many like to pretend, there is a lot of other people who think the same as me.
UDC is full of flaws and issues, and therefor shouldn't be forced as the new alternative to everything.
It is the worse possible thing privacy wise, it cost a lot but since current phones like the Axon 20 and 30 are voluntarily sold as a loss people don't realize it yet, it is the biometric Antichrist and yet often associated with the coming back of 3D face recognition, and many other nonsense like that...

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 29 Jul 2021If at least they ditched the useless front camera rather th... moreYou're funny lol. You thought on the people who wanna do video calls? How the hell you wanna do that without a dedicated front cam?!

  • Lence

Luigge, 29 Jul 2021I still don't understand the small screen on the back... Why to have like 16MP camera on the front when you can have full pack of cameras on the back for selfies?

BUT! What we gonna do with face-timing someone? Do I suppose to video chat with my love on that small screen on the back? She loves small thing but geesh this is too small

  • DK

Demongornot, 29 Jul 2021If at least they ditched the useless front camera rather th... moreas far as everything known about it up to now ...all the rumors point to it having udc as mentioned in the article ....which will kill all notches and punch hole gimmicks pretty soon ....it just has a screen on the back like mi 11 ultra

507AMS, 29 Jul 20211) see notifications when phone is upside down 2) take sel... moreI get your points. but then... why we need smarbands and smartwaches if we can do all those point there(beside selfie but who need selfies?)... For all those years I was ok with just simple led diode that notify me about stuff(depending on colors etc) and for past years I use smartband and I seriously dont see point of it especially when even xiaomi push their wearables so much mentioning those points too

I seriously demand that all mi mix models need to have that magnetic sliding mechanism, its so satisfying and calming to just move it up and down...

  • Anonymous

zaryan, 29 Jul 2021One big question how are you going to attend video conferen... moreJust don't buy this phone if you do a lot of conf call haha