Realme unveils the MagDart ecosystem: 50W and 15W chargers, power bank and more

03 August 2021
The Realme Flash is just a concept phone. Instead, the first device to be charged with MagDart is the Realme GT (which is getting a special case). 

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AnonD-1003038, 03 Aug 2021yeah, but with magnets!Ah thanks.

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2021Magnetic. No phone has wireless charging, otherwise no ca... moreThis is Realme not Apple. Regardless, isn't this just wireless charging with magnets to hold the wireless charger in place?

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This magsafe magdart is just a lowly gimmick.. No need for wireless actually.. since it already have magnetic alignment just put a pogo pin and u get full wired charging speed without the heft of wireless coil (facepalm).. U also lose the wireless advantage since it always need 2 hands to detach the system.. True wireless system advantage is u can pick it up freely and go.. Like picking up Lumia 920 from fatboy pillow wireless charger like a boss..

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2021Just stop man... IPhone 13 will come with 25W charging. Are... moreyes, technically 5x the degradation.

But charging technology has 10 years to improve. That equates to a 17% improvement every year(which is how fast charging tech realistically improves each year).

So yes, 25W charging has 5x the degradation. It's just that charging tech has 10 years to improve at a reasonable pace.

1.17^3 roughly equal 1.6. So my point still stands that faster charging = more degradation, and that the claims that companies like xiaomi can somehow deliver triple the wattage without any more battery degradation in like 3 years are completely FALSE.

HaterzSuckkkkk, 05 Aug 20213x the wattage = 3x the force on the battery = 3x the heat ... moreIt's not linear as you put it

You can have twice the CHARGING power

By having parrallel batteries, so you can have two batteries taking only 15 W each and that is technically 30W overall

And there are many other work arounds

  • AnonD-909757

[deleted post]That's right, it isn't as simple a watt = temperature in a linear level, otherwise F1 engines would be hotter than the sun...
Not only thermal dispassion is a key component when we make fast charging, but many others software and hardware thermal management are also tightly integrated into the device.
OnePlus though has a different solution, rather than the charge controller being in the phone, it is in the power brick, making less heat, as the battery itself isn't what heat the most during charging, but the controlled do.
Of course, fast charging do degrade the battery faster than slow charging, but nowadays, it is on an irrelevant level, mainly if one plan to change his phone in the 3 year timespan that within which most people do change their phone.
And while I am a big advocate to allowing to have a "slow charge mode", "smart battery management with upper and lower limits" and "healthy night charging" software options, I can't say that battery get degraded enough to justify making phones without fast charging.

And battery degradation is actually an extremely complex topic where even experts have diverging views, some say the voltage is the biggest culprit, others say it is the amp, some say it is heat, some will say the number of cycles is much more relevant...
A sure thing is, since the firsts fast charging phones, the battery haven't shown abnormal signs of degradation to the point where it is relevant, same with my OnePlus 6t that I don't use anymore as I upgraded to a Poco F2 Pro, and which I often recharged with the provided 20W charger.

As for the wattage, it shouldn't be taken into consideration, it is only the maximum it can draw, not what it constantly draws, many things influence how fast a battery charge, and like UFS 3.0 of some big brands are much faster than UFS 3.0 of other brands, the early days of fast charging did show 20W/30W charge faster than some 50W+ charge (numbers for example only).
On top of thermal management, many other things are to be considered, and the way a battery initially charge really quickly, then slow down, has a big impact on the overhaul charging speed.
A phone that charge superfast until 70% can still be beaten by one who charge much slowly to 70% but who have a much better above 70% charge speed for example (numbers for example only).
And battery wear might be affected by this differently from brands to brands.
Indeed, fast charging produce more heat, and heat damage battery, but using a 20W fast charging phone when it is charging might cause more wear than letting a 75W+ fast charging phone alone when he is charging, mainly if the 20W phone owner do games or other demanding things during charging.

So in the end, it is a complex subject, but while it indeed wear much, the amount is not important.

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HaterzSuckkkkk, 05 Aug 20213x the wattage = 3x the force on the battery = 3x the heat ... moreJust stop man... IPhone 13 will come with 25W charging. Are you saying it will have 5x times degradation compared to 5W charging??
LOL all the things these guys say about you, they are the right...

  • AnonD-909757

HaterzSuckkkkk, 05 Aug 2021Oh, did I give you the wrong kind of message? I'm sorr... moreOh, sorry then, I am so accustom to people just hating on it without any justifications...

And yes, I see what you mean, indeed!
Mainly considering that the Poco F2 Pro wasn't even sold in the US apparently, and considering that there are only few phones with this tech, this is impressive how they pulled that one!

AnonD-909757, 05 Aug 2021I love the constant paradox argument of people trying to du... moreOh, did I give you the wrong kind of message? I'm sorry.

I meant to imply that I hated pop-up cameras. I think it's a really cool technology that has progressed a lot so far. But unfortunately, 5-6 devices in the top 20 still means that 14-15 devices are there without pop-up.

And I never meant to say that pop-up played no factor in it, I said that it helped roughly 20% of the ranking of the phone, just not all of it. Get it?

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Anonymous, 05 Aug 2021Pop-up selfie was not just cost effective, as it did not in... moreTrue, and as for the space, it actually takes no relevant amount of space as I proved here :

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2021The whole paragraph is a lie.. Fast charging degradation li... more3x the wattage = 3x the force on the battery = 3x the heat = 3x the battery degradation.

If you think that's wrong, show me a source NOT from a company(companies with fast charging always want to make their tech look good).

"proper" file management systems are only required on tablets and computers. If you think that apple's current file management system is not good enough, good for you, it's just that most iPhone customers have no complaints. If you want to disprove this, go show me a source that does.

"typical high school junior not able to assimilate that IOS will always be beneath android".

Yeah, I definetly can't assimilate that cause its NOT TRUE!!!

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[deleted post]Really? So, my display somehow doesn't display good image for my needs because it's 720p" only? My camera can't make good photos because it's not 200 Megapixels and has 5 extra meaningless token cameras just to say it has them? My A12 Bionic chipset somehow isn't fast enough anymore? Or my NVMe storage? Uh? It seems like it lives up to specs perfectly and even has proper long term software support that will still last me for years? Totally!

  • AnonD-1003038

[deleted post]Yeah, what would I know as someone with a 3 years old iPhone XR whose only 2942mAh battery still lasts day and a half after all this time of doing "slow charging". Do you have any more claims that we can file under "Sure, that happened"?

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[deleted post]And they pretend to care about environment...

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Anonymous, 05 Aug 2021Independent tests disagree with you and your Android hatred I'm sure they have. And they've tested it like most people use quick charging. Charging phones over night and gaming with cable plugged in... And I'm sure they were testing phones in such conditions for 3 years day after day like people actually use phones. Stop lying.

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[deleted post]I can confirm... I had to charge the iPhone 12 mini 2-3 times a day. Thank God I returned it.
Wouldn't be surprised if it would have needed a replacement within 8 months.

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AnonD-1003038, 05 Aug 2021Obviously you have no clue how batteries work to claim such... moreIndependent tests disagree with you and your Android hatred

  • AnonD-1003038

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2021The whole paragraph is a lie.. Fast charging degradation li... moreObviously you have no clue how batteries work to claim such nonsense. ANY fast charging will ALWAYS degrade battery more than slow charging. Battery degradation isn't caused only by heat, but is a contributing factor. Shoving more electrons into battery and forcing it to perform electro-chemical process faster (li-ion batteries store electricity through chemical process performed by electrical charge) will degrade cells faster whether you call it a lie or not. But you Android fanboys who need to brag constantly with specs wouldn't know anything about that, you're too busy constantly bragging about specs on paper. Bigger is better for you, always.

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HaterzSuckkkkk, 05 Aug 2021Huh, lies, you say? Tell me exactly where I lied.The whole paragraph is a lie.. Fast charging degradation lie, every absent feature on ToyOS labeled as not important. Typical high school junior not being able to assimilate that iOS will always be beneath Android. Android is the ecosystem of champions while iOS is part of handicapped joker system that 86% people want nothing to do with.

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AnonD-909757, 05 Aug 2021I love the constant paradox argument of people trying to du... morePop-up selfie was not just cost effective, as it did not increase the prices significantly, but it also kept the screen full, as it is, without any cuts. It may have took some space from the phone, that is understandable but they should've at least kept a few pop-up selfie phones alive for those who like it. I'd have loved to get a phone with that feature