Realme unveils the MagDart ecosystem: 50W and 15W chargers, power bank and more

03 August 2021
The Realme Flash is just a concept phone. Instead, the first device to be charged with MagDart is the Realme GT (which is getting a special case). 

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  • 05 Aug 2021

HaterzSuckkkkk, 05 Aug 2021More stuff? Tell me those.No time to type all the benefits of Android over iOS as there are many. I'd say just get an android phone and use it

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    • 05 Aug 2021

    way simple using the old style charger

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      • 05 Aug 2021

      HaterzSuckkkkk, 05 Aug 2021Ok yeah, those phones are up there maybe 10-30% for the pop... moreI love the constant paradox argument of people trying to dump down the success of the pop up by saying :
      *Pop up are expensive/(phones with)Pop up isn't popular.
      Combined with :
      *Those phones with pop up only sold well because they were well priced.

      Pop up haters just refuse the reality, which is that the pop up was both a great tech and a beloved one.

      That's like people saying they don't want pop up and they are perfectly fine with punch holes that they actually like the design of, then the same persons talk about underdisplay camera saying "quick, so we can ditch those horrible punch holes".
      Seriously people...

        [deleted post]Huh, lies, you say? Tell me exactly where I lied.

          [deleted post]More stuff? Tell me those.

            AnonD-909757, 05 Aug 2021"The most popular android phones don't have pop-u... moreOk yeah, those phones are up there maybe 10-30% for the pop-up. They're mostly just well priced phones.

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              • 05 Aug 2021

              So you have to add a bulky case with a coil to your phone to use the wireless charger ?...Why not using a phone with built in charging coil like like my S21...

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                • 05 Aug 2021

                Why do they have to copy it right down to the naming... I will never buy a realme product

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                  • 05 Aug 2021

                  HaterzSuckkkkk, 04 Aug 2021Doesn't wireless charging top out at 50W? Not to menti... more"The most popular android phones don't have pop-up. Under-display cameras are still at their very early stages."

                  Considering that most smartphones with pop up were not sold globally, and that on Kimovil the Poco F2 Pro/K30 Pro and Mi 9t Pro/K20 Pro were quite often in the top 20 (when the lists did work), of most user satisfaction and the Lenovo Legion 2 Pro is on a great spot on the "most wanted" phones, and the Poco F2 Pro is on a great spot of the "best seller" phones, I disagree, facts do disagree too.

                  And there is nothing to be happy or proud about the UDC tech going to eat away every other alternatives, that users want it or not.
                  Once privacy will be definitely lost, it will be too late to cry.

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                    • 04 Aug 2021

                    I think they should have introduced it with a new phone that supports magcharge instead of combining it just with a did it better in my opinion

                      Anonymous, 04 Aug 2021Okay here's a few for example as to why Android is far... moreDoesn't wireless charging top out at 50W? Not to mention faster charging= more degradation.

                      And doesn't apple airdrop share files without a wifi hotspot? And apple did airdrop way before android, lol.

                      If the file system on IOS is enough for 95% of iPhone users(and iPad has a more "full fledged" file system, and there is barely any complaints about file managment from iPhone users), then it's obvious that the file system is not a reason to prefer android.

                      Always on display consumes battery. If you can turn on the iPhone with a tap, why need an always-on display(especially since you can buy a more effective one).

                      High refresh rate displays from apple are coming next year.

                      The most popular android phones don't have pop-up. Under-display cameras are still at their very early stages.

                      Gaming phones are much bulkier than regular phones, and IOS has a greater selection of gaming APPS.

                      Remember how you guys say IOS is lightweight and android is heavyweight? Yeah, a so called "heavyweight" OS requires heavyweight amounts of battery.

                      Side loading apps is sometimes useful, but it can install malware onto your computer.

                      Faster charging = faster degradation, even for wired. If you assume the absolute best case scenario, that 120W charging has 2.5x the degradation. That is ASSUMING that xiaomi is SO ahead of apple that their batteries degrade half as fast(aka the absolute BEST case scenario).

                      FaceID is superior to under-display sensors. Obviously your gonna mention covid, but masks are going away with the vaccine(unless if ur an anti-vaxxer).

                      Foldables cost a lot. Cheaper foldables(like the z flip) are twice as thick than the iPhone when folded, so it doesn't bring much more compactness. Stuff like the upcoming z fold 3 are gonna be thick and cost like $1700.

                      Apple has phones at $400, $700, $800, up to $1400, plus you can buy older iPhones that are cheaper and still have longer support than android phones.

                      The only reason android existed as it is today is because iPhone did it first(LG prada and whatever IBM did does not count, those were half-baked implementations that sold poorly).

                      Apple does an average amount of marketing, so "marketing" is not an excuse either. just a better implementation

                        Rimuruu, 03 Aug 2021Here comes the haterHere come LOGIC and basic knowledge of marketing that will advertise anything as amazing and super, even if its not, and it have nothing to do with "innovation" and technological evolution

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                          • 04 Aug 2021

                          HaterzSuckkkkk, 04 Aug 2021Alrighty. List me some.Okay here's a few for example as to why Android is far better than any iPhony ever :

                          Wireless Charging (was present way before, reaches 65 watts now)

                          A full fledged File Manager with file sharing over Wi-Fi hotspot (many other features)

                          Screen Off gestures (most custom ROM have it)

                          Always On display (has gotten better with updates)

                          Lots of customisation (Almost everything can be)

                          High refresh rate (adaptive now 1-120 hz)

                          Notch free screen ( via pop-up camera and under display now)

                          Mobile Gaming (Android phones are much better at it, example ROG)

                          big batteries (reached almost 7000, but some also go upto 13000)

                          Side-loading of apps (once again, has existed for long)

                          Fast wired charging (reaches almost 120 watts, with some going upto 160)

                          Under display fingerprint scanner (first optical, and later on ultra sonic)

                          Foldable form (several android phones been doing that by now, while zero from Apple so far)

                          Varied price segments (with apple just a few phones and all overpriced and worthless)

                          The list goes on and on, android and android phones have countless hardware and software advancements over iOS)
                          Accept it, android is and has always been much much better

                            IpsDisplay, 03 Aug 2021This time around as if to imply that apple "perfecting... moreAlrighty. List me some.

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                              • 04 Aug 2021

                              All phone companies are about to be sued by Motorola for copying the handheld cellphone that they first made in 1973

                                Anonymous, 04 Aug 2021Wow! This is some good news just wait till Apple innovates ... moreLol like Apple never copies Android.

                                  Anonymous, 04 Aug 2021Ooo another worthless apple fan if it's better and Che... moreYou couldn't be more wrong. I have a Zenfone 8, so go figure if I am an apple fan.
                                  And no, being cheaper doesn't make copying good. So, sod off

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                                    • 04 Aug 2021

                                    Wow! This is some good news just wait till Apple innovates in the next few years.

                                      Forget the Apple or Realme, it was Sony to bring out the magnetic charging tech first to smartphones and it was Motorola then to improve on the same concept with their Moto Mods and various other accessories that simply snapped on to the back of the device via strong magnets

                                      It also enabled several other types of accessories to be attached to the back of the phone like a gamepad, 360° camera, portable speaker, a power bank, a very capable Hasselblad camera with 10x optical zoom, a projector, back covers with wireless charging coil built-in, and a lot more. The possibilities were just endless. I already have the power bank for my three year old Z2 which is a phone just 6mm thick and still has the magnetic tech. For some reason, that concept did not pick up at that time and they ultimately shelved it but then Apple did the same and everyone is like woah what an innovation

                                        it's better than i expected honestly,but ehh will see if it actually catches on(could be a way to have budget phones with psuedo wireless charging) but i don't see it catching on