Xiaomi Pad 5, Pad 5 Pro aim for glory with 11" TrueTone displays, powerful chipsets

10 August 2021
The Pad 5 comes with Snapdragon 860, Pad 5 Pro runs on Snapdragon 870.

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  • TabMaster

The pricing is good because it's the Chinese version, the global version will make the mi pad 5 close to 400$ and the mi pad 5 pro close to 500$ and at that point is not that good.

  • Dude

Ima get it if dirt cheap in EU

Pro Me, 10 Aug 2021So no front cam??You can zoom in the "photo with 11 inch" above, there's selfie camera there but sadly they put it on portrait position, not landscape

TabMaster, 10 Aug 2021They wasted to much budget in cameras, instead they could&#... moreTrue, Tab s7 time to time they drop below $500, and lenovo pad pro is somehow cheaper maybe.

SD 860 one pad 5 looks more appealing to me, most tablets in $300 category has midrange soc.

Just hope they include Good desktop mode like other Oems.

  • Anonymous

wow das pretty cheap

  • hbkrossi

So dumb/silly release.....What makes them think they can compete with Ipad Pro or S7+??? Better focus on 8 inches Tablet segment, 300$ price range and they will outsell every shits including upcoming Ipad Mini 6 with ease....

  • TabMaster

They wasted to much budget in cameras, instead they could've included the pen with the tablet, they are competing with samsung not apple...

  • Anonymous

Come on xiaomi, sell it in Europe asap

I may get 1 if launch this in India.

Is there any chance that they will be any plus variant for these series (Physically Bigger) ?

  • Zero

I feel that only the SD 860 Mi Pad 5 will go overseas.

So no front cam??