Weekly poll: if you could, would you buy a Pixel 5a 5G?

22 August 2021
Availability is limited to the US and Japan, so either Google knows its audience or those are the only markets that might care for a $450 mid-ranger.

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  • Anonymous

No i wouldnt not with the camera issues

  • sol42

No way. Storage only 128GB, no sd card and old 765 platform. Good things are: 3.5-jack, IP67 and software with gcam, but it cannot compensate for things that don't exist.

With is heating camera recording problems no, it's like they use Samsung parts.

  • akiriofmul

My new pixel 4a camera app crashed completely ...
Tried everything from switching off, reset, safe mode, factory reset. Error as stated in your pic. Also torch shows ‘not available camera busy’ although it’s not.
its hardware problem so I have 2 years of warranty so I send It back
yeah its cool with stock android great pictures...

  • Matt

I Pre-Ordered one, I've been waiting for a while, I have Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G that I pre-ordered last year, I have Pixel 2 before, Pixels are the best, my Pixel 2 compare to my Note 20 in some camera areas, don't let those fancy Samsung cameras fool you, it's all about image processing software, mine will be delivered on 8/28th.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Aug 2021If the phone is not officially sell in your country it mean... moreLol repairing the device is not an issue. One can get it repaired at certified store, you just won't be able to claim warranty. They'll charge you for the that

  • JPS

Frankly. there is no option to buy a decent Google phone in my part of the world. The 4, 4A 5G, 5 did not come, while the 5A, 6 and 6 Pro are most likely not to come. Google instead gave us Buds!

Frankly, it's just annoying because the software experience on a Pixel is indeed difficult to find elsewhere, but guess it's time to move on to Samsung, or who knows, Apple!

BTW, Samsung officially opened pre-orders for the new Flip & Fold devices today.

  • Anonymous

As an American, I'm in a weird scenario. We don't get phones that are considered value leaders such as the Xiaomis, Oppos and Realmes, so we're stuck with phones that are worse values for money like this. So, rather, it's a case of "we're basically forced to buy this, OnePluses, or Galaxies instead of phones that are better values for money in the same price range."

(And even then, the Galaxy A52 5G looks like a better value for money, IMO, despite the worse UI.)

  • Anonymous

Still would prefer a pixel over any other android (I had tons of phones of different manufacturers), but the 5a seems just like a dull idea. 1. the pixel 5 is simply the better deal (grab it used!) 2. it's not widely available 3. the 6 or 6a is just around the corner, the pixel 5 will get cheaper if you are not willing to buy a 6 (or a possible 6a)

Outside of the us? It would be crushed by the competition, the great camera wouldn't be enough to convince people to overlook the weak soc (even with clean google software) and the 60hz display at this price.

Too big, just give me 4a with battery from pixel 5, that's all I want

  • Franz

I have a Pixel 5 so obviously this one wouldn't be a choice. What annoys me most is that Google just stays focused on NOT bringing their phones to a wider market. If that's the case i won't be using any Pixel anymore. I don't support this type of Business if i have to go above and beyond to get a product.

  • Anonymous

Luni Trackers, 23 Aug 2021Pay for Google to track me, are you serious ?? Heh, no way. Why not ? You know you want Google to know your every move.

BB0401, 22 Aug 2021It definitely does not rival the DeX. I know, I have a G8x ... moreThat might be true but the basic essential desktop functionality is all there, so I'm okay with that. For someone like LG who only jumped into the Desktop Mode bandwagon three years after Samsung DeX, it's not a bad attempt especially when LG has updated the Desktop Mode for Android 11 and now calling it the Screen+.

  • Nexus

For the price, I can easily get a Poco F3 with 8+256GB and still have leftover lol.

  • Luni Trackers

Pay for Google to track me, are you serious ??
Heh, no way.

  • blue.sun

At this price almost anything is better. Google doesn't sell here, never mind. Wouldn't sell a piece.

  • Anonymous

Pumpino, 22 Aug 2021A plastic build, old Gorilla Glass 3, an ancient IMX363, a ... moreStop Spreading wrong information

Pixel 5a has a metal uni-body with ip67 rating. It has Gorilla Glass 6 compared to GG5 on oneplus nord2. And nord doesn't even have an ip rating when midrangers from Samsung, Google and Apple have.

Nord doesn't has headphone jack and uses ancient USB type-C 2.0

  • Anonymous

DMX, 22 Aug 2021They complain so much that the pixels do not reach their co... moreIf the phone is not officially sell in your country it mean no local warranty or what so ever and you asking people to get the import one? If anything broke, where are you going to send the device for warranty claim?? Toilet??? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Anonymous

if I could, i.e. if i had extra money to spare i would definitely buy it