Weekly poll: if you could, would you buy a Pixel 5a 5G?

22 August 2021
Availability is limited to the US and Japan, so either Google knows its audience or those are the only markets that might care for a $450 mid-ranger.

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  • gsmarena

If a company can't even continue manufacturing products for even one year, Why should we trust their products... No use if this pixel 5a if 5 is discontinued...

  • Anonymous

Pumpino, 22 Aug 2021A plastic build, old Gorilla Glass 3, an ancient IMX363, a ... morethe 5a has a metal body with a plastic coating on top. i would much rather have that over a phone with a glass back and plastic frame

  • Anonymous

Good phone but too big. Screen needs to be less than 6 inches

NO, but as usual I can't vote in your broken polls - trying to force people to install a pointless app just to vote in polls is cheap.

i would have bought if it was released in my country...!

  • AK

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2021Too large, too little storage. Too large??? Looks tiny

  • Anonymous

Cameras run hot probably taxing the CPU too much.

Nope I'll buy pixel 5b, or maybe 5c

  • Sahil635

Now pixel devices would be counted a common phones as they changed thier compact side to bigger where they have competition
I liking lat pixel phones because that was compact from factor but I am not interested in compering as this year pixel turned to larger because we have lots of choices in this segment

  • Gauron

Pumpino, 22 Aug 2021A plastic build, old Gorilla Glass 3, an ancient IMX363, a ... moreGet out of here with that One Plus Always settle BS phone. Would never support that company.

I love Pixel phones. But somehow India has never been a market to focus for Google.No idea if these would be launched in India.
I would rather spend some more amount and go for an iPhone.
And other options for me now are - Micromax and Lava. Both are Indian brands and have re-entered the market with stock Android offerings. Of course they may not be seasoned like Google phones but are always better than customized bloated OS offerings.

  • Anonymous

For that price I can get a much better spec'd phone from other Major Manufacturers or at a much less price with the same spec + more features.

  • Sasa

The only problem with the Google Pixel 5G phones is the 5G connectivity. It is useless here In the Philippines, due to compatibility. I hope Google makes a version that is compatible with the Philippines 5G bands. 5G is vital to me now since there’s a 5G signal in my location. 4G LTE seems slower to me now. My iPhone 12 Pro Max and Poco F3 5G internet speed is wow. I am looking forward to the Pixel 6 5G bands to work here in my country so that I can buy it soon.

  • The don

This is a clear sign for exploitation, it's like you are doing give away to a multinational cooperation with your hard earned money, for that price I am not doing give away.

I prefer my zf2 and the coming soon zf3 on this horrible phone

  • Anonymous

The only thing that made me envious about this phone is that it has a Gorilla Glass 3 display protection. My phone has a Gorilla Glass 6 and it can be dented and scratched easily in just 2 month of use. I don't like to use a screen protector but current phone forced me to use one.

  • deviant

I would buy for sure, what makes a smartphone great is the software and camera, and pixels have best android and best camera. (If it was hardware nobody would buy iphones :), everybody is buying iphones because there is nothing else working in ios) . Unfortunately google does not sell it in my country.

  • Anonymous

If they sold one in EU, then probably yes (they don't even sell them in my country, so even if they sold it in EU I would need to import one)

Considering they don't sell it, ZenFone 8 is my only other recent small non iPhone option.

A plastic build, old Gorilla Glass 3, an ancient IMX363, a 60Hz display and Google's horrible new Android 12 UI. My Nord 2 has a more premium build, Gorilla Glass 5 on both sides, a superior IMX766 (with Gcam available), a 90Hz display, a more powerful chip and an awesome UI, for less money.

  • Anonymous

Too large, too little storage.