Weekly poll: if you could, would you buy a Pixel 5a 5G?

22 August 2021
Availability is limited to the US and Japan, so either Google knows its audience or those are the only markets that might care for a $450 mid-ranger.

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  • romenick

In the UAE for the same price you can have the S20 FE 5G. A world apart and great planned updates for a few years.

Big no.

They complain so much that the pixels do not reach their countries, as easy as going to the google store and ordering it or importing it and that's it. So difficult? the pixels handle almost all the 2g, 3g and 4g bands on the planet and 5g where it is scarcely available

If it's under 350$ yes I will buy it

  • Anonymous

I just bought a fold 3 so no.

  • Anonymous

I've gone for 'Maybe,if there's a discount'. It's more, 'Maybe, if the Pixel 6's don't seem worth it.'

It definitely annoys me that Google aren't releasing this in the UK. I'm itching to upgrade from my Pixel 3a but the 4a doesn't seem like such a leap. If the Pixel 6 or 6 Pro aren't worth the asking price and the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G are discontinued, then I'll have to consider another manufacturer's wares.

Even for 216 is way too overpriced apart the latest google android and constatnt updates this phone have nothing to impress.
I am proud owner of Xiaomi MI 11 lite 5G which for 300 bucks is many billion times better in every aspect.

Pixel have too many gimmick not worth the price szch as GG3, IP XX and many else. Any water resistant cover or book case for just 5 bucks will do same tricks for much less price.

Not interested in mid range phones.

Even if I had to pick one, I'll go with one of the other options in this price range, certainly won't touch the Pixel with a 10 foot pole.

Would rather the OnePlus Nord 2, vastly better specced phone for in or around the same price. Pixels are using old dated technology and Google are charging a premium for it.

  • Sasa

The only problem with the Google Pixel 5G phones is the 5G connectivity. It is useless here In the Philippines, due to compatibility. I hope Google makes a version that is compatible with the Philippines 5G bands. 5G is vital to me now since there’s a 5G signal in my location. 4G LTE seems slower to me now. My iPhone 12 Pro Max and Poco F3 5G internet speed is wow. I am looking forward to the Pixel 6 5G bands to work here in my country so that I can buy it soon.

I'll wait for SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 FE (Fan Edition)

  • Wayne The M

26.27% lemmings, which having "game" would be one of the old games it could play.

Hmm, SE2 $400 you say, not $200, but maybe still a good option compared to this one's price.

If they had only a super camera chip in it 12 bit+ 4:2:2+, 16 stop intra HDR, mapping the underlying Bayer value to intra codec and h266 codec at 80-300 mb/s 8kp30+, with metadata lut, full manual and push to auto set controls, and external manual control, recording and monitoring ability, then, then, I might consider forgoing high end gaming and paying that price.

  • Anonymous

If only Google selling Pixel phone in my country. Sadly, nope 🤦🏻‍♂️

May be Google is shifting these to only specific locations, because it doesn't see any potential market in rest of the places, may be not all but there are some people who really want to hold these device..Who is setting their marketing strategy..dumba**..