Weekly poll: if you could, would you buy a Pixel 5a 5G?

22 August 2021
Availability is limited to the US and Japan, so either Google knows its audience or those are the only markets that might care for a $450 mid-ranger.

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X41, 22 Aug 2021Lol.....lol.....Lol what?

Andreidinutu, 22 Aug 2021Much better to go for a lg v60Lol.....lol.....

Perhaps second hand and then flash a custom rom to ungoogle it.

Yup sure

Android-Authority, 22 Aug 2021Pixel 5a is only good for North American buyers. We here i... moreWe have a winner.

That's precisely what this phone is targeting. Granted, this was actually only a 90Hz refresh rate away from being totally worth it. Big battery, vanilla software with at least 3 years of updates, stereo speakers, 3.5mm jack, IP67, nice dual cam, and decent OLED panel is not a bad package. Snapdragon 765G is perfectly adequate for non-power users; even if it's last year's chip (would not have been opposed to Dimensity 1100 but it needs the mmWave in North America).

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Cam shuts down after 5min of 4K video

Naaaah!! I rather the honor brand

Much better to go for a lg v60

Nope. Not enough of an upgrade over the previous gen.

Should have included "I'll wait for the pixel 6"

For 399€ i would buy this one, i am not noob who talking about samshit FE phones, 5a is more perfect inside and i care about that.

For someone like me who never owns a Pixel phone, that is a definite Yes. While I do have a high interest in Pixel phones, there hasn't been a Pixel model with both a headphone jack and IP rating until now. Plus, being a Pixel phone, it will definitely be among the first in line to get a brand new version of Android OS. If I couldn't import one, Samsung Galaxy A72 will be the backup choice.

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Bariq Sandhu, 22 Aug 2021After reading news about the upgrades in Pixel 6 Pro, we ex... moreAs much as I like the headphone jack, the amount of things Google's bringing to the table from using semi-custom silicon alone is personally enough to warrant its premium pricetag. By the time the 6/6 Pro launch, there still won't be any Android flagship that does what they're doing

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Frankly I'm done with midrangers, I'd rather save and buy a flagship and use it for as long as possible

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I was excited for it until i learned about the specs. Same old chip, low refresh rate, and no guarantee on higher 5g made me look elsewhere (OnePlus and Samsung). It wasn't a big enough jump from the 4a 5g, so I decided I'm not interested anymore. Hopefully the 6a will be more of what the people want.

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Give me 25W charging 8 GB Ram and i might consider buying it.

After reading news about the upgrades in Pixel 6 Pro, we expect more from Pixel 5a 5G.
There was no need to relaunch Pixel 4a 5G with slightly bigger battery and better build quality after 1 year. We deserve more upgrades in 1 year.
If they can provide bigger camera sensor in Pixel 6 Pro with a Telephoto Lens than it's useless to defend this camera hardware in Pixel 4a 5G.

Pixel 5a is only good for North American buyers.
We here in Europe have a lot more diverse options.

  • Hecker

If only Google selling Pixel phone in my country. Sadly, nope 🤦🏻‍♂️

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I'm technical guy. Spec oriented guy.
I believe great phone must be supported by great specs.
This pixel 5A 5G use yesteryear chipset, but have big pricetag.
This is the apple of android, the luxury sugar coating words on phone.
Not for me.

For that price i think it's too expensive